The 4 of Wands in Tarot

4 of Wands Reversed In Tarot

The 4 of Wands in TarotThe 4 of Wands reversed in Tarot is symbolic of a period where you may feel a sense of instability in your home life or somewhere else that you consider close to home. When this card is in its upright position it indicates happiness and good fortune and all round good times. Traditionally it is associated with marriage, births, graduations of all kinds and the completion of a period of striving to reach a goal where the time has come for a moment of celebration. It can also indicate a time where you get together with friends or family and have a great time together. But in its reversed position it can indicate a period of transition or domestic unhappiness where you feel you have lost some stable footing.

Life Situations Of This Card

Romantic Relationships

A significiant relationship may be ending where in the past it had provided you with a real sense of security and happiness. Or, you may be just going through a time where you can’t come to harmonious agreements with your partner and it is leaving you feeling unsure about your future with them and which way you need to turn. The disharmony could be around tensions which involve other family members or groups of friends that may be testing your relationship. It can also indicate that perhaps you are with a person who is not willing to commit to you on a long term basis, but is willing to stay put for now, but you may have a feeling that you want more commitment than you are getting and therefore you are feeling a little uncomfortable about the situation.


You may be going through a time where you are unsure of where your ‘tribe’ of friends really are. You may have needed to move for work or other reasons, and it has thrown your sense of belonging within your social group out. Perhaps you have moved to a new state or country and have not yet formed friendships that you feel a sense of ‘home’ with. In this case, take some steps to connect with others and give it some time and new friendships will blossom for you.

You may also be feeling like you are no longer really connecting with your main group of friends, and are wondering where else you might belong. This may have occurred after an inner personal journey you have taken and you feel you want to expand or change who it is you spend a lot of your time around in a social sense.


When it comes to family, the 4 of Wands reversed indicates conflict and change and a feeling of being separate from something that allows you to feel stable and happy. There may be long standing family feuds that have flared up recently and no one is particularly having a good time with each other. What is important to keep in mind here is you cannot control what others do-you can only control your own reactions and feelings and actions, therefore it may be time to step back a little from everything that is going on and focus on your own ways of finding joy and harmony within. Over time you may find that taking these kinds of steps helps to resolve the chaos that may be occurring because you are not stepping in and making things worse.


The job you have may be full of conflict and power struggles. Or it could also be a time where the place you work is experiencing cut backs and you are unsure of whether you will still have a job in a few weeks or not. This may be a job that you always imagined would provide you with security, but changing times have altered your sense of belonging in the job and you are left wondering where you stand.

How does this card resonate for you right now?

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