2 of cups reversed

2 of Cups Reversed

At its most basic level, the 2 of Cups reversed simply means disharmony in relationships. You may be struggling to find your balance within a relationship or having difficulty forming a relationship that is meaningful to you.

2 of Cups in TarotIt can also relate to partnerships that are not of an intimate nature, but also friendships and business partnerships. Therefore, when the 2 of Cups is reversed, it also can indicate a discord in these kinds of relationships. It may be that there might be a power struggle and a lack of flow between you. One person may be feeling superior or inferior to the other and therefore communication and flow is stifled between you. In other meanings that are not related to love and relationships, friendships and business partnerships, it can also relate to bringing the parts of your inner life together. For example, the 2 of Cups in the upright position can be symbolic of finding harmony within yourself where in the past you have been conflicted over two choices where it relates to matters of the heart and your emotions. Perhaps you have been torn between choosing between two lovers, and when the card is in the upright position it can mean you have come to a decision within yourself about which person you really want to be with, even if the decision ends up being that you don’t want to be with either of them.

But when it is in the reversed position it can indicate that you feel inner conflict about which direction you want to take which will result in you feeling the most emotionally fulfilled, which creative venture to choose from, which person to choose, which business opportunity to go with or it can simply mean not respecting the way you feel in relation to a situation and you are trying to down play your feelings. This results in an inner discord between what you really feel and what you are trying to mentally convince yourself to feel. This is an example of the head and heart being in conflict and you need to come to a conclusion as to how you will find a bridge between the two.

Real life examples of the 2 of  cups reversed:

    • You break up with your lover and feel devastated.
    • You are having conflict with your partner.
    • You are having difficulty forming a rewarding intimate relationship.
    • You are having disagreements with your business partner and the creativity of the business venture is being stifled as a result.
    • You are constantly feeling an inner discord around your emotions and inner life in general. Your heart wants one thing but your head is saying another. You are blocked as to how you will find a resolution within.
    • If you are in a creative field you may be having disagreements with others around which direction a creative project should go.
    • If you are a writer or musician or other kind of performer you might be in disagreement with your publisher, recording company or those who sponsor you. You want to take your creativity one way, but they want to monetize it in a way that does not feel right to you.

      How to turn it all around.

      As with any inner discord, slowing down your mind and letting go of resistance to what is will be the first productive thing you can do to release your emotional charge over this issue. There is a saying that ‘what you resist, persists.’ So, in order to unblock your ability to come to productive solutions, meditation would be the best first step.

      One of my top recommendations for meditation techniques would be in using sound technology to enhance your experience and speed up your results which means you give yourself the best opportunity to come to a solution regarding your inner discord sooner rather than later. Read my review on some technology that can assist you in meditation here.

      When you are feeling low and you can’t understand how to shift your outlook about the situation, it is time to recognise that you have the power to change your mindset. Heart break hurts, but it doesn’t have to last very long if you learn to change your mind.

      Also, see my Law Of Attraction and Tarot cards post where half way down the page I give you an exercise that can help shift your inner discord and therefore over all energy to put you in a place where solutions or a feeling of healing will come to you.

      Questions to ask yourself when you are feeling the energy of the 2 of Cups reversed:

            • How can I shift my emotions around this issue in order to be one step closer to a solution to this challenge or find inner harmony again or just relief?
            • What is one thing I have done or thought about in the past which helped me shift negative emotions or a broken hearted feeling?
            • Would writing about my feelings about the issue help to release the emotional charge I feel?
            • What physical exercises have helped me in the past to feel better?


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