2-of-pentacles in Tarot

2 of pentacles reversed

2-of-pentacles in TarotIn this post I want to talk about the 2 pentacles reversed and explore some empowering questions you can ask yourself around this card and its meaning.

When you look at the upright meaning of this card it is related to time management, juggling the ups and downs of life as well gracefully tackling many tasks at once. There is also an emphasis on the need to be flexible and agile to get tasks done so you can ‘roll with the punches’ so to speak because life is rarely linear and predictable. There may need to be an acceptance of ‘riding the waves’ of ups and downs and not allowing yourself to get rigid in the way you are approaching what you are doing.

There is also a sense of fun in this card where you are joyfully going about your day to day business and not getting caught up in other people dramas. You feel like you can duck and dodge and weave in and out and accomplish what it is you want in a way that makes you happy.

Reversed meaning.

So when it is in its reversed position it could mean that you are struggling to find you balance amongst many things you are trying to do. You may be making your life harder by being rigid and inflexible and feeling overwhelmed by everything you feel you have to manage. You may be getting too serious about the way you are approaching an issue and this is leading you to feel stuck and stifled and unable to meet the demands you are putting on yourself.

Some Empowering questions to ask yourself around this card are:

  • How can I ‘lighten up’ and become more flexible in my approach?
  • Where might I be taking on too much leading me to feel overwhelmed?
  • What aspects of the situation at hand are leading me to feel out of balance?
  • What can I do to bring myself back into balance?
  • Where am I allowing change to throw me off?
  • How can I approach dramas going on in my life with a sense of light lightheartedness and not allow myself to be dragged down by them?
  • Where have I forgotten what I once enjoyed?
  • Who is an example of someone who seems to flow with life and get things done with ease? What personality qualities do they have?
  • How can I allow myself to be grounded and flexible at the same time?
  • What new approaches can I try when dealing with a challenge?
  • Where might I need to change direction temporarily to gain momentum on a project?
  • Where am I getting too caught up in the ups and downs of life leading me to feel overwhelmed and not effective?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself when you resonate with the meaning of the 2 of pentacles reversed. If you want to review these questions to ask yourself next time this card shows up for you, click the link to the blog post I have done for this and you will see it all there.

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  1. Very interesting to learn this. I have many encounters before with 2 fortune tellers telling me a similar story. The most important thing they did say its to never give up on your own goals no matter how hard it seems there will be a surge of events that can change everything but I learn to shut my inner doubt live life to accept all the obstacles in it for a good reward may come if you don’t give up.

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