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4 of Cups in tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

4 of cups in tarot

4 of Cups In TarotThe 4 of cups in tarot relates to the emotional and spiritual world. It shows a figure sitting in front of a tree with his arms folded and looking down. He stares at 3 cups on the ground, and does not seem to notice the cup that is being offered to him from mid-air. This card can relate to feelings of depression, wanting to be alone, boredom with life, not noticing what is on offer and taking time out to contemplate your options. It can be a sign you are in a state of apathy and not wanting to move on and keep your energy and emotional life circulating.

Symbolism of the card

  • The cup hovering in mid-air from a hand extending out from a cloud is symbolic of something being offered to you from the divine or higher realms, but you may not be noticing it or choosing not to look at it.
  • The tree relates to personal growth, spiritual awareness, being in touch with your innate life force energy (or not) .
  • Cups relate to our emotional life and the element of water. Water is healthy when it flows freely, and unhealthy if it gets stagnant and stays in one place from lack of movement.

Number 4 in numerology.

The number 4 in numerology relates to stability as well as inflexibility. It can symbolise the process of integration and in the case of the 4 of cups in tarot, it can relate to the processing of emotions in order to come out the other side restored. When it relates to inflexibility of the emotions, it can symbolise protecting your heart to the point you are not able to feel new emotional waves which could help throw a new light on a certain situation in your life. It can relate to the habit of not opening yourself up to new emotional perspectives and therefore missing out on fresh inspiration in order to enjoy life more.

The importance of our emotional life and flow.

Our life is primarily driven by our emotions. We make our decisions from our emotions, not so much our mental processes. Emotions get stuck when we over think things rather than try and feel things instead. This is not to say there is no place for logic and having a clear head, but part of the ability to be logical and have a clear head is determined by what our emotions are doing.

When they are stuck and stagnant, we have difficulty feeling and therefore are more likely to make decisions about our life based on fear rather than love. Fear and love are really the only two emotions in the world and if we are sitting in apathy, depression or boredom, this is more fear based than it is based in love.

If we get stuck in chronic emotional states such as these, it has a very real impact on our biology. Our habitual emotions begin to shape the structure and function of our body and this can be the difference between a good life, and an average life, or downright depressing life. It is therefore important to consciously look for the good in our life.

Our natural tendency is to look for what is wrong.

We are naturally wired to notice threats and danger before we notice the positive aspects of life, which means we are always working against the grain in some way. Perhaps this is by design so that we can feel a sense of victory when we overcome our tendency to look for what is wrong before we can see what is right.

I see this is my 4 year old daughter all the time. I ask her what was good about her day when I put her to bed at night, because I am trying to instill the habit of her looking for the good in life. Most of the time she starts with what was bad, even though this is not what I asked her, before she moves on to what was good, of which she often has to be prompted to recount what she enjoyed about her day. She is not a sad kid! She is naturally happy with a big passionate heart, and yet still manages to lean towards recounting what was hard about her day, rather than what went well.

This just reinforces my belief that we perhaps are always working against the grain. Neale Donald Walsh (best-selling author of ‘Conversations With God’) would say it IS by design that we are like this, in order to know who we truly are. If we were always only happy and inspired, we would not realise that happiness, joy and inspiration is what we are experiencing because there would be no contrast.

How to get emotions flowing again.

The first thing I say to anyone about getting the emotions flowing again is to move your body. There is so much science around mental health and exercise that you just cannot ignore the evidence. I consider this so important that I became a qualified fitness/yoga instructor!

Recently, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research stated that physical exercise can reduce the likelihood of depression, anxiety and other mental-health complications.

Not only that, exercising in a natural environment can enhance the benefits:

“Researchers at the University of Essex in England are advancing the notion that exercising in the presence of nature has added benefit, particularly for mental health. Their investigations into “green exercise,” as they are calling it, dovetails with research showing benefits from living in proximity to green, open spaces.” (see below for source)

Another study worth mentioning is one done at Heidleberg University where participants were asked to record their mood after both working out and engaging in non-exercise activity (such as cleaning the house and other daily ‘chores’). The results found that only the workouts boosted mood, and it was actually found that the daily life activities and normal routines actually decreased feelings of calmness.

How does this relate to the meaning of the 4 of cups in tarot?

Why am I emphasizing the point of exercising so much? Because, when I walk around my neighbourhood and city and other parts of the world and notice people, for example, how they walk, how they stand, the shape of their body, their mood, their disposition-I can tell that MOST people do not exercise as a lifestyle habit. That is a lot of people missing out on the feel good benefits of exercise!! Depression is an epidemic, and exercise is a free drugless activity that has been proven to help. I am not saying it is a cure, but it certainly helps and prevents negative feelings.


If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will also know that meditation is another tool that is very important for mental and emotional health, and self acceptance. It has also been very well-established in terms of scientific evidence too. Once you commit yourself to it, you will begin to realise how important it is to do every day to help regulate your stress and therefore emotions. Be sure to check out my shop for some of my top recommended meditation tools.

EFT and Qigong

EFT stands for emotional freedom technique which is a technique that guides you to tap on certain meridian points while saying certain things to release unwanted emotions and bring in more desirable emotions. It has been used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide with some stunning results. A free app I highly recommend is The Tapping Solution which you can find in your smart phone app store. I use this when ever I need to feel some clarity about something or an emotion that I am not enjoying has over taken me and I need to find some relief immediately before it becomes something that affects my productivity. Check it out here.

When exercise is not possible.

If you can’t move your body, then practice the Qigong 6 healing sounds to purge negative emotions. Trust me, it really works. Try it here.

The Law Of Attraction Perspective

If you are familiar with the law of attraction teachings, you will most likely have heard about the emotional guidance system. The teachings suggest that we are always on some kind of vibrational scale where the highest vibration is love and feelings of joy, and the lowest levels are feeling powerless and depressed. If we are experiencing the lower levels, we need to find a way to not necessarily move straight up into the most desired state of love and joy, but more to just find a way to move one level up. For example, if you are in depression, find a way to move into anger, because anger feels better than depression. Obviously you don’t want to stay in anger too long, but it is still an improvement in the state of depression. The next emotion up could be anything from guilt to jealousy, but the main point is that it feels a little better than anger. You can use EFT to help you with this, or any of the other above suggestions to help shift your perspective.

Questions to ask yourself around this card.

  • What do you define as ’emotional success’?
  • What would it feel like to be successful in this way, and are you taking actions towards this state of being?
  • Where might you need to spend more time in contemplation before you act?
  • What would life feel like if you were able to express your emotions freely?
  • How might you begin to do this?
  • Do you feel stuck within trapped emotions?
  • Where might you be cutting yourself off from emotional healing?
  • Where might you not be accepting someones help or offer of love or friendship?
  • What would help shift your feelings of depression if they are present?
  • Where are you feeling apathetic in your life?
  • How can you deal with feelings of apathy?
  • How can you get yourself back into a more inspired state?
  • What aspects of your spiritual life can help you?

What do you think? How do you deal with feelings of apathy, depression or boredom? Do you think the above techniques could help? Feel free to comment below and let me know!





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The Sun In Tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

The Sun In Tarot

The Sun in TarotThe Sun in tarot is possibly one of the most joyful cards in the entire tarot deck. It relates to happiness, feeling carefree, child like abandon, the innocence of a joyful heart, fortunate circumstances, and good luck. When you draw this card, it sheds light on the rest of the tarot spread indicating that any turbulent times you may be going through can be smoothed over by allowing yourself to be guided by a light source.

The Picture in the Card

When you look at the Sun in tarot, you see a child riding a white horse, who is naked and enjoying life immensely. The sun beams down on the flowers and the child, and a red velvet swirls out to the horses left. The over all feeling is happiness and optimism. The four sunflowers represent the four elements of life: fire, earth, water and air, and also represent the four suits in tarot: wands, pentacles, cups and swords. Feel free to watch the video, or keep reading underneath.

Card Meaning

The sun tarot card meaning can relate to your ability to shed light on dark situations. People may look to you to be a guiding light in their moments of uncertainty. When you draw this card it can be an indication you have a strong inner resilience and able to draw upon an energetic force which helps you live out your purpose in life. The sun is central to our existence on planet earth. Without the sun, we would not be able to exist. It is needed for all biological processes and drives our sleep/wake circadian rhythms. Many cultures worship the sun, and some people even practice what is known as ‘sun gazing’ where they stare directly into the sun to activate their pineal gland in the center of the brain. The pineal gland is known as ‘the master gland’ and is said to be the seat of our consciousness. It is what is known as ‘the third eye’ and can be a bridge between the physical and spiritual world when it comes to our awareness. The 3rd eye is very important in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Significance of Light and the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland is shaped like a pine cone, and when you look at religious and spiritual symbolism throughout the world, you’ll find you will come across the pine cone shape in art, statues and more. Regardless of what religion you are talking about, the pine cone is an important symbol. For example, check out this picture from The Vatican:

pinecone, vatican

How does this relate to the Sun card in tarot? Well, it could be said that this card is an example of The God Force. It is Oneness in its most pure form. Consider the first passage of the King James bible: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. [2] And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. [3] And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism is the Diwali festival, otherwise known as ‘the festival of lights’. It symbolises the spiritual ‘victory of light over darkness, good over evil and knowledge over ignorance.’ The third eye jewel is very important in Hindu culture.

Also, consider Buddhism and light: Buddhas are beings who have achieved enlightenment. They are often represented with halos of light and sometimes even with a flame above their heads. These symbolise the inner light from within the individual Buddhas. Also, take note that the Buddha has the mark of the third eye between his brows, and his head has a pine cone pattern all of it.

Buddha, Third Eye

This is just three examples of major spiritual traditions which all see light as the ultimate force, and draw connections to the pineal gland and the third eye. And lets not forget to mention what we all do in the west during the Christmas period: decorate up our pine cone trees (aka Christmas trees) with lights. I wanted to point all this out because I feel it is strongly related to the Sun tarot card meaning.


  • Naked Child: nothing to hide, joyful carefree, innocence, purity
  • White horse: purity, freedom
  • Sun: Radiance, warmth, life force.
  • Sun Flowers: loyalty, happiness, longevity
  • Red velvet: The colour red symbolises good luck, love and properity. Red velvet relates to anything from royalty to the highest levels of religious traditions.


According to wikipedia, Gematria is:

1. a Kabbalistic method of interpreting the Hebrew scriptures by computing the numerical value of words, based on the values of their constituent letters.

The words ‘Sun’ and Love’ have the same numerical value of 54. I don’t think this is a coincidence, given that ‘light’ is associated with ‘love’, and ‘love’ is associated with All That Is, God, Unity.

Also, given that The Sun is the 19th card in the major arcana deck in tarot, lets consider what 19 breaks down to: 1+9=10, which further reduces to 1 (1+0=1). One love, one force, All That Is, unity. Once again, I don’t think this is a coincidence.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Where can I be a light for others?
  • Where am I not seeing the light of a situation?
  • How can I draw inspiration from some of the oldest traditions of the world and find what is true for me?
  • Where do I need to act with ‘child like abandon?’
  • What am I most happy about in my life at the moment?
  • Where do I need to find more light in my life at the moment?
  • What do I need to do to tap into my inner joy?
  • How can I spark joy in others?
  • How can I live in love and purpose?
  • Where do I need to free my heart?

What do you think? Do you find it interesting that light, the pineal gland, third eye and the pine cone is such a central part of the major religions of the world? Do you think this links all the major religions of the world? Do you think the Sun card is associated with Life Force, All That Is, God or what ever other expression you like to use? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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4 of pentacles in tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

4 of Pentacles In Tarot

The 4 of Pentacles in tarot relates to guarding our resources carefully, feeling grounded in our day to day life, building a solid foundation underneath our feet to support the rest of our life. It can also relate to being stingy and not giving of your time and energy to others which in the long run, actually depletes you because you are not circulating energy in the world. Watch the video below or keep reading underneath.

The Picture on the card.

The 4 of Pentacles in tarotWhen you look at the 4 of Pentacles in tarot you see a man with 4 coins. He has two underneath his feet which represents security and foundations, one over his heart which represents keeping his own energy contained within himself and one on his head which indicates he may not be allowing inspiration from something greater than himself to come through him. He is fixated on the earth consumed with material possession. He fears he may lose what he has gained. If you look closely at his eyes, he looks weary, and his body language is in a contracted state. Behind him is a city which is symbolic of not being involved in community. He is on his own and in a fixated state, fearful of someone taking something from him.

4 Of Pentacles Meaning.

When you draw this card, it is an opportunity to reflect upon you relationship with money and material possessions. Are you holding a lot of fear around money? Do you feel like you cannot give to others for fear it will deplete you in some way? It is also a good opportunity to look at how you are investing your money so you are building a secure foundation for yourself going into the future. In order to make money we also need to circulate our money and give of our resources-whether that be time and attention or literally spending money in wise ways which will allow for positive returns at a later date. Reflect upon how you interact with others at work or in your business. Do you worry others will take advantage of you? Are you concerned that you never have enough time therefore are not going to give your time away to others which can actually help your cause at a later date? What part of yourself are you protecting? Is it necessary protection from a situation in your life or is based in unfounded fear? Do you have a vision that is greater than yourself and includes others? Or are you purely focused on yourself and unable to keep your energy moving?

Check out the 4 of Pentacles in Tarot reversed meaning here.

Life situations this card relates to.

  • You are working so hard at work or on your business that you have forgotten that others are in your life.
  • You do not feel charitable because you fear that every one is just out to take something from you.
  • You are feeling stingy only because you have actually not made some wise decisions regarding your financial situation in the past, and therefore are feeling you are lacking abundance in the present.
  • You are guarding your heart from others due to feeling like you can only trust yourself.
  • You may be micromanaging others at work or in your business and not trust that others can get the job done.
  • Sometimes we have to guard our time if we have a very specific goal in mind. We may need time away from people to focus more exclusively for a while. The important thing is that we can find our balance at some point too.

How to turn it around.

Unfortunately we live in a world where money is actually very important. But we also live in a world where most of us were never really taught how to manage our money and invest it wisely. It is a double edge sword. Perhaps this is by design and why the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer. A select few were taught at a young age how to manage money AND invest and accumulate wealth. But the good news is, even if we never learned much about money during our childhood or didn’t get certain opportunities that others did, we can learn to manage our money now. There is so much information about it of which so much of it is freely available on the internet and public libraries! So, then it becomes a choice whether we want to turn our attention to it and learn the ropes. The problem is-especially for us spiritual or creative types is that we associate money with less than virtuous things, and get stuck in a loop. Keep in mind, we can’t help others much with resources if we don’t have a way to generate our own profits. Money is neither good or evil. It just is. It is a form of energy. It can be used for good or evil. Which will you choose? It is part of our spiritual journey to master money, and the more we fight this, the harder life will be. We don’t have to be a millionaire, but we do have to feel a certain flow around money-in that we feel confident that more is coming, and we feel empowered to attract more to us, through our service to others.

What do you think? What is your relationship to money? I know that for myself, I still have quite a bit of work to do in this area, but at the same time, I have made some positive changes in relationship to money. This has helped me feel more secure and give to others more too. It is an ongoing learning experience. Feel free to comment below and let me know!

Spiritual Laws Of MoneyWant more abundance? Have you heard of T Harv Eker? He is well known for being able to balance both spirituality and wealth and he wants to teach those of us who have our heads in the clouds that money does not have to be evil and we can accumulate more of it in ways which are in line with our personal and spiritual growth. 

Check out a free online masterclass here.

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Marisa Peer
Product Review

Does Rapid Transformational Therapy Work?

Marisa PeerIf you are considering becoming an RTT practitioner, but not sure if the investment of your time and money is worth it, this post might help you. Does rapid transformational therapy work? This question is probably on your mind as you consider what it takes to change not only your life, but those of others too. You may not know that before deciding to become a fully fledged  RTT therapist, you can experience rapid transformational therapy for yourself first, for a fraction of the full practitioner course.

The first step would be to try a free online masterclass here.

In this class you will experience a free rapid transformational hypnotherapy session from world renown therapist Marisa Peer, and learn about her online training program which is the perfect way to find out whether you want to invest in her more advanced therapist training course to take your new knowledge even further to help others.

Who is Marisa Peer?

Marisa Peer is a highly experienced hypnotherapist who works with some of the highest profile people in the world. Actors, athletes and top CEO’s have experienced her expertise and highly recommend what she does. Through years of training and taking clients, she came to learn more effective tools for personal transformation than the standard hypnotherapy method, and also packaged her knowledge which makes it even more accessible to the average person. If you were to experience one on one-on-one sessions with someone of her caliber, you would be up for thousands of dollars. But with her online training program, you can experience it for a very affordable price, which is just as effective when you dedicate yourself to it methodically.

Watch Marisa below to learn more about her:

My firsthand experience.

Back in 2016, I experienced my first 8 week online training course with Marisa, and it was indeed life changing. I signed up for the course via the Mindvalley platform and am so pleased that I did, as it really made the process of changing my mind-set about certain internal blocks I had, more simple. My income began to grow, I began to have more courage to change my life direction and I feel that my life perspective is quite different now compared to before I took her classes.

You can read about my experience here.

Why Rapid Transformational Therapy Works.

Before we were the age of 7, our mind was being rapidly programmed by our environment. As the Jesuits have been well known to say: “Give us the child until the age of 7, and we will have them for life”. As we grew up, our environment was made up of all the people in our life, especially our parents and other family members, or those who we spent the most time around. It was also the social economic situation we were in as well as any religious influences as well as our schooling. Everything we have watched, heard or experienced has impacted our subconscious mind to the point that it still impacts us today in our adult years.

We are like a programmed computer.

When we are born, we are like a blank hard rive which is going to receive a huge amount of downloaded data to store. It does not matter if that downloaded data is based in truth or not. Our perceptions and beliefs about life begin to be wired in at this young age primarily because of the dominant brainwave pattern our brains are in before the age of 7, which is ‘theta’. This is the dream-like state which is very conducive to taking in new information and storing it as ‘truth’. So, if we were told we were inadequate in some way, we would store this as ‘truth’ even if it were actually not true at all. If we witnessed violence and misery constantly, we would think this is the only way the world can be. If our parents divorced or constantly had fights-epecially before the age of 7, we would unconsciously take on the belief that intimate relationships cannot last or are fraught with danger and unease.

So, how does it work?

Rapid transformational therapy works because we learn to talk to our mind in more productive ways, and over time, our brain and body take on the new information as truth. This is NOT about positive thinking or positive affirmations. A huge amount of energy is required to make positive thinking and positive affirmations work. This is because as you engage in these practices, it is like you are takling to a recording that is already playing in the background and getting annoyed that the recording is not changing, when what you really have to learn to do is press ‘record’ so you can program some new information onto the recording. This is an analogy that Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D often talks about. He says: “95% of our life is coming from the programs of life, [for example] how we experienced life in the first 7 years of our life. That’s why poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich.”

Watch more of what Dr. Lipton says on this subject below:

What’s involved in Marisa’s newest and shortest course?

When you take Marisa Peers 35 day rapid transformational hypnotherapy training, you will learn how to communicate with yourself in better ways. And you will do it for 20-40 minutes per day for 35 days in a row. When you are seeking change around a particular area, it has been shown to be very effective to immerse yourself in a challenge for a finite period, knowing full well it will end, but you walk away from the experience being forever changed.

How much does the course cost:

The full cost of the course costs $649, or if you want to add a completion certificate when you reach the end, it will cost $50 more.

What is the learning platform?

As with all Mindvalley courses, the learning platform is extremely high quality. When you enroll in any course, whether that be a free one of a paid one, you will get a Mindvalley Academy account. This can be accessed either from your desktop computer or from your smartphone via their sophisticated app. You can listen to the entire course online, or you can download all the files to keep on a hard drive somewhere. So, it is different to when you buy an e book on amazon for example to read on your kindle, because you can never download and fully own that book. But on the Mindvalley platform you can own everything. Your Mindvalley account will also help you keep track of where you are in the course, as it will tick of each module as you go. The course also comes with a transcript of each session so you can review it in written form without having to listen to the entire recording again. You will also be able to join Marisa’s private Facebook group which will enable you to interact with other students.

Can you get a discount?

Yes you can! And a very big one when you take the free online masterclass first, and purchase the course straight after the class. It is well worth doing this as you will come to learn the true power of what Marisa is offering and experience firsthand a rapid transformational therapy session, all for free. I have taken a few Mindvalley classes and the discount you can get can be up to 80% off the regular price, so be sure to check it out.

What do you think?

Has Marisa Peer impacted you in some way? Are you considering becoming a fully fledged therapist? Or, would you like to check out her free training first? I highly recommend you do if you want to accelerate your progress with any kind of goal you have in life, or heal an old reoccurring psychological pattern you have adopted which is affecting your happiness and fulfilment.

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