2019 World Predictions

2019 World Predictions

What does the new year have in store for us? As we leave the whirlwind of the previous year behind us, we set our sights on how the coming year might be different-and for many-how it might be better. This post will examine 2019 world predictions and more personal themes from the point of view of numerology, Chinese astrology and the time tested archetypes of the tarot and the natural elements of fire, air, water and earth. How can you maximise and navigate this year with more insight, skill and clarity? Read on to find out.

What do the numbers say?

As numbers have been said to be the language of the universe, I will start here. When we break down 2019, we get 2+0+1+9=12, then we further break it down to 3 (1+2=3). The number 3 in numerology is associated with expression and sensitivity, creative impulses, balancing between taking actions from our heart more than our head. It is also symbolic of joining together with others and creating positive communities. 2019 will not be about ‘being an island’ and trying to do everything by yourself and for yourself. As we move into more and more challenging times from the point of view of the environment, the financial arena and social and political division, it is becoming increasingly urgent that we look past our differences and find ways to work together as opposed to plotting and scheming against each other and making everything about finding ways to get ahead of others.

Political divisions

This seems obvious when we look at the world’s political divisions and we blame governments and key people of influence for the way things appear to be. But, when we shift our attention to first ourselves and the people who are the closest to us within our families or groups of friends and our neighborhood and find ways to overcome and forgive the troubling aspects of our relationships, this is a huge step forward for humanity, even if it does not seem at first to create much impact. This is because strong positive groups of people have a ripple affect energetically and this is something that has been demonstrated from middle eastern peace experiments and other group intention experiments conducted by speaker, researcher and best-selling author, Lynne Mctaggart. These experiments have shown statistically significant results when it comes to the lowering of violence and unrest where groups of people who meditate together all over the world focus on key hot spots in the middle east. Watch the video to learn more about this.

How to make this actionable on a personal level

Even if this idea seems a little hippy dippy to you, I encourage you to try this for yourself where you consciously sit down each morning for 5-10 minutes by yourself and focus on imagining positive outcomes for areas of your relationships and life situations which may need some kind of resolution or healing. Try shifting your mind away from what is wrong, and instead imagine a certain resolution between you and others where it feels like a win-win scenario for everyone. It does not matter if you are unsure of the details of how this may come to be, you only need to focus on the end feeling, and over time-as fast as even a couple of days, watch what happens. You can expect to see creative solutions and feelings of resolution surface that may have been unexpected to you.

Looking at the archetypes of the Tarot for clues

Continuing on with the theme of the number 3 for 2019, lets next look at 5 cards of the Tarot which represent the four elements of nature which feature the number 3: The 3 of Pentacles3 of Wands3 of Cups, 3 Swords and The Empress. As you can see, the 3 of Cups and the 3 Of Pentacles depict the idea of coming together in groups. Lets first start with the earthy element of the suit of pentacles which deals with the physical realms such as food, health, money and matters which are practical.

4 suits
3 of Wands, 3 of Pentacles, 3 of Swords, 3 of Cups

The 3 of Pentacles

Screen Shot 2019 01 04 at 3.00.13 PM

In this card you can see a person who is said to be a stone mason, and two others which are said to be architects as they hold what looks like a design drawing. The 3 people are discussing the progress of building the cathedral they are standing next to and making sure everyone is on the same page. Each has an important role to play and no one is superior to anyone else. There is no ‘us and them’. Instead, each person has something to offer and is willing to learn from the others involved in the project. This card is symbolic of working together with others in synergistic ways to meet shared goals, and when it comes to your money, your environment, health and personal goals, you’d be wise to involve others in your plans this year for the best outcome. Working TOGETHER will be the key to achieving desired outcomes in the practical realm, even if at first it seems there may be no way to do this harmoniously.

The 3 of Cups

Screen Shot 2019 01 04 at 3.09.33 PM

This card depicts 3 women in what looks like a celebration of a happy event. The suit of cups relates to the emotional and spiritual realms and the element of water, and the 3 of cups is symbolic of friendship, creativity, and once again-collaborations. When water is flowing in a river or creek, it is conducive to healthy natural environments. This is also true with our emotions and creativity: when our emotions flow and are expressed in creative and productive ways, we are in balance and harmony inwardly. This sense of flow can be enhanced with personal and spiritual practices which are aligned to who we feel we really are at a deeper level. If you have considered taking up a meditation practice in the past, the year 2019 is a year which is calling you to do so. Daily meditation has been scientifically proven over and over again to calm the mind and the emotions, enhance the immune system, enhance resilience and creative problem solving. More than ever, the world needs creative problem solvers, level-headed thinking and heart felt actions which strive to serve the greater good. Will you step up and be one of them? Even if only for your family or friends or workplace? Remember, peace starts at the micro level and spreads to the macro level. This clears the path for more happy times and reasons to be in celebration of life and all it offers.

3 of Wands

Screen Shot 2019 01 04 at 2.59.35 PM

The suit of wands in Tarot is linked to the fire element in the natural world. Fire is related to our passions, assertive actions, and a sense of expansion. It can both destroy and purify. It has alchemical properties which can shape matter from one form to another. The 3 of wands is symbolic of stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring uncharted lands. It is about expanding your sense of what you feel is possible and facing the unknown. The figure in the card stands gazing across barren lands with mountain ranges in the distance. The year 2019 is a time to face the things you may have been procrastinating on or move forward with the plans you have been thinking about but have not yet actioned. Although this figure stands alone, when he draws on the collaborating energies of others, he is more likely to move closer to those mountains in order to conquer them. He may feel as if he needs to move forward on his own, but this is only really on a level which is symbolic of acting on creative impulses which may feel somewhat foreign to him. It is an expanded way of looking at how he will move forward which feels unfamiliar, yet necessary to make progress.

3 of Swords

Screen Shot 2019 01 04 at 2.59.58 PM

At first glance this card looks to be painful. The suit of swords in tarot represents the mental realm and the element of air. The 3 of swords depicts a heart being stabbed from 3 directions. The weather is gloomy and raining. This card is symbolic of heartbreak and betrayal, and this is where our challenges may lie this year. When we don’t follow our heart, or our deeper spiritual instincts, and try to act alone for our own selfish gains, we are more likely to experience heartache. And even if we feel we are acting for the greater good, if we are ignoring our own needs and going against our true nature, the result will be the same. So the challenge becomes around how we can respect our own uniqueness and creative drives and work together in harmony with others.

On a world event level this card is very symbolic of the political climateand if we continue to try to muscle our way towards ‘might is right’ then our future looks gloomy. But if we can turn our attention to working in collaboration and compromise, the burden of the 3 of Swords can be released. As with all things, it will be a mixed bag, however one central aspect out of ALL this cannot be ignored: Mother Earth.

The Big Theme of 2019: The Empress

Screen Shot 2019 01 04 at 3.02.23 PM 1

The 5th tarot card to consider on the theme of ‘3‘ is The Empress. This card carries more weight than the other cards because it is a major arcana card, otherwise known as a trump card (in tarot there are 22 major arcana cards and 56 minor arcana cards). The major arcana cards depict strong archetypal themes, and when it comes to number 3, The Empress occupies the space of being the 3rd card in the major arcana. This card is symbolic of mother earth, the mother figure, the divine feminine, the birthing of ideas, nature, nurturing and abundance. She sits on a throne among wheat fields symbolic of a yield from a recent harvest. On her head, she wears a crown of twelve stars, showing her connection with the mystical realm and the cycles of the natural world such as the twelve months of the year, the twelve planets and the 12 astrological constellations. She is connected to the planet Venus. Her robe is patterned with pomegranates, symbolic of fertility. The number 12 is also interesting here when it comes to Chinese astrology, as we are going into the Year Of The Pig, and the Pig is the 12th astrological sign in Chinese astrology. Note that the numbers 2019 break down to 12 (2+0+1=3 +9=12) before they break further down to 3. This also suggests that we are reaching the end of a cycle as 12 is significant and signifies endings or the last of a group of things in many systems. This could indicate that we may get that financial crash so many are talking about-or some kind of big shake up to world order as we enter a new phase later on in 2020.

The Empress and our health

Although it is obviously common to set new health and fitness goals at the beginning of each year, the Empress suggests this year is increasingly important to look after our body and put down our electronic devices more and connect with the natural world and real people. We cannot expect to be healthy sitting in front of computers and staying glued to social media. Any chance you get to be in nature and anchoring yourself to the present moment will benefit your emotional and physical health and will be important this year. Of course, this is always important, but I feel it is especially important to build up our resilience this year due to so many changes that will likely occur over the coming year/s. Being in your best shape physically and psychologically will serve you very well into the future, and help you make the best decisions for yourself going forward.

The Year Of The Earth Pig

chinese new year 3791392 1920 1

It is not just the number 12 and 3 that is significant this year, but also the fact that the 2019 Chinese Pig happens to be an Earth Pig this time around. Earth once again becomes a strong theme. So what is The Empress and The Earth Pig telling us about 2019? Well, to me it is pretty obvious. The alarming rate that earth changes are occurring is something we are all going to have to embrace and work together to come up with solutions so we can adapt. The earth will play such a central role in 2019 that it will force us to live in new ways. Climate change has become so politicised and most people are unaware of the geoengineering that is already taking place. Are we being arrogant and trying to ‘play God’ with this geoengineering, or is something else going on? Time will tell.

When we look further and consider the archetypal theme of The Empress, it may well serve us to consider what the rest of the solar system and its natural cycles are doing in relation to climate change. There may not be a lot we can do to stop what is already occurring when it comes to weather calamities. Is it a coincidence that space exploration has become such a hot topic over the last 12 months? The study of pole shifts, solar flares, and space weather in general is being considered more than ever before and I feel The Empress and her 12 stars on her crown is symbolic of this and will continue to be a major theme throughout 2019 and beyond. ‘As Above, So Below’ becomes very relevant. The Empress grounds us to the earth, but inspires us to look up too. No coincidence that NASA is looking to Venus for alternative energy sources if you consider the link between The Empress card (connected to the planet Venus) and space exploration to be meaningful.

Abundance or laziness?

The year of the Pig is also said to be about abundance and harvest, but can also be symbolic of laziness and general slothfulness. Will we be lazy when it comes to adapting to the earths changes, or will we make the most of it and learn to live in harmony with nature once more so that we can continue to prosper? Will we continue to rely on the debt based economy where printed money is the norm? Or will we accept a stabilizing slow down of the world economy while we look for new ways to exist? Either way, I feel 2019 will present a wild ride for us and over the next 5 years I feel we will see more changes than we have seen in the last 30 years.

The Venus Project

Considering that The Empress card is also linked to the planet Venus and Earth and mother nature is our central over-riding theme for 2019, one movement I feel will gain a lot more traction this year is The Venus Project. Its founder Jacque Fresco received the award for City Design & Community from the NOVUS summit in conjunction with the United Nations division UN DESA. This non-profit organisation was founded back in the 90s and serves as an example of a completely new way to live which enables all the world’s population to thrive and live in harmony. A documentary worth watching about it is this one:

Not only does this movement look at environmentally sustainable ways to live, but it also tackles all the social, financial and political aspects that prevent us from living in new harmonious ways in the first place. It states on its website:

The plans of The Venus Project offer society a broader spectrum of choices based on the scientific possibilities directed toward a new era of peace and sustainability for all. Through the implementation of a global Resourced Based Economy, and a multitude of innovative and environmentally friendly technologies directly applied to the social system, The Venus Project proposals will dramatically reduce crime, poverty, hunger, homelessness, and many other pressing problems that are common throughout the world today.”

In summary

Working in collaboration with each other, harmonising with the earth and solar system cycles, space exploration, being true to ourselves, striving to serve the greater good from a place of more authenticity, expanding what we think is possible for ourselves and the world and working from a more creative space to solve big problems will all be critical areas of opportunity in the year 2019. The question is-will we go there? Or, will we continue to do business as usual? Despite what it might feel like when we look at world events and what mainstream news tells us and the doomsday prophecies infecting the internet like wildfire, (don’t focus on that too much this year!) I feel hopeful. Always remember, peace starts from each one of us, and when cultivated has a ripple effect outward. Be The Change!

What do you think? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

Liz Hennessy, Tarot Reader

Liz is a Tarot reader with 20 years experience and a yoga teacher and qigong practitioner. For information on readings, please click here.

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16 thoughts on “2019 World Predictions”

  1. Wow! I completely agree that we should focus on ourselves first! It might be subtle but it’s also where we make the biggest impact! It also helps reduce the doom and gloom impression the mainstream media likes to spread nowadays, making us feel helpless. 

    Your insight is very much appreciated in this time of year! Thanks!

    1. Hi Murasa! Glad you enjoyed the read! Yes, I do find the mainstream news can leave you feeling helpless. I find it can be useful just to read the headlines and not the entire article to keep pace with what is going on, and then go and read between the lines. However, I actually get most my news from youtube these days, and then cross check it with the mainstream. Balance is good!

      1. Absolutely.

        I also find that due to the algorithm that Youtube has I forget that my sources are also biased. Thanks for reminding me that I should compare with some other sources and the mainstream. When I do that, sometimes I’m often surprised by how much both sides leave out! There’s no one place fits all.

        1. Yes it is a funny thing with algorithms. I mean-even the news feeds on your phone (e.g. Apple news) has algorithms that show you what you most click on, so what we end up with all over the world are people thinking that their reality is the only one that exists, when there are whole other trains of thought out there! So, it is hard for us to get balanced points of view more and more these days…But we do our best!

  2. Hi Liz – thanks for sharing this in-depth article. It’s really interesting that all the numbers and the cards point towards working together and collaboration. I hope that this year the world’s governments get together and work towards economic and environmental solutions. On a personal level, I have always adopted positive thinking and start the day with five minutes of gratitude. All the best, Diane  

    1. Hey Diane, what a great start to your morning! Practicing gratitude has been proven to have very tangible physiological benefits in terms of the immune system and stress hormones. It also has a compounding effect I feel in that there you look for things to feel appreciate for, the more you will find. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow … what an interesting post.  

    I’ve been particularly interested in numerology.  Can the numbers in one’s name really give an insight into the person’s character traits and their possible success in life?

    I really appreciate the note you ended on.  I believe in its positive message and want to repeat it to for all to follow:  “Always remember, peace starts from each one of us, and when cultivated has a ripple effect outward. Be The Change!”.  This is such a strong message that I think it bears repeating … in the hope it spreads widely.

    1. Hey Cath! I do feel that a persons name and the numerological links have influence on a person. I don’t believe it dictates a persons fate, but can show certain tendencies-much like a DNA blueprint can, yet still does not ultimately decide the fate of the persons health. 

      Glad you appreciated the message!

  4. Dear Liz,

    To be honest with you just now I watched two videos, Nostradamus predictions for 2019 and 2019 predictions of Baba Vanga on Youtube.

    This is an interesting post and I enjoyed it. I got great insights from your post and Your post is so thorough it opened my eyes to all sorts of information I wasn’t aware of! Thanks for the embedded video and I bookmarked it.

    I really like the conclusion part and your valuable advise. Its all about how we take and we need to be the change we want to be. Awesome post and You gave us an encyclopedia of knowledge here.

    Wishing you much Success!


    1. Hey Paul! I too enjoy a bit of Nostradamus and Baba Vanga youtube videos.  I find it all very interesting. I don’t believe our fate is sealed though-we still have free will, but at the same time, there does seem to be reoccurring cycles over history, so I wonder how we will go over the next 5 years….Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  5. julienne murekatete

    Thank you for sharing with us this great article on 2019 World predictions.I am very interested in Tarot reading and I agree with what it says in everyday reading.

    It is very important to have positive thinking about our future lives to see positive results too.I always try to see my world in positive angle and most of the time I get what I predicted.

    You are doing a great work to help people change their way of thinking.

  6. Hi Liz,

    Well, where I am from we never recovered from 2008 – our Government has just been fiddling the figures and now nearly the whole country is going homeless. SO I hope it don’t get any worse but your prediction is pretty spot on and I can see it getting far worse.

    My experience with Tarot Cards have never really been very good when someone else has been reading the cards. Almost like it was a self fulfilling prophecy of yet another something bad in the future. But I also see there is good news ahead and so fingers crossed for a better 2019 then 2018 globally.

    The whole idea of ‘oneness’ seems a bit unreal to some where we live in a world where separation is enforced by any means possible. However, all mater comes from the big bang. The main element left over from it was hydrogen.

    Stars that went supernova helped to other compounds about half billion years after creation.

    Basically, we are all made from the remnants of long dead stars, and so, the concept of being ‘one’ is quite a literal statement and I really hope this world wakes up to it one day so the majority can stop swimming in desperation.

    ~ Philip.

    1. Hey Philip, I agree about the world not really recovering properly from the 2008 crash. Banks were bailed out and we never really got to feel what the true bottom felt like. There is a lot of doom and gloom around, but regardless of what happens, we all individually need to seek light and not darkness. I do have hope, but I am also aware of the under currents going on. So, that just makes me want to be more positive and resilient! 

  7. So much information in one little blog. the number 12 signifying the end or the last of something. So many economist and financial commentators has been pointing to a possibility of an economic slowdown this year, even before i come across this website. how interesting! 3 signifying collaboration. Its hard for anyone to get through rough times without a collaborative effort. over the last few years, i have seen signs of unilateralism all over the world, where governments and people putting themselves first, i guess this year will be the year we will find out that we can be more successful if we collaborate some more

    1. Yes I have been watching the stock market some what! It has ben flip flopping all over the place. There is uncertainty in the market. I certainly hope this year will be the year for finding out we can collaborate more! 

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