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I'am the author of Mind Body Tarot. I love nothing more than to help people navigate their life through the wisdom of the Tarot archetypes.

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Weekly Tarot Reading

The Emperor | King of Wands | Hanged Man | Weekly Reading

In this weeks reading I focused on the following:

  • Card 1: What will nourish us?
  • Card 2: What could poison us?
  • Card 3: What is one thing we need to keep in mind?

The cards that came up for each position were:

  • The Emperor
  • King of Wands Reversed
  • The Hanged Man Reversed

The Emperor tarot cardThe Emperor is all about structure and stability. This week may be a good time to get some order in your life and pay attention to what foundations you are setting up for yourself regarding your future. This is going to nurture you well into the future and give you a sense of control and confidence in your abilities.

This card also relates to father figures and men who have wisdom and experience who could be in a position to offer you some sound advice about a challenge you have. It can also relate to a need to be bold in your actions and have confidence that what you want to do will work out so long as you commit to it wholeheartedly.

Ask yourself ‘What bold actions or people have nurtured me in the past or could help me in the present?’

What could poison you?

King of Wands in TarotThis week you’d be wise to steer clear of anyone who seems to want to control situations in toxic ways and this relates to the King Of Wands Reversed. There may be someone around you who has a leadership position, but they are abusing their power and exhausting everyone around them. This person could be a fire sign such as Aries, Leo Or Sagittarius, or someone who has creative abilities that have gotten out of control and out of balance. The next card (Hanged Man Reversed) warns to make sure you stay out of their way otherwise you risk sacrificing too much of your own energy to fulfill their bottomless pit of needs.

The Quest For Love.

When the Emperor tarot card relates to the quest for love, it can mean that you may be seeking someone who has strong leadership qualities and exudes an element of control and dominance. Ask yourself if this is something you feel will nurture you or hinder you? Will you feel like an equal to this person? Or will you feel as if you are beneath this person setting you up for future misery?

The Hanged Man In TarotThe card which follows in the position of ‘what could poison us’ came up as the King Of Wands Reversed. When it comes to love it warns of being in a relationship with someone who is very demanding and controlling who does not have your best interests at heart. This entire reading has quite a masculine feel to it and with the Hanged Man Reversed suggests that one thing to keep in mind is to ensure you are not sacrificing yourself for someone who will not treat you with respect. If you are dealing with a strong person who has leadership qualities, ensure they are exhibiting the positive aspects of The Emperor where a healthy balance of power between you nourishes you and the over all relationship.

The Hanged Man reversed can also indicate that giving too much attention to someone you want who is not paying you back equal attention is resulting in your choice to put your life on hold. If you feel you are not receiving what it is you want from someone, the best thing you can do is to put your time and energy and attention elsewhere. If this person does not then come running after you without you having to do anything, then that is your sign that you will likely be better off with someone else or on your own. You should not have to push to get your needs met. Aim to command respect instead by being confident to be on your own if they are not pulling their weight in a relationship.

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Law of attraction

6 signs you have a high vibration

Everything in the universe including you is made up of one thing and that thing is energy. Energy moves sometimes very fast and sometimes very slow. In the metaphysical community this idea of moving energy is often referred to as vibrational energy. Having high vibrational energy is imperative to creating a life that is happy and fulfilling and successful by your definition through the law of attraction.

So would you like to know if you have high vibrational energy? Here are six signs that indicate that your energy right now is very high.

  • Number One: having good health and being free from illness and/or injury.
  • Number two: feeling energized and full of life.
  • Number three: having good luck and having things just go your way throughout the day.
  • Number four: experiencing harmony in your personal relationships.
  • Number five: feeling safe and secure
  • Number six: experiencing synchronicities or a high degree of unexplainable coincidences in your life.

If you’re experiencing most of these signs you can be well assured that your vibrational energy is pretty high and therefore you are currently in the process of creating positive results in your life right now.

If you’re not experiencing most of these signs in your life right at this moment relax- it’s okay. Vibrational energy is moving energy and what is low vibrational energy in one moment can be easily transformed into higher vibrational energy in the next moment. To improve your vibrational energy do your best to monitor the quality of your thoughts and try to stay as optimistic and peaceful as you can moment to moment.

Other tips for high vibrational living

Move your body! You can’t expect to feel good if you never move your body. Work without whatever limitations you might have and aim to extend the movement each day. Movement can range from gentle qigong, walking, or higher energy exercises such as high impact interval training and resistance training. Just start where ever you are with your current fitness levels and aim to increase your fitness and movement resilience.

Meditate. First thing in the morning before you do anything, take time to meditate. Just start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 15 minutes or more. Focus on your breath and the continual relaxation of your muscles in a conscious way. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that to get real benefits from meditation. When the busy thoughts come, just keep bringing your focus back to your breath and relaxing your muscles.

Eat well.

If you are not eating good food or really inconsistent with your meals, your moods will be affected greatly. There is no getting away from the fact that our body requires quality food in order to help with quality thoughts and what we put out into the world in terms of thoughts, feelings and positive expectations.

Regular sleep patterns.

Sleep is so vital for your mood it has to be treated as something that is an absolute necessity for optimal brain and body health and therefore a high vibration. It is nearly impossible to be in a high vibration if you are chronically sleep deprived. There will be times that you will naturally sleep less of course such as after the birth of a child, but other than that, there are very few times when life will require you to be sleep deprived, unless it is your choice, so choose wisely.

Visualisation of light.

Try this 2 and half minute light visualisation to kick start your day in a high vibration. If you practice this each day, the momentum of your life will change because your vibration will rise higher and higher. This is because it takes you out of yourself and helps you look at the bigger picture and encourages forgiveness and wishing other people well. Feel free to download it and keep in on your phone or computer to use daily. Try it for 30 days to see what happens!

About the author

Liz Hennessy, Tarot ReaderLiz is a Tarot reader, qualified yoga instructor and certified bioenergetics practitioner. If you would like to book a reading with Liz please click here.

weekly Tarot Reading-love, finance, life
Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly tarot reading-love, finances, life direction

Hi everyone. This is the weekly tarot reading for the 16th-22nd July 2018 around finances, love, life direction and ways we can move past our blocks to finding more fulfillment in those areas. I am also going to look at some shadow aspects of personality and how that might be contributing to life situations and decisions we may be making for ourselves.

First of all I want to thank my subscribers who emailed me this week with their questions. It was really helpful to know what your top concerns are so that I can focus my reading around what you are wanting insight into. Feel free to keep emailing me each week for these collective readings!

So lets get started.

Where you are now.

5 of swords in tarotI did a 5 card spread this week and each card has a specific question around its position and the first card that came up relates to how we are in the moment. The 5 of swords in this position relates to a sense that perhaps in the past you felt as if you were having issues with power struggles. When it comes to relationships this card can relate to an unequal balance of power where one person will do anything they can to win at all costs which leaves others depleted around them. However, in the moment, as the card is in the reversed position, it indicates that you or the other person are starting to open to new perspectives and letting go of the feeling that you or they need to fight to get what they want because it has become obvious that this results in no-one winning. If you are looking for love, it might be time to examine your relationship with your own personal power. If generally speaking you feel depleted because you don’t yet have the kind of relationship you want, you may need to ask yourself how you can release feelings of inner conflict around love relationships when it comes to feeling as if you need to ‘give up’ something in order to have a relationship. For example maybe you feel like you need to compromise yourself in some way because there is a sense deep down that you don’t deserve to have a relationship that is really good, and therefore you are giving away your personal power.

In relation to money.

When this card relates to money and finances in general, you may be feeling down trodden and disempowered around money and on an unconscious level your relationship to money may be one where you feel in order for you to gain more money, someone else has to miss out. So there may issues around feeling like you deserve more money which stops the flow abundance towards you. But I feel many of you are beginning to realise that perhaps your relationship or perspective about money needs to change because what you have been doing or thinking up until this point is not working so well for you and you’ve been conflicted as to what you should do about it. There has been a real push and pull around having a healthy relationship to money, but it can also relate to a situation where you feel someone in your life has more control over your finances than you do, and this is particularly relevant to those who are in committed domestic relationships or are divorced or separated and this can lead to a feeling of disempowerment. But once again, because this card is reversed, right now you are starting to realise that this perception of view or approach to your financial situation is not working for you and you are open to new perspectives and perhaps getting some sound advice about what you should do from someone who can look at your situation in a clear analytical way.

The shadow.

When it comes to the shadow aspect of personality around this card, it is all about a need for power in a destructive way, which in the end, no-one really benefits except maybe someone temporarily does in the moment by certain actions that they have taken, but it doesn’t lead to long term satisfaction. So if you are someone who is wondering about the darker aspect of your personality or someone else’s personality right now, this card is all about an unhealthy attachment to power.

Are you on the right path?

queen-of-cupsLets move on to the second card which asks-are you on the right path? The Queen of Cups reversed suggests there is a disconnect to what your heart truly desires and what you are actually doing. You may be saying one thing, but feeling another. Or, you may be struggling to be honest about how you really feel or admitting what your intuition is really telling you. One way to get back on the right path is to tap into your inner stillness and just listen. Be OK with it. The Queen of Cups is a card of emotional mastery. She is connected to healing and well being so when it comes to relationships, either one that you are in or one that you are wanting, she challenges you to really be honest about what it is you are looking for in a relationship, what your emotional needs really are, and also to heal the aspect of yourself where emotions are running rampant and dominating your life in a way that is clouding the truth of a situation.

What can help with out of control emotions.

So one remedy for this is to cultivate a daily practice of meditation for 10-15 minutes where you just get quiet. You just focus on your breath, you let the busy thoughts float by like clouds and you don’t attach yourself to them. You breath and become really present in the NOW. The more you practice this the better you will get at really connecting to your intuition and this is going to help you make better decisions around relationships. The Queen of Cups is suggesting this is where you can move forward.

When it comes to money around this card it suggests that you are so overloaded with negative emotions at the moment to be able to think clearly about your financial situation. So you have to find ways of tapping into a more analytical side of yourself and take all the emotion out of it. If you are feeing fear around finances, use it as a focusing tool, not something that results in deep depressions and worry and overwhelm. Get out a piece of paper and write down all the practical steps you can take towards improving your situation. Just take the emotion out of it and get clear.

When it comes to the darker aspects or shadow side of the Queen of Cups reversed, it can indicate a tendency to want to emotionally manipulate people around you. It can also relate to the dominate theme of a relationship where both parties are using emotional manipulation to get their way. There is a tendency towards a lot of drama which takes away a lot of emotional energy that cannot be directed towards constructive positive outcomes.

What is the main obstacle and what will help?

Moving onto the next card which is the King Of Pentacles which I thought was interesting because this card represents someone who has financial mastery and has accumulated a lot of abundance and wealth. And the next card in the spread was the 4 of Pentacles reversed which also relates to financial foundations or lack of. So I read these cards in relationship to each other. My feeling around the King of Pentacles in this particular position of what is the main obstacle is that whether you are wanting more money or more love or just a smoother ride in life, the principle around these two cards is that you can’t get to these places until certain foundations have been laid. So there may be some steps that have been missed, but you want it all now and are impatient about getting it.

Emotional mastery and balance of power.

The 4 of Pentacles in tarot

But going back to the other two cards where the Queen of cups is suggesting a need for more emotional mastery and the 5 of swords is suggesting cultivating a healthy relationship with power and personal boundaries-these are the cards that are the key to arriving at the place of where you feel you have the money, the career, the relationship the general abundance that you are desiring. So, work out what foundations are missing-where have you been tempted to skip steps in your rush to get to a certain level of abundance that you have been wanting? when it comes to love, this might relate to not taking your time to assess whether someone you want to be with is really the right person for you. If you are already in a relationship, it could relate to certain foundational principles of what makes a good relationship that need to be explored again. For example, mutual respect, a balance of power, a healthy give and take, and mutual support.

Foundations around money.

When it comes to the foundations of money, perhaps you need to take a step back and get very clear about what money is coming in and what money is going out and if you are spending more than what is coming in, you need to make some cut and dry decisions about what is going to change. And the way progress can be made in relation to all these questions lies in the final card which is the 8 of Pentacles reversed. This card is all about honing in on a particular skill, and I feel the key to this is choosing one small area of your life and take some SMALL steps to improve upon it.

Foundations around love.

If you are looking for love, what small steps can you take in order to gain more emotional mastery and personal power? One thing I often ask single people who want to know when they will meet someone is, what if you never meet someone? What if you are going to be single for the rest of your life? Now I am not saying that this is going to be the case, but I feel it is important get real about where we are in moment-for example, after this question I than go on to ask: what does life now mean to you if you KNOW you will never meet anyone? How can you find a way to be happy and content regardless of this? Because when you can answer that and start embracing it, that is when you have the best chance of meeting someone. You are filling up your own cup before you expect someone else to fill up your cup.

So go back to those first 2 cards where I talked about emotional mastery, being honest with yourself about your emotional needs, taking time to tap into your intuition through mindfulness practices as well as being clear about your boundaries when it comes to the balance of power between you and others.

The final advice.

8-of-pentaclesWith the 8 of Pentacles reversed, there is a need to choose one area-just a very small area and commit to improving that area on a daily basis-where the main challenge around that will be to stay focused on the task at hand. If you look at the 8 of pentacles you can see he is practicing a skill, and being very focused about it. He is on his own so can focus without distraction. That is what the message of this card is around how you can make progress. It is obviously a card that is easier to apply in relations to finances which are more tangible than relationships, but it is primarily about making steady, step by step progress towards a desired outcome where you focus on building a strong foundation (4 of pentacles) through emotional mastery and a healthy relationship with personal power and power dynamics between you and others.

How did this reading resontate with you? Do you feel these collective readings are useful? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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2-of-pentacles in Tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

2 of pentacles reversed

2-of-pentacles in TarotIn this post I want to talk about the 2 pentacles reversed and explore some empowering questions you can ask yourself around this card and its meaning.

When you look at the upright meaning of this card it is related to time management, juggling the ups and downs of life as well gracefully tackling many tasks at once. There is also an emphasis on the need to be flexible and agile to get tasks done so you can ‘roll with the punches’ so to speak because life is rarely linear and predictable. There may need to be an acceptance of ‘riding the waves’ of ups and downs and not allowing yourself to get rigid in the way you are approaching what you are doing.

There is also a sense of fun in this card where you are joyfully going about your day to day business and not getting caught up in other people dramas. You feel like you can duck and dodge and weave in and out and accomplish what it is you want in a way that makes you happy.

Reversed meaning.

So when it is in its reversed position it could mean that you are struggling to find you balance amongst many things you are trying to do. You may be making your life harder by being rigid and inflexible and feeling overwhelmed by everything you feel you have to manage. You may be getting too serious about the way you are approaching an issue and this is leading you to feel stuck and stifled and unable to meet the demands you are putting on yourself.

Some Empowering questions to ask yourself around this card are:

  • How can I ‘lighten up’ and become more flexible in my approach?
  • Where might I be taking on too much leading me to feel overwhelmed?
  • What aspects of the situation at hand are leading me to feel out of balance?
  • What can I do to bring myself back into balance?
  • Where am I allowing change to throw me off?
  • How can I approach dramas going on in my life with a sense of light lightheartedness and not allow myself to be dragged down by them?
  • Where have I forgotten what I once enjoyed?
  • Who is an example of someone who seems to flow with life and get things done with ease? What personality qualities do they have?
  • How can I allow myself to be grounded and flexible at the same time?
  • What new approaches can I try when dealing with a challenge?
  • Where might I need to change direction temporarily to gain momentum on a project?
  • Where am I getting too caught up in the ups and downs of life leading me to feel overwhelmed and not effective?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself when you resonate with the meaning of the 2 of pentacles reversed. If you want to review these questions to ask yourself next time this card shows up for you, click the link to the blog post I have done for this and you will see it all there.

I hope you got some ideas from this post. Feel free to comment below and subscribe to my newsletter for more tarot tips as well as free tarot readings.

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