3 powerful ways to manifest with the TarotThere are numerous ways to use Tarot cards for manifestation, and many approaches focus on doing spell rituals which are extremely detailed and can result in feeling overwhelmed by the process. This approach can get overly complicated and the focus ends up on doing the spell ‘right’ as opposed to invoking the emotions and feelings needed for the manifestation to be successful.

What We Think About, We Bring About.

We are the creators of our universe in the way that the thoughts we focus on and the stories we choose to tell about ourselves on a daily basis will end up showing up in our life. It is therefore important to direct our mind to things that are wanted rather than unwanted. One of the key ingredients to successful manifestation is feeling appreciation for what you already have, as this is telling the Universe you are open to receiving more. This is creativity at the source because ‘where attention goes, energy flows.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot
The following ideas around using the Tarot for manifestation all centre around allowing the mind to be focussed on what is wanted. They help to release resistance to what is wanted so the floodgates of abundance can open up and flow towards you. Using the Tarot helps you to access the powerful archetypes and stories that have accumulated energy over centuries. Therefore you will be tapping into the universal mind to help you along your way and giving your mind an anchor point to focus on, therefore changing your point of attraction.

As you go about your day after performing your manifesting exercise, whenever your mind wonders to places where you are concerned your desire will not come true, bring your attention back to the story of the card you need most in that moment and let it envelope your energy field.

EXERCISE ONE: Conscious selection of three cards.

Think about a goal you would like to achieve in the future in a particular area of your life. For this manifestation exercise you will choose three cards. Choose the first card to represent your current circumstances. For example, if you feel you are lacking money at the moment you might choose the 5 of Pentacles.Then, choose the 3rd card to represent the goal you would like to achieve. For example, if you are wanting to manifest a new romantic relationship into your life, you might choose The Lovers, or a court card to represent the kind of person you would like to attract into your life.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot

Then, you choose the 2nd card to be the bridge between the two cards. So, if you are after a new relationship you might choose the Ace of Cups to represent the inner transformation and healing you feel needs to take place within in order to attract someone new. Use your imagination. The second card is all about what will help you reach your goal. This is not about randomly selecting cards. It is about knowing the stories of your cards and how they relate to your circumstances, and the energies you would like to embrace into your life.

Once you have your three cards, stick them up on the wall or put them somewhere where you will see them everyday and they will not be moved by anyone else. Attribute an affirmation to card two and card three. For example, if you 2nd card was the Ace of Cups, you could affirm ‘I welcome new healing energies into my life’. Say the affirmation 3 times while really imagining what it would feel like to be surrounded with new emotions and a feeling of being ‘unstuck’.
Then, make an affirmation for the 3rd card. If your card was The Lovers, you might say something like ‘I give and receive love easily and effortlessly.’

Each morning when you get out of bed, look at your three cards and imagine the energy of the second and third cards coming into your body. What feelings do they represent for you? Allow yourself to feel them now. Say the affirmation for each card three times while feeling even more energy from the cards.Repeat for 30 days in a row and watch for synchronicities as they occur.

EXERCISE TWO: Random selection of 6 cards

This exercise takes the approach where your belief allows the Universe to select the cards for you rather than you consciously choosing them. Think about the goal you would like to achieve. Shuffle your cards as you would normally and when you are ready deal out 6 cards face down in a row where the first card you put down will be ‘card 1.The first card is symbolic to where you are now in relation to manifesting your goal.The second card represents what thoughts or mental state of mind you need to let go of to be able to get to your goal.The third card represents what you will be leaving behind when you achieve your goal.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot

The fourth, fifth and sixth cards represent the three paths ahead of you. These three paths are the possibilities in front of you. Notice if there is one card out of the three of them you particularly like or feel
drawn to, or which one seems most relevant to the goal you are trying to achieve. This is the card you should meditate upon to draw your goal closer. Embrace the qualities of this card everyday. Meditate with the card everyday and imagine the positive aspects of the card and what it means to you entering into your energy field and promoting the positive emotions of what achieving this goal will mean to you.

EXERCISE THREE: Choose one card for wanted character traits.

Most the time when there is something we want to have in our life that we don’t currently have it requires us to make an inner change in order for us to have it. For example, lets say you want to have a successful business, yet at the moment you are an employee working for a boss and nowhere near close to having your own business.

One of the reasons you don’t yet have a successful business is because you have not yet embraced the kind of person you would have to become in order to achieve this. We must embrace a change within ourselves in order to embrace a change outside of ourselves. We must fine tune certain character traits within to attract the thing that we want. So, in the case of running our own business, perhaps we need to embrace more drive, determination and self confidence within in order to make this happen. A card to focus on in this case might be The Chariot, for example.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot

Think about a goal you would like to achieve, and then think about the kind of qualities you need to possess as a person in order for this to occur. Consciously choose a card from your deck that accurately fits these qualities and allow yourself to learn everything there is to learn about this card. Read the myths and legends associated with this card. Stick it up on your wall with a written statement of the desired goal where you will see it everyday. This will remind yourself to become this person before you can outwardly achieve the goal.
Ask yourself, ‘If I had the qualities of this card, how would I act? What kinds of feelings would I be embracing each day? What kinds of routines would I have? How would I care for my body and my mind? How would I prioritise my time? What kinds of friends would I have? How would I spend my money? What kinds of things would I read? Who might help me to become this person?’

What are your ideas around using your Tarot cards for manifesting the things you most want in life? Feel free to comment below and let me know!