Nothing can really replace the experience of the human touch when it comes to Tarot readings; whether you are reading for yourself, being read to or reading for someone else. But technology has its place when it comes to Tarot cards and can actually be very useful-especially for the aspiring Tarot reader who is learning the cards and really wants to ‘live the way of the tarot’. Given that most of us take our smart phone everywhere, why not have some Tarot card apps installed so you can literally take your Tarot cards everywhere too? Here are 5 good reasons to use modern technology for learning an old art form.

Get more exposure to many different kinds of tarot cards for free.

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There are so many different decks of cards and if you were to try and buy all of them you’d be spending a lot of money! This is where using an app can come in handy because if you have not yet found a deck where the pictures really ‘speak’ to you, you can go and use many of the tarot card apps for free or for an extremely low cost in comparison to buying a full deck. It is important to find a deck you feel you resonate with because this will make your readings more effective and intuitive. It is better to be able to draw a story from each card that is revealed to you rather than feeling like you need to look up meanings in a book. This will help build self trust over time.

Get flash insights to situations that come up throughout the day.

Each day when you go out into the world it can be really handy to be able to tap into the wisdom of a tarot card on the fly in the middle of daily transitions. For example, as you pull up in the car park in the morning to go to work, you can tap into some wisdom to help you navigate your morning effectively by doing a one card reading from your phone. Then, later in the day you have a meeting with a new work mate or boss and you want some insight on how to best proceed before you meet them. You can quickly do a one card reading while sitting in the tea room and no one would know!

Tip:Make sure you have the settings set to ‘upright cards only’, so you are not drawn into a negative feeling if you happen to draw a card that is reversed. Reversed cards are best used for when you want deeper insights to things in your life and you have more time to ponder what the cards are saying. For work situations it is far more productive to approach each scenario from a positive place to give you energy and confidence in the moment. Some readers never use reversed cards anyway, so it depends on your philosophy about this topic. But, if you are just starting out, best to stick to upright cards while you are learning.

Track your readings automatically with built in journals.

One thing that is really useful when you are learning to read tarot cards or just want a deeper understanding of the patterns in your life is to keep a tarot journal. With a tarot card app it makes it very simple. In apps such as The Fools Dog series, there is a journal built in which automatically stores each reading you do, plus an option for you to add notes to the reading. So, once again, this is very much personal growth on the go, and when you have more time at a later date you can sit down and analyze a month worth of readings which helps you see bigger themes in your life.

Do a spur of the moment reading for a friend when catching up over a coffee.

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As you are catching up with a friend you may get talking about a problem she is currently facing in her life and she is trying to decide which decision to make. This is a perfect opportunity to grab your phone and get some deeper insight to help her work through her decision. No need to clear the table to lay out the cards or feel self conscious about other people who may be in the cafe watching with interest as to what you are doing with all these cards. You will just look like two people having a conversation with one person holding their phone and glancing at it every now and then. Modern spirituality at work!

Let the app do the interpretation for you.

Sometimes you would rather not think too much about the situation in terms of an insight you are seeking and you don’t have the time or money to go and see a live tarot reader. This is where an app is the next best option. Even though it is no substitute for a live reading with a real person, you will still gain some clarity on your situation by letting the app do the interpreting for you.

Do you use tarot card apps? Feel free to comment below-I would love to hear your experience.