6 of Swords in Tarot

6 Of Swords In Tarot Reversed

6 of Swords in Tarot ReversedThe 6 of Swords in Tarot reversed indicates you may be trying to move on from a situation in your life, but are being pulled back from the past. You may feel a low level of sadness, and might be having difficulty feeling joyful about the usual things you would normally feel joyful about.

When the card is upright, it indicates that you are moving away from something or someone you know must, and are feeling a little sad or regretful about it, but you know it is the right decision. But in its reversed position, you are feeling a level of sadness about the past that is preventing your from moving on, even though you know it is in your best interests to move away from it.

Life situations of this card

Romantic Relationships

When it comes to an intimate relationship, this card indicates that you may have separated from a partner where it may not have been your decision to do so. This has left you feeling hurt and unable to move forward because you feel some of your power has been taken away and it is preventing you from having the energy to move forward with confidence, even though you know you need to. It might be time to get some outside help in the form of counselling so you can free yourself from the past and move forward without bringing you baggage into the next relationship you might have,


When it relates to a friendship, your friend may have decided they no longer want to spend much time with you, but perhaps they are not being honest about how they really feel, so you are left kind of hanging onto the past even though the actions of your friend are showing you they are heading off in another direction without you.


When the 6 of swords relates to family, it could mean there is a dynamic that is not working for you, and you know you need to remove yourself from the situation, but find it hard because the idea of ‘blood being thicker than water’ is leaving you feeling obligated to stay in the situation that is draining your energy.


When the card relates to a work situation, you are perhaps staying in a job that is resulting in you feeling listless and uninspired. You know you need a change, but your mind is bogged down in concern that you are not able to move forward or find new work that is more inspiring to you. In this situation you must take an action to move the stuck feeling so you can turn the energy of this card back to its upright position which results in movement again.

How does this card resonate for you right now in your life? Can you identify a situation where this is relevant to you? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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  1. Was a bit gobsmacked on a few occasions reading this, especially a quote in relevance to what’s happening.. I actually said the exact quote this afternoon x thanks

    1. Hey Kelly! A synchronistic event for you to read this. This card obviously has special meaning for you at this time. You might want to spend some time journalling about the inner conflict that may be occurring for you right now to see if you can lighten the energy a little and come to a resolution. Thanks for your comment! xx

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