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Balancing your own chakras-3 ways to restore health

When it comes to balancing your own chakras, there are many methods that range from ancient practices right up to modern use of approved FDA and TGA healthcare devices. This article will discuss 3 options to increase the coherence within these important energy centers of the body which you can do in the comfort of your own home.

The first way: listen to Solfeggio tones.

Solfeggio frequencies are the original sound frequencies used in Ancient Gregorian Chants, such as the great hymn to St. John the Baptist. The chants and their special Solfeggio tones were believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings and transformation, when sung in harmony during religious masses.

Here is an example focusing around the frequency of 432 Hz which resonates with earths natural healing frequency, otherwise known as the Schumann resonance which would be a good place to start to balance all the chakras and get them resonating at a higher rate generally speaking. Listen to this while meditating.

Next, you can meditate while listening to specific solfeggio tones which resonate at Hz levels that chakras are attuned to. For example, the tones that are said to correlate with specific chakras are:

  • Root Chakra – 396hz- note G
  • Sacral Chakra – 417hz-note G#
  • Solar Chakra – 528hz-note C
  • Heart Chakra – 639hz-note D#
  • Throat Chakra – 741hz-note F#
  • 3rd Eye Chakra – 852hz-Between note G# and A
  • Crown Chakra – 963hz-note B.

One YouTube channel I recommend for finding what the pitches of these tones are is this one:

It is also worth looking around YouTube to find creators who have integrated these sounds into something that is enjoyable to listen to such as this one for the root chakra:

(As I have a professional music background, I tested these tones to make sure the frequencies really were the correct notes and I can assure you they are.)

The second way: chanting

Ancients scripts indicate that the following vowel sounds resonate with the chakra centers of the body.

You can pick a vocal note that feels comfortable to you and chant them in meditation. The sounds for each chakra are are:

  • Root chakra: Lam
  • Sacral chakra: Vam
  • Solar chakra: Ram
  • Heart chakra: Yam
  • Throat chakra: Ham
  • Crown chakra: Om

Here is an example of the 1st chakra sound ‘Lam’:

I find this clip a little spooky in some ways, so it depends on what your tastes are, but it is at least an example of how you can use your own voice in a way that feels comfortable for you.

The third way: use of modern technology.

Research over the last 30-40 years has demonstrated that our bodies energy field is the driving force of our biology. This is still considered frontier science and has not yet hit the mainstream, but there are signs within the medical community that electromagnetic fields are being used increasingly for healing. For example, a study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association indicated that the use of electromagnetic fields plus the standard treatment procedure for patients with a certain kind of aggressive brain tumor resulted in a significantly longer survival period than those that were not treated with an electromagnetic field.

Chakras are just part of the electromagnetic light spectrum.

The chakra centers in the body emit light frequencies as part of an over all biofield. This has been demonstrated by Konstantin Korotkov, who was a Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics in the 1990’s. He developed a technology which reveals the overall state the human body is in which related to light emission and shows where chakras may not be emitting the ideal frequencies. One of his recent published articles in the Journal of alternative and complementary medicine can be found here.

More indications that energy fields are the future of health care.

Further signs that mainstream health care is heading towards viewing ‘energy fields’ as an organising factor in biological processes was demonstrated in an article published in ‘Global Advances In Health And Medicine’ in 2015. The article, which was exploring biofield science, stated:

Coherent EMFs (electromagnetic fields) may indeed be the organising agent of cellular processes, which would indicate that the bio photon source is non biochemical.

In other words, the authors are suggesting that we look beyond the standard biochemical model to explain all the chemical reactions in our body and begin to consider the possibility of organising fields carrying information. When big publications start exploring topics like this, I feel we are on the precipice of the next big breakthrough in health and wellness and what it in fact means to be human.

Who has already taken the leap?

A frontier energy medicine healthcare company which has already made leaps and bounds in such break-throughs is NES Health. NES Health has been able to scientifically demonstrate what Einstein said to us a century ago:

The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.

In other words, electromagnetic fields and other kinds of invisible fields have an organising force on our biology. A pioneer and scientist by the name of Peter Fraser discovered over the course of 30 years of research that healthy body tissues of different parts of the body have a resonant frequency of certain parameters. He found that in order to treat unhealthy tissues and return them to their optimum state, he subjected the tissues to the optimum resonant frequency and this would bring them back into a state of health and balance.

Nes Health infoceuticalsOver many years he developed what is now known as ‘infoceuticals’ which are electrostatically charged minerals suspended in a colloidal mineral solution which, when ingested, have been demonstrated to promote wellness and in some cases, dramatic healing. NES health, co-founded by Peter Fraser himself and Harry Massey also developed a pulsed electromagnetic field device which contain a vast range of the healing resonant frequencies and can be applied on body or off body and has been clinically proven to reduce pain and inflammation. Watch the video below for more information on this device known as a ‘MiHealth’.

When it comes to taking the infoceuticals, to ensure you are receiving the correct remedy to balance your energy system, you undergo a body field scan which can be completed by hooking up a piece of hardware to your computer which connects to proprietary software that interacts with your body field and matches it up to what would be considered the ideal state of the human body field. The software then indicates which areas of your body field are a priority at the time of scan and then the system will recommend a protocol both of specific infoceutical remedies in conjunction with specific frequencies from the pulsed electromagnetic field device known as the MiHealth. The infoceuticals are taken once a day and ideally the MiHealth would be used for around 6-8 minutes each day either on or off body over the specified areas as outlined in the scan.

Although this technology in not solely focused on the chakras, it has goes layers deeper and reveals ‘fields within fields’, and, when the recommended infoceuticals are taken as well as use of the MiHealth, it has a direct affect on the entire body field which includes the chakras.

You can read more about the science of NES Health here.

For more information on this modality, you can check out this YouTube video on how the entire scanning process works and what is included in a consultation:

About the author:

Liz is a tarot reader with over 20 years experience and a certified NES Health practitioner. For a Tarot reading click here.

For a NES Health consultation online, click here.

4 thoughts on “Balancing your own chakras-3 ways to restore health”

  1. I least thought that chants could have such powerful effects on someone’s health. I need to listen to them more. Even though this is the first time I am learning about infoceuticals, I am certainly interested. Anything that offers the benefit of good health, I am in. How long do you have to use infoceuticals before seeing improvement?

    1. Hi Carol-everyone is individual when it comes to experiencing results with infoceuticals. Some feel a difference within a couple of days, and others take weeks to months. It really depends on what your general state of health is. usually the first signs that they are working for you is you will experience more dream activity at night which is a sign your subconscious mind is processing old memories and working through them. Others report having a lot more energy as well as feeling optimistic for the first time in a long time. This then has a knock on effect for having more energy and motivation to change unhealthy eating patterns or poor habits. It really depends on what your body would consider a priority for you as to how you experience results and what you think you might need may not be actually the first priority when it comes to restoring wellbeing. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi Liz,

    Thank you kindly for creating and sharing this rather eye opening article about balancing and restoring our chakras, it is really appreciated.

    I can see exactly how the methodology in the various manners mentioned could work. We are after all beings of light and sound. I have read something a short while ago about chakra restoration using foods and food by colour, and consuming natural foods that are the same colour as the chakra that needs restoration.

    What are your thoughts and experience in regards of this dietary method of chakra restoration?

    1. Hi Derek, yes I think there is some merit to foods of colour restoring the energy field-Chinese medicine certainly has this view when it comes to the major organ systems and their energy. There are some cross overs from the Chinese system to the Indian system (where the chakras originated from) but also some differences. As with all things, I feel self exploration is the best way to really know for yourself. Thanks for stopping by!

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