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6 signs you have a high vibration

Everything in the universe including you is made up of one thing and that thing is energy. Energy moves sometimes very fast and sometimes very slow. In the metaphysical community this idea of moving energy is often referred to as vibrational energy. Having high vibrational energy is imperative to creating a life that is happy and fulfilling and successful by your definition through the law of attraction.

So would you like to know if you have high vibrational energy? Here are six signs that indicate that your energy right now is very high.

  • Number One: having good health and being free from illness and/or injury.
  • Number two: feeling energized and full of life.
  • Number three: having good luck and having things just go your way throughout the day.
  • Number four: experiencing harmony in your personal relationships.
  • Number five: feeling safe and secure
  • Number six: experiencing synchronicities or a high degree of unexplainable coincidences in your life.

If you’re experiencing most of these signs you can be well assured that your vibrational energy is pretty high and therefore you are currently in the process of creating positive results in your life right now.

If you’re not experiencing most of these signs in your life right at this moment relax- it’s okay. Vibrational energy is moving energy and what is low vibrational energy in one moment can be easily transformed into higher vibrational energy in the next moment. To improve your vibrational energy do your best to monitor the quality of your thoughts and try to stay as optimistic and peaceful as you can moment to moment.

Other tips for high vibrational living

Move your body! You can’t expect to feel good if you never move your body. Work without whatever limitations you might have and aim to extend the movement each day. Movement can range from gentle qigong, walking, or higher energy exercises such as high impact interval training and resistance training. Just start where ever you are with your current fitness levels and aim to increase your fitness and movement resilience.

Meditate. First thing in the morning before you do anything, take time to meditate. Just start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 15 minutes or more. Focus on your breath and the continual relaxation of your muscles in a conscious way. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that to get real benefits from meditation. When the busy thoughts come, just keep bringing your focus back to your breath and relaxing your muscles.

Eat well.

If you are not eating good food or really inconsistent with your meals, your moods will be affected greatly. There is no getting away from the fact that our body requires quality food in order to help with quality thoughts and what we put out into the world in terms of thoughts, feelings and positive expectations.

Regular sleep patterns.

Sleep is so vital for your mood it has to be treated as something that is an absolute necessity for optimal brain and body health and therefore a high vibration. It is nearly impossible to be in a high vibration if you are chronically sleep deprived. There will be times that you will naturally sleep less of course such as after the birth of a child, but other than that, there are very few times when life will require you to be sleep deprived, unless it is your choice, so choose wisely.

Visualisation of light.

Try this 2 and half minute light visualisation to kick start your day in a high vibration. If you practice this each day, the momentum of your life will change because your vibration will rise higher and higher. This is because it takes you out of yourself and helps you look at the bigger picture and encourages forgiveness and wishing other people well. Feel free to download it and keep in on your phone or computer to use daily. Try it for 30 days to see what happens!

About the author

Liz Hennessy, Tarot ReaderLiz is a Tarot reader, qualified yoga instructor and certified bioenergetics practitioner. If you would like to get a reading with Liz please click here.


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