The 9 of Cups In Tarot

9 of Cups Reversed In Tarot

The 9 of Cups In TarotThe 9 of Cups Reversed in Tarot is symbolic of either you or someone else being self satisfied to a point where there is a certain smugness or arrogance present. As the card is related to the emotions and spirituality being the suit of cups, it can indicate a tendency to  ‘flaunt’ your happiness and forget your sense of compassion when it comes to others who may be having harder time in life than you at that particular moment.

When this card is in its upright position it relates to being very content with what you have and being satisfied that you may not ‘have it all’ but you are in a very happy place as to where you are and confident that if you keep going the same direction you will arrive at total emotional fulfillment some time in the future (10 of Cups).

You may be resistant to go the extra mile

But in its reversed position you may be tempted to not do the extra bit of work required to get to the next step in terms of where you want to go and feel as if it is ‘owed’ to you rather than it being ‘earned’.

In other interpretations of this card in the reversed position when the context is an earth based reading it can also relate to over indulgence certain things whether that be food or alcohol or any substance, or too much consumption of media which has left you feeling imbalanced and actually less satisfied than you were before you went on a binge.

I can certainly relate to this when it comes to consumption of media! I rarely actually watch anything on TV or even movies, but if I do, I usually sit to binge watch an entire season of a TV show in one day rather than just consuming it in moderation which would actually be a more balanced approach. I can find it a little hard to adjust back to the ‘normal’ world for a short time after these big binge sessions, and this can be symbolic of the 9 of cups reversed type of behavior.

Tell me about your experience with this card

What are you moments of experiencing the meaning of this card in your life? Can you think of someone you know who has acted like this in a certain situation or perhaps seems to have a fatal flaw in their character that is like this card reversed? Or have you yourself been guilty of this and if so what was the ‘worst’ situation you forgot to show some humility or you have over indulged in something that perhaps left you feeling somewhat empty?

Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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