The weekly Tarot reading for 30th July – 5th August 2018 reveals a need to face an issue which may be contributing to your emotional and physical imbalance.

The cards that came up were:

  • Temperance Reversed (the central issue)
  • King of Wands Reversed and 6 of Swords (the surrounding energies).

In relation to love

When this relates to love, these cards could indicate that you may be with someone or pursuing someone who is not able to give you the time and attention you deserve and desire. The King of Wands reversed is withholding information or love from you and this is causing you to feel sad and emotionally out of balance. Deep down in your heart you know that you need to move on from either being with this person or stop pursuing people who are not emotionally available to you and the thought of moving on or stopping communication with someone who is causing you to feel sad.

Keep in mind the only reason you feel sad is because you may be in a holding pattern of wanting to be with people who are not quite right for you which in one way has become a habit you are familiar with. You know you need to make some changes emotionally, but you are not quite sure how to and embracing new ways of being is scary to you on one level. Any new change to us is confronting and one reason it is hard to break out of ways of being that no longer serve us is because the brain perceives change (even positive changes) as a threat, and therefore is one of the reasons why we may repeat habits or ways of relating to people over and over again. There are solutions to this and one of them is to retrain your brain in specific ways to rewire your reactions and behaviour and what you even find desirable in another.

In relation to career or projects

What’s interesting about this spread is that the King of Wands reversed has once again shown up just as he did last week. When repeating cards show up I always look for the deeper meaning of this card and consider the bigger picture. When it comes to career, the King of Wands represents a leader who is creative and passionate and often entrepreneurial. They are never short on ideas and inspire others to put forth their own ideas. They make decisions from the heart and are not afraid of taking action.

As this card is reversed in this spread, this could indicate that you wish to be more of a leader or entrepreneurial but are hesitating to be that kind of person. It could also indicate that you usually have a steady flow of good ideas that come your way, but for one reason or another are feeling blocked and stagnant. Temperance reversed is suggesting you may simply just be feeling emotionally exhausted and need to take some steps to restore your energy. You may have been feeling burned out and with the 6 of Swords present it may be an indication that you need to spend some temporary time away from your job or work situation so that you can gain a new perspective on it.

At the most negative end of the spectrum when it comes to the combination of these three cards in conjunction, it could mean you are working with someone who is a control freak who has proven to you to create imbalance and unease in the work place, and people are leaving feeling disappointed that the dream job they once thought they had has turned into something where the environment is toxic and it is no longer healthy for them to stay.

General meaning

When looking at a more general meaning of these cards, we first must consider what Temperance relates to. Some keywords around this card are: balance, restoration, healing, spiritual renewal. It can also relate to abstaining from behaviours that are not healthy and therefore because abstinence has been practiced, wellbeing is prevailing. So, when this card is in its reversed position, the opposite of this can be true where poor habits are ruling your life and attracting unwanted things and/ or people, or a certain spiritual crisis is occurring where you might feel lost as to what your purpose is and therefore not feeling very inspired about anything.

The contributing factors to this situation (as indicated by the surrounding cards of the King Of Wands Reversed and the 6 of Swords) could be that you may feel discouraged to be the leader you were actually meant to be (King Of Wands Reversed), and you know that in order to be that leader you will have to drop some ideas about yourself and/or situations you find yourself in even though you feel hesitant in letting those things go. But the problem with this if you don’t let go and embrace that niggling feeling you are supposed to be moving towards something more or different, it will continue and that inner voice will get louder and louder until you are forced to go in a new direction in a way that may be less comfortable than it would have been had you made the move earlier.

So, listen to your deepest calling. Get into the quiet and ‘hear’ what comes through. Everyone has intuition available on tap. It just comes down to whether or not we are willing to still our mind enough to listen.

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