The Ace of Swords in Tarot

Ace of Swords In Tarot

The Ace of Swords in Tarot represents fresh new starts within the mental realm. It suggests that now might be a good time to see where in your life you can begin something new or adopt a new way of thinking about a situation.

Ace of Swords in TarotThe vibration of victory

When you look at the picture in the card, you see there is a sword and a crown on top suggesting you have an opportunity to tap into an innate rawness which allows you to cut away old ways of being. There is the promise of a new journey ahead (symbolised by the mountains in the distance). It is a time to adopt courage and go with the inspiration to start fresh. Ideas may be coming to you quickly and it requires you to get really clear about what you want and why you want it and how you can adopt a feeling of confidence that you will be able to get it.

The path may feel lonely.

The baron landscape in the distance in this card suggests it is a journey where you will have to step out on your own to take the path that is right for you. Only you know what is right for you in any given situation and if you are attuned to your higher self through spiritual practices you will be lead by your inspiration to make decisions for yourself that are right.

An opportunity to embrace fortitude.

Ask yourself where you may need to have more fortitude in your life, or where you embraced it in the past. It is within your reach again and the card is a sign that now is the time to face up to situations that on the surface may seem challenging. Once you get the momentum going you will feel you have gotten over the hardest part-and that is the inner conviction that you will move forward no matter what.

Move through illusion.

Most of the time the things we fear about our life never come to pass. This is the lesson of the Ace of Swords-move beyond fears and illusions and cut away what is no longer necessary when it comes to a mental model you may have been working off. Pay attention to your inspired ideas-the kinds of ideas you have before doubt creeps in. Know that this is your higher self calling you to move towards new inspired ways of living and making choices.

Justice is in the air.

When you come across this card it may also be a time where you feel that it is time to take action on areas of your life or another where there may have been some injustice. This is a good time to out things right, stand up for what you believe in or take action to protect another.

Overall, this card is about new understanding.

An Ace is always about a change in direction. It is a new action or new thought you have not embraced in the past to move you in a direction that enables you to feel you are acting from a place of inspired thought.

What are your Ace of Swords moments in your life at the moment? Is there an area that you feel is stagnant that needs a little sprucing up and adopted clarity around? What is one small thing you could do now to bring that clarity into your life today?

Go deeper into your spiritual resilience.

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2 thoughts on “Ace of Swords In Tarot”

  1. jasmine Javid


    1. Hello Jasmine, I am sorry you are having some challenges in your life at the moment. I can imagine you are feeling extremely concerned about your future right now. I am also sorry my description of the Ace of Swords was vague to you. But here is the thing-it was not meant to be taken as a ‘sign of things to come’. The idea that Tarot cards can actually tell you what is going to happen to you in your life is kind of ridiculous to me. The true value of Tarot should only ever be to act as a prompt for you to draw your own conclusions about how you can tap into your own power. It sparks your imagination to ask yourself probing questions and draw on your innate intelligence to tap into your own resourcefulness. The Ace of Swords being an Air suit is symbolic of logical and rational thought and taking the heat of your fearful emotions out of the equation so you can arrive at some decisions that will help you move forward with confidence. We often focus so much on why we can’t do something more than why we can. You want to know your future? Start to pay attention to what your dominant thought patterns are, because what you think about most you are likely to draw to you. Are your thoughts focusing more on lack or are you trying to consciously notice what things you do have in your life? Eg, even if we can only be thankful that we have eye sight to read this, that is more than many people have. The more you train yourself to look at things that are good in your life the more things will start to show up. I am not saying it is easy, especially when you are in physical pain, but it is possible and all it takes is a choice to begin a habit once per day where you literally write down three things you feel appreciation for in your life. And if you can’t think of anything, think about the most simple things such as “I can breath, I can type messages to people, I can use my brain to think about solutions to my problems…” etc.

      If you have not already, I would suggest listening to Abraham Hicks on Youtube. Listen every day until you start to embed a new way of thinking therefore attract things into your life that you want more easily. Tarot does not predict your future. Your own thoughts predict your future so if you consistently think about what you lack, e.g. lack of money, lack of job, lack of love, lack of health, then you will continue to get more lack. So, I come back to the same question I asked at the end of the post-what is one thing you can do today that will move you in a more positive direction? Perhaps it is a simple phone call to enquire about a job opening somewhere. Perhaps it is calling a friend who may be able to hook you up to someone who might have a job opening. Perhaps it trying some free Qigong to help reduce some pain and stress in your body.

      I hope that helps Jasmine. I wish you all the best. xx

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