8 of pentacles in tarotThe scene in the card.

When you look at the 8 of Pentacles in Tarot, you see a man chipping away with a hammer on a disc with a chisel. He looks like a tradesmen of some type where he carves away in a meticulous manner. In the distance behind him we see a town. The man has removed himself from the hustle and bustle of society for the mean time to work on something that is important to him. Five discs are already hanging on the wooden post which is symbolic of what he has achievement is so far. There is more to do however, and he pays particular attention to detail as he quietly works away.

What the number 8 represents in Tarot.

The 8 of pentacles in tarotThe number 8 in Tarot as well as Numerology relates to wealth, power, processes, career, business and study. The number 8 is also the number of infinity and balance and indicates you reap what you sow. It is also about balance between the material and immaterial world. Your ambition is balanced with relaxation, your hard work is balanced with time to play, and your body and mind need to be in balance in order for you to reach sustainable success.

What Pentacles represent in Tarot.

The suit of Pentacles relates to the material aspect of life, the earth element and practicalities. Money is also of prime focus. It is our physical nature and what we must physically do in order to reap success. This is not a suit of dreams or pie in the sky ideas-it is the action that must follow after the dreams.

Questions to ask yourself around the 8 of Pentacles.

Goals-what are your goals and how are you systematically going about achieving them? Are you leaving it to chance or do you have a daily, weekly and monthly target to reach for certain actions to take?

Money-How are you building your wealth? Do you have a savings and investment strategy or are you spending without much thought to the accumulation of wealth in order to support your retirement?

Study-How do you study to broaden your horizons? Do you have set times during the week where you sit down to study for a specified period of time? Are you trying to learn a new language or a musical instrument or some other kind of craft? What is your process to ensure you will be successful in this endeavour?

Pushing through boredom-every goal you have where you are methodically working your way towards achieving it will come with some boredom and frustration. Your success will depend on whether or not you can break down that wall when you hit it the inevitable block to motivation and keep moving rather than standing still. Nothing is achieved without some form of sacrifice, but you need to dialogue with yourself in a positive way rather than resistant way when you feel like you don’t want to keep moving.

The 8 of pentacles in TarotIn a nutshell, the 8 of Pentacles in Tarot is all about taking steady consistent steps towards a desired outcome. How do you work towards a destination you have in your mind? Do you do it systematically or haphazardly? Do you gloss over the details or are you meticulous? Do you work with a checklist and track your progress, or is it all in your head?

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