5 of pentacles in tarot

5 of Pentacles Tarot Meaning

5 of pentacles in tarotIn this post I want to talk about the 5 of pentacles tarot meaning and how it can relate to your life when it comes to money, health as well as relationships, and what kind of questions you can ask yourself or your client when this card shows up.

When I look at this card I get a sense that it is related to suffering and isolation. There are 2 people who look like they may be living on the streets with ragged clothing and one of them is injured. Both appear to be in a vulnerable position. It is snowing and they appear to be outside of some kind of church. The stained-glass window on the church to me looks as if it is symbolising the Tree Of Life.

What the card can relate to

When it comes to the meaning of this card it can relate to financial difficulties, health problems as well as a feeling of being cut off from higher knowledge or wisdom (hence being ‘outside of a brightly lit church that symbolises warmth and ‘coming home’ to yourself where you connect with some kind of higher guidance). It can symbolise that you feel ‘left out in the cold’ and not taking steps to nurure yourself on a physical or spiritual level.

The people in the card are walking past something that could give them more abundance, and if they were to turn their head and see where they are and where they could potentially get help, they could begin to turn things around for themselves.

I feel this card mostly relates to our relationship to the financial and material realm and the psychological aspect of how we view such things. It can either literally relate to financial and material loss, but mostly to how we think about money and abundance in our life whether that be personal wealth, health and fulfilling relationships.

How to overcome the challenge of this card

When it comes to overcoming any challenge I always feel the answer lies in asking ourselves empowering questions rather than getting stuck in poverty consciousness. So if this card relates to money struggles, questions to ask could be:

  • How can I find ways to take more control of thinking that I will never have enough?
  • What wisdom do I need to draw on to shift my habitual energy around money or abundance?
  • How can I appreciate what I have already without focusing on what I feel is missing?
  • What areas about my financial or material status are making me feel most insecure and what is one thing I can do today to start moving out of this feeling?
  • Am I getting stuck in when/then thinking such as ‘when I have this thing for example more money, more possessions, more status a better job etc THEN I can be happy?

Spiritual Laws Of Money

Aim to live in the present moment

All the spiritual traditions teach that we need to find ways to live in the present moment and appreciate what is around us. In our modern world with so many distractions where our mind is going all sorts of directions other than the present moment, practicing mindfulness has never been more important.

When it comes to health, questions you can ask around this card are Where am I not actively taking care of myself so I can regain my vitality? Am I exercising, eating healthy foods, finding ways to deal with my stress? What is one proactive thing I can do today that is a step towards the state of health I want to be in? If you are dealing with a chronic disease-ask yourself what things do you KNOW you are NOT doing that would lead to having more ease in your body and mind? Whatever level of health we are at, there is always something more we could do to have more ease.

Relationship struggles.

When it comes to relationship struggles, ask yourself how you can reconnect to your own sense of well being to be able to find resourceful ways to improve your relationships or have the strength and confidence to move away from a relationship that is zapping away your feelings of security and destroying your self-worth. Know that you deserve to be happy and you don’t have to accept someone who continually hurts you or ignores you, or ‘gives you the cold shoulder’.

In Summary

I hope this interpretation of the 5 of Pentacles has given you some tools in order to work with the energy of this card. As I always say, I don’t believe tarot cards predict anyones future. They either strike a chord with something that is happening right in the moment, or indicating a probability of something that may happen if different choices and actions are not made. So, the power to change something lies in asking good questions that feel empowering and seeking the answers to them and then acting.

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