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Tarot Readings

Healing Yourself Through Tarot Cards

Wellness is a very important matter, especially nowadays when everyone’s on the go and stress is—sad to say—a bit normal. As you engage in your daily life, you inevitably encounter challenging occurrences that completely shake you. It can be the death of someone special, a broken relationship, or financial difficulty, among other things. Along the way, you may lose focus and neglect to take care of yourself. This is where healing and renewal comes in. Now, the question stands: how do you heal yourself? There are many ways to achieve healing and the long list includes prescription drugs, working out, going out with friends, and so on. But do you know that there is another method that you can turn to? Something from the say, spiritual realm: tarot cards. Yes, tarot cards are essential for healing and not just instruments for fortune telling. With the right attitude and approach, they can deliver healing as well as renewal in the most effective and efficient way possible that no one can imagine.

More than tarot reading, through the said cards, you can obtain healing in more ways than one. You can turn to their images when meditating, goal setting, and visualizing, just to name a few. But what are the top cards for healing? You ask. Continue reading for answers.

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5 of swords in tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

5 of Swords reversed In Tarot

5 of swords in tarotThe 5 of swords in tarot is a card of conflict. The figures in the card in the background look as if they are in despair, where is the figure in the foreground looks rather pleased with themselves. Lets first explore the upright meaning of the card, and then I will go into details of the reversed meaning.

The action in the card

Clouds in the sky gather and the water in the background looks as if a storm is picking up. It appears that some kind of battle has taken place here and the losers are the people in the background. The person in the foreground has collected 5 swords for himself and appears to have the upper hand here.

The suit of swords in Tarot is related to mental constructs, logic and rationality. When the energy of Swords is positively expressed it can be a great asset of clarity and clear thinking.

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The 9 of Cups In Tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

9 of Cups Reversed In Tarot

The 9 of Cups In TarotThe 9 of Cups Reversed in Tarot is symbolic of either you or someone else being self satisfied to a point where there is a certain smugness or arrogance present. As the card is related to the emotions and spirituality being the suit of cups, it can indicate a tendency to  ‘flaunt’ your happiness and forget your sense of compassion when it comes to others who may be having harder time in life than you at that particular moment.

When this card is in its upright position it relates to being very content with what you have and being satisfied that you may not ‘have it all’ but you are in a very happy place as to where you are and confident that if you keep going the same direction you will arrive at total emotional fulfillment some time in the future (10 of Cups).

You may be resistant to go the extra mile

But in its reversed position you may be tempted to not do the extra bit of work required to get to the next step in terms of where you want to go and feel as if it is ‘owed’ to you rather than it being ‘earned’.

In other interpretations of this card in the reversed position when the context is an earth based reading it can also relate to over indulgence certain things whether that be food or alcohol or any substance, or too much consumption of media which has left you feeling imbalanced and actually less satisfied than you were before you went on a binge.

I can certainly relate to this when it comes to consumption of media! I rarely actually watch anything on TV or even movies, but if I do, I usually sit to binge watch an entire season of a TV show in one day rather than just consuming it in moderation which would actually be a more balanced approach. I can find it a little hard to adjust back to the ‘normal’ world for a short time after these big binge sessions, and this can be symbolic of the 9 of cups reversed type of behavior.

Tell me about your experience with this card

What are you moments of experiencing the meaning of this card in your life? Can you think of someone you know who has acted like this in a certain situation or perhaps seems to have a fatal flaw in their character that is like this card reversed? Or have you yourself been guilty of this and if so what was the ‘worst’ situation you forgot to show some humility or you have over indulged in something that perhaps left you feeling somewhat empty?

Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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The 9 of swords in tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

9 Of Swords In Tarot

The 9 of swords in tarotAt first glance the 9 of Swords in Tarot conjures up a feeling of worry and fear. The image is related to feeling like something is keeping you up at night, an ongoing concern and ‘losing sleep’ over something that is important to you.

The suit of Swords relates to mental constructs and the mind. Often cards from the sword suit are about some kind of mental anguish if not looking at a situation in an objective manner. Therefore often when this card shows up in a reading it is not necessarily related to an actual event that is going on, but more to a perceived situation where you may not be looking at the scenario with clear thinking and good analytical skills. Your mind has run off on you and imagining all kinds of worse case scenarios.

Life Scenarios this card can relate to.


When this card relates to a work situation you may be fearful of losing your job or perhaps if you are unemployed you could be feeling as if you will never find a job again. This is weighing heavily on your mind and leaving you in an overly anxious state that is not actually helping you to take the objective and measurable steps needed to keep moving forward and creating opportunity for yourself. When it relates to business, you may have lost site as to why you started the business in the first place and depression and anxiety have taken over where you are having a hard time reconnecting with the bigger vision you had when you first started the business.


The 9 of Swords when related to love can indicate a relationship is causing you a great deal of worry and confusion. You feel disempowered within the relationship. The key to this situation is that it is more your mind making up imagined scenarios about the other person and your general perception of how the relationship is going more than the actual reality of it. This is an indication that inner healing needs to be done in order for you to have a fulfilling relationship with anyone because it won’t matter who you are with when it comes to this card-you will still end up feeling as if you are defeated in love and feel anxiety over intimacy. Now would be a good time to look at past hurts and influences in order to get to the bottom of why you feel fear and depression around love.


When it comes to money and this card, you are likely feeling you don’t have enough to make ends meet. You are allowing fear to stop you making objective changes that would be beneficial to you in order to feel more comfortable about your finances going into the future.


Past hurt in friendships or relationships has triggered something in you to feel anxiety that it is going to happen again in the present moment and you will feel powerless to do anything about it.  Your friendships in the present may actually be going ok, but a small event has triggered painful memories from the past and you are already feeling defeated before anything has actually happened.

General Creativity.

When it comes to creativity of art and projects and other aspects of living in a creative way, this card simply means you have allowed fear to block your creativity. You may feel as if it is not safe to express your creative aspirations and your mind rather than your heart is running the show which therefore blocks the flow of inspiration. Stop thinking so much and start creating from your deepest desires and heart space. This is where creativity and flow lives! When we begin creative projects we have received a flash of inspiration that gets us moving. This energy moves from our sacral area, up to our heart and then into our head where we feel ecstatic about it. But then in order to make the creative project actually happen, we have to bring the energy back down into our heart and work from our lower energy centre in order to stay grounded to make the thing happen. Otherwise, if the energy stays stuck in our head, it can turn into worry and over thinking things and we never really materialise the thing that we are wanting to do!

In Summary

As this card is a card of a turbulent mind, it is important to find ways of releasing that turbulence in order to get our mind back in balance and working for us rather than against us. By working with the energetic nature of our body heart and mind where can transform the turbulence into something useful and productive. Techniques used in energy medicine and qigong can be extremely useful for transforming the stress into vitality and healthy action rather than over thinking.

Feel free to comment below and let me know what your 9 of Swords moments have been in the past!

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