8 Of Cups In Tarot

8 of Cups in TarotThe 8 of Cups in Tarot depicts a man walking away from a scene. It is night time and the moon is shining down on him representing mystery and the unknown. A river flows next to him symbolizing the watery element of the Suit of Cups and the emotions.  He has a walking stick which suggests he is more on the elderly side, or it could mean he is embarking on a trek which symbolizes a new journey.

The meaning of the number 8.

The number 8 often relates to process, building upon something as well as power issues, balance authority, control and recognition.  For another context where the 8 is represented in a different suit, click here.

When relating the 8 to Cups, it can symbolize an emotional situation that you have been building up over time, yet has not come to fruition as you would have hoped.

Suit of Cups in TarotThe meaning of Cups.

The Suit of Cups represents the emotions, feelings, love and inspiration. The element it relates to is water. Matters of the heart are key within this suit as are creativity, inspiration, spirit, relationships and all things relating to the intangible aspects of life. For another example in Tarot where the Cups are represented click here.

Over all, the 8 of Cups suggests a situation in which you may have to leave something and go and search for fulfillment elsewhere. Traditionally the card has been associated with disappointment and loss, or turning your back on a situation that is causing you heart ache. As with any Tarot card, the interpretation will never be exact in terms of anything written in stone.  The cards should be used with wisdom and not seen as a quick prediction into the future. The individual pictures in Tarot cards highlight common themes in humanity that we all at some stage will go through. The key is knowing which themes you might be going through in the present that may be out of your conscious awareness.

Practical application.

The Tarot has its real value when a person notices their own feelings surfacing while they gaze upon a card and take note of what comes up for them. After some contemplation and not too much analysis, they then make a practical plan as to where to go next based on their intuition. When you randomly draw the 8 of Cups as a way to get some insight into a situation in your life, consider if there is an area that you need to move on from because it is not bringing you any real joy. This could be a relationship, a work situation, a way of thinking about something, a project that is draining your energy, or, releasing the past to make more room for something new.

8 of cups in tarotQuestions to ask yourself.

  • Where do you need to ‘let go’  and move on in life?
  • What situations at work might you need to remove yourself from?
  • What relationship situations are you too invested in that are causing you great heartache? Is there are a way you can ‘move on’ emotionally even if it doesn’t mean physically leaving the situation? Or, perhaps you are in a situation where you would be better off moving on from?
  • What endings are needed in your life in order to create something new?
  • Is there an area where you feel tired and unmotivated? What new adventure can you bring in to reinvigorate your life?
  • What inner journey can you take that will transform your life in fresh and inspirational ways?

I would love to know what the 8 of Cups means to you. What feelings and intuitions come up for you when you gaze upon the card? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

16 thoughts on “8 Of Cups In Tarot”

  1. I feel like I need to be leaving my old job behind as it certainly makes me feel tired and unmotivated and I dread going there now. That is what the 8 of cups symbolises to me today. I am always fascinated by the Tarot. It is very mysterious yet also fluid and open to interpretation.
    Thanks for invoking those feelings!

    1. Hey Kris. I know what you mean. Unfortunately so many people feel this way in the world about their job. Sometimes we just need to do something in order to get somewhere else though, so perhaps in your case the 8 of Cups could mean you could search for a new mental approach in order to stay in the job if you really need to at this point, or look for a new job. All the best!

  2. Hi Liz,

    This is an interesting and entertaining read. I was looking at something recently called PDCA – which is a continuous concept – for Plan, Do, Check, Action and repeat.

    I think in most stages of life, people are at different crossroads and depending on what they do at different times, could have life changing implications.

    I much prefer to control or manage the situation, and come up with my plan on how I will address the situation for myself, than to think that it is down to some cards though.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hey David. Thanks for your comment. I think most people would prefer to manage the situation and come up with their own plan generally speaking (and I think that is what people should be doing), but where I think the randomness of the Tarot cards can come in handy is they can prompt fresh ideas to surface from the unconscious mind to help solve a problem. It is worth doing some personal experimentation with them to see how they can enhance your creativity for approaching circumstances.

  3. I very frequently find myself trying to find happiness or fulfillment through things outside of myself. This never works in the end. I’ve realized that the only thing that gives me true peace and fulfillment is being connected with my inner consciousness behind all thoughts and emotions. This may sound kind of weird haha. Meditation is my favorite form of happiness. 🙂

    1. Hey Jonah. Thanks for your comment. I am with you on meditation! It is something that I feel is as natural as brushing my teeth now….

  4. I love sites like this – and I will certainly be dropping back to go through it properly when I get more time.
    Constructive criticism (although I am not criticising as such – more advising) I think you need more sections. Meditation is very popular and goes hand in glove I think, also a glossary or a section that gives a backdrop for each card?
    I love your site though and consider it a great fine – I will certainly be heading back!

    1. Hey Gem, I will be sure to be adding a lot more over time and have a lot of plans for the site. Look forward to seeing you back here soon

  5. Hi Liz! I like the Tarot but I’ve certainly never mastered them – so many! The minor arcana are the most obscure to me so this was fascinating.

    The intuitions I got from the card was that 8 of Cups represented a work in progress, to be continued or abandoned. This decision would depend on a person’s willingness or ability to overcome the remaining difficulties.

    It a bit like the card says the words “you have something to address”, possibly relating to procrastination, that common human frailty. So I suppose it’s a type of “call to action” card that invites a person to resolve something they’ve been putting off.

    In this sense I wouldn’t call the card either good or bad… in fact I might even jokingly call it a “nag card”. Does that make sense? I hope so. Anyway, I just went with intuition and didn’t reason, so I hope I’m doing it right.

    1. Hey Robert. I love your insights! I think that is a very intuitive response of yours and you are right on track. The thing is, even though the Tarot has some common meanings throughout, each card will also mean different things to different people at different times. It is very unique depending on the situation, and helps to unlock some some personal insights that may be otherwise hidden. Thanks so much for your comment

  6. angelicamaney

    Wow! There is so much information behind Tarot cards. Tarot cards have always fascinated me. Who would’ve thought that there was so much meaning behind cups and the number eight. How do you think the first person who read Tarot cards came up with all of this? Thanks for sharing all this

    1. That is a great question Angelica-I will soon be writing about the History of Tarot Cards, so be sure to come back and have a read in the near future. Thanks for your comment!

  7. I love everything tarot and astrology. Just knowing there is a way to tap into the thoughts of the universe and decode their messages really intrigues me. I have often used tarot to help me with problems I am facing. Have you ever done live tarot readings on like skype or youtube?

    1. Hey Barbara,
      I have not yet done live readings on skype or youtube, however that is in the pipeline in the future! Thanks for your comment. 🙂

  8. Hello Liz,

    I just landed on the 8 Cups at random (I think …), when i gaze at it, and read your notes it really does resonate with something in my life now. Isn’t that odd? Or not!

    I’m certainly in-between situations now, and take some solace from this (random…) page.

    Also, I like the way you write so clearly and with a lot of knowledge and wisdom, that’s great.

    Can you make the cards at the top click-able (link to a bigger pic, on another page?), so one can ‘gaze’ at a bit easier, just a thought!

    Some thinking to be done, thanks!


    1. Hey Andy! Thanks for visiting. Good idea about making the pics bigger for easier gazing.

      Random or not random? That is the big question really isn’t it? Some say there are no accidents in the universe-others would completely disagree. That is one thing that interests me about Tarot cards-there is always a lesson or insight within them about any situation in life. 🙂

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