Bioenergetics and Tarot Archetypes

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Hi my name is Liz and I help people with their emotional, physical and spiritual health through bioenergetics, qigong, meditation and the archetypal themes of the Tarot.

I am from Melbourne Australia and I live with my partner, my 7 year old daughter and a dog and a cat.

Life was not always rosy…


In my early 20’s I lived close to a market that opened every weekend and there would always be tarot card readers there. In my angst to understand my life direction at that point as a struggling university student who was strapped for cash and heart broken from romantic relationships that went bad, I often went down to the market to have a coffee, write in my journal and go and see a tarot reader for a reading.

Even though I was having success in my music studies at the time, I felt unsuccessful in many other areas, and the tarot readings helped me in those moments I felt most lost.

Over the years I have circled around the tarot, sometimes forgetting about it while I focused my energies elsewhere, and other times picking up one of the decks that I own and doing a reading for myself, or ducking into a new age shop on a day off from work and taking a chance with what ever tarot reader happened to be there at the time. It is something that at one time or another I have always returned to gain clarity on a situation or relationship that nothing else would help with. I have always liked to look at the bigger picture of things and the study of the tarot certainly helps me to do that.

After a 20 year career in classical music, over time I found more and more inner peace and physical health through practices such as yoga, meditation and exploring bioenergetics, and I gradually shifted my career to focus on teaching yoga and wellness and setting up my own practice in bioenergetics.  I became a NES Health wellness practitioner which is on the forefront of energy based modalities which combines modern technology with the ancient Chinese medicine system and more.

What this site is about and how I can help you deepen your connection to yourself


I don’t really believe that tarot cards or being able to sense energy structures within this matrix earth system are something that predict the future even though I have had interesting experiences. All these mystical tools are there to help us navigate our tumultuous inner self, and the more neutral we can be the more we can be fully present to ourselves and others.  Therefore my blogs all focus around how we can find a way to live a more self empowered life while using the tools that are presented on this site.  In order get good answers from our questions about our direction we need to be calm and centered within our mind and body first.

I have spent a considerable amount of time and money learning about the mind body connection, health and wellness, energy healing and meditation and all its benefits. When I do a tarot reading for someone, I will help them come up with a practical plan of action to get them going in the direction they would like to go in. When I explore a bioenergetic voice scan with someone, I look for the emotional and physical patterns as to why someone may be experiencing challenges and what they can do to move forward. 

I like to give practical tools to people rather than just giving them something to think about afterwards. My biggest hope for anyone I read for is they will walk away feeling empowered with a new perspective on the issues they are looking for more clarity around as well as being inspired to take positive action in their life.

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In love and light,

Liz Hennessy.

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