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6 signs you have a high vibration

Everything in the universe including you is made up of one thing and that thing is energy. Energy moves sometimes very fast and sometimes very slow. In the metaphysical community this idea of moving energy is often referred to as vibrational energy. Having high vibrational energy is imperative to creating a life that is happy and fulfilling and successful by your definition through the law of attraction.

So would you like to know if you have high vibrational energy? Here are six signs that indicate that your energy right now is very high.

  • Number One: having good health and being free from illness and/or injury.
  • Number two: feeling energized and full of life.
  • Number three: having good luck and having things just go your way throughout the day.
  • Number four: experiencing harmony in your personal relationships.
  • Number five: feeling safe and secure
  • Number six: experiencing synchronicities or a high degree of unexplainable coincidences in your life.

If you’re experiencing most of these signs you can be well assured that your vibrational energy is pretty high and therefore you are currently in the process of creating positive results in your life right now.

If you’re not experiencing most of these signs in your life right at this moment relax- it’s okay. Vibrational energy is moving energy and what is low vibrational energy in one moment can be easily transformed into higher vibrational energy in the next moment. To improve your vibrational energy do your best to monitor the quality of your thoughts and try to stay as optimistic and peaceful as you can moment to moment.

Other tips for high vibrational living

Move your body! You can’t expect to feel good if you never move your body. Work without whatever limitations you might have and aim to extend the movement each day. Movement can range from gentle qigong, walking, or higher energy exercises such as high impact interval training and resistance training. Just start where ever you are with your current fitness levels and aim to increase your fitness and movement resilience.

Meditate. First thing in the morning before you do anything, take time to meditate. Just start with 5 minutes and work your way up to 15 minutes or more. Focus on your breath and the continual relaxation of your muscles in a conscious way. It doesn’t need to be more complicated than that to get real benefits from meditation. When the busy thoughts come, just keep bringing your focus back to your breath and relaxing your muscles.

Eat well.

If you are not eating good food or really inconsistent with your meals, your moods will be affected greatly. There is no getting away from the fact that our body requires quality food in order to help with quality thoughts and what we put out into the world in terms of thoughts, feelings and positive expectations.

Regular sleep patterns.

Sleep is so vital for your mood it has to be treated as something that is an absolute necessity for optimal brain and body health and therefore a high vibration. It is nearly impossible to be in a high vibration if you are chronically sleep deprived. There will be times that you will naturally sleep less of course such as after the birth of a child, but other than that, there are very few times when life will require you to be sleep deprived, unless it is your choice, so choose wisely.

Visualisation of light.

Try this 2 and half minute light visualisation to kick start your day in a high vibration. If you practice this each day, the momentum of your life will change because your vibration will rise higher and higher. This is because it takes you out of yourself and helps you look at the bigger picture and encourages forgiveness and wishing other people well. Feel free to download it and keep in on your phone or computer to use daily. Try it for 30 days to see what happens!

About the author

Liz Hennessy, Tarot ReaderLiz is a Tarot reader, qualified yoga instructor and certified bioenergetics practitioner. If you would like to book a reading with Liz please click here.

Eden Energy Medicine
Energy Healing, Exercises, Product Review

Triple Warmer Meridian Symptoms

This post is a continued review on Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course on Mindvalley Academy, which is an online learning platform. This week the course focus is around Triple Warmer meridian symptoms and the relationship to Spleen Meridian. You can read the module review for this course for week 2 here, and week 1 here.

When Triple Warmer is on overdrive, the following symptoms can show up:

  • Inability to adapt to hot or cold temperatures
  • Problems related to temperature imbalances, including colds, fevers, sweats, night sweats, and hot flushes
  • Cold hands or feet
  • Autoimmune disorders (including Multiple Sclerosis) weight problems, asthma, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, morning fatigue
  • Adrenal Exhaustion
  • Edema, irritable bowel, colitis,stomach ulcers, indigestion, rapid heart beat, hyper/hypo-thyroidsim
  • Feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, panic, hysteria, and mood swings
  • Addictions
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Chronic muscle tension
  • Post traumatic stress disorders
  • The Stress Of Modern Life

One of the first things that Donna and David talk about in this weeks module of the course is the meridian flow wheel. It was explained how different times of the day certain organs and energy systems are more activated than others as well as the relationship between the opposite meridians within the chart. They explained the important role of Triple Warmer is simply keeping us alive which is why it plays a strong part in the over all energy system. As you can see below, Triple Warmer is opposite Spleen meridian.

Eden Energy Medicine

The problem with Triple Warmer being so powerful in our modern age of excess stimulation is that it interrupts the flow of all the other meridians. This is because our body has not yet evolved to keep up with the way technology has evolved and all the modern day stresses. Our energy system goes back to our hunter gatherer days where the main stress we had was to run away from the tiger we might have been trying to catch in order that we have food for that week. This is where we need that fight or flight response which is in total connection to the Triple Warmer Meridian.

The ‘Tiger’ in modern life.

These days, the simple act of someone cutting us of in traffic can activate that flight or fight response and therefore put Triple Warmer into over drive which then sucks the energy out of Spleen Meridian due the Yin/Yang connection. This has a knock on affect to our feelings of over all wellbeing as the Spleen Meridian plays a huge role in our over all happiness and how our body and mind are able to metabolise substances and thoughts or feelings.

Why most heart attacks are between 9-11AM.

If the Spleen Meridian is weak, it can’t feed into the Heart Meridian and therefore give it energy, and if this becomes a chronic condition, heart attacks can result and is the reason according to Donna why a very high percentage of heart attacks occur between 9-11AM (during Spleen time), because the heart is not receiving the energy and flow it needs from Spleen.

I double checked the facts on this through a quick google search and found it to be congruent with western medical findings in terms of the most common time of day that people have a heart attack.

Exercises to calm Triple Warmer and help Spleen.

The remainder of the week three module in the course focused on techniques you can apply to sedate Triple warmer and therefore allow Spleen to have more energy. This leads to your over all energy system having more energy resulting in greater physical and mental wellbeing. Strengthening the Spleen should usually only occur after sedating Triple warmer. When Triple Warmer is in harmony with Spleen meridian, your immune system, metabolism and mood stay in balance.

The following tools were taught in this week:

  • Triple Warmer Smoothie
  • Tracing Triple Warmer Meridian backwards
  • Sedating Triple Warmer Meridian
  • Flushing Spleen Meridian
  • Tapping Spleen Neuro-lympahtic Reflex points
  • Cross My Heart
  • Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug

My thoughts so far on Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course.

I have been diligent with practice the daily energy routine every day since I began this course and I have definitely noticed an enhanced clarity in mind around priorities in my life and can make decisions more quickly about the things that come up each day.

After this weeks lesson, I have added the exercises to sedate Triple Warmer to the daily energy routine and this has been the biggest shift for me so far. I feel so grounded once I have sedated Triple warmer and done the daily energy routine that I cannot imagine leaving out these exercises in my daily life from now on.

If you feel unwell, depressed or have any of the above symptoms mentioned above from Triple Warmer being too strong in your bodying therefore weakening every other energy system and organ in your body, I highly recommend you check out the entire Energy Medicine course that Donna and David teach online. It is a fascinating journey of discovery into your own body and how you can take steps in the right direction to healing yourself in a holistic drug free way.

You can purchase the entire 8 week course here.

You can also read my review for week one of the course here, and week two of the course here.

Eden Energy Medicine

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Donna Eden Neurovascular points
Energy Healing, Exercises, Product Review

Donna Eden Energy Routine

The Donna Eden energy routine is a central aspect to all of her energy medicine training, and week two of Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine course covered a revision of what we learned from the first week of the course in relation to this energy routine. This ensured that what was learned in the previous week was being integrated properly and was a reminder of why it is important to do everyday.


Here is the Daily Energy Routine:

Given that every square inch around the world is filled with man made electro magnetic fields, toxins in food, additives and other people’s negativity it is really crucial to do these routines to build resilience to these things and move the stagnant energies out of our body or anything that is not serving our higher good. Donna demonstrated with muscle testing with someone in the audience how quickly stress can hit our system simply just by thinking about something that we feel stressed and overwhelmed by. Stresses can build one by one on top of each other which really start to affect our biochemical balance within our body resulting in disease and other problems.

The neuro-vascular points.

Donna Eden Neurovascular points

Donna Eden Neurovascular points

In this weeks class several exercises were covered such as why holding the neuro-vascular points on your head is important when combating stress and especially so if it is a stress we have been dealing with for a long time. I now use this technique each night as I lay in bed to send me to sleep quickly, or if my toddler has woken me up in the middle of the night and I want to get back to sleep asap! It is fantastic and has worked every time for me so far.

A psychiatric patient who had not spoken for two years suddenly began to talk after having these points held.

Donna relayed the story of how when she used to volunteer in hospitals to help people get better that she once found herself in a psychiatric ward and asked a patient if it would be ok if she held the patients neurovascular points on her head f0r some time (which helps to balance the brain chemistry). The patient was compliant and allowed for it. What was amazing is this patient had not spoken for two years as she was so shut down. It took 45 minutes of Donna holding the points on her head and suddenly the patient began to be interactive and talk. The nurses pulled Donna aside and wondered what had happened as it was then that they told her that this patient had not spoken for two years.

Consciously bring something to mind that is stressful and hold the neuro-vascular points.

In the class she demonstrated where these points are on the head and why it is important to get into a daily routine of consciously focussing on something that is stressful in our life while holding these points until the feelings of stress dissipate. This helps the body and mind come to constructive solutions around the stress rather than being in a constant flight or fight mode about the particular stress.

The Blow Out Technique.

This exercise is useful when we are feeling particularly annoyed by someone. They could either be ‘over loving us’ (e.g. smothering us) or just generally rubbing us up the wrong way and we feel irritated. If we generally find someone too much to handle it is because we ourselves are already overloaded with too much information or stress within and we need a quick way to dissipate the energy so we can feel better. The Blow Out Exercise is quick and effective for this.

Grounding Technique.

Given that our bodies are electrical in nature, like a battery we also have positive and negative charges, as does the earth. When our energies are in harmony with the earth (e.g. able to be ‘fed’ by the earth which therefore gives us feelings of relief and more energy) because we can connect with it) it means our own polarities are not at odds with the earths polarities  (think about magnets and how a positive to positive magnet will repel from each other, yet if you put a positive to negative magnet together they will connect). But often through stress and overwhelm or illness our polarity reverses and we are no longer getting the benefit of being connected to the earth therefore weakening us further.

How a stainless steel spoon can help ground us.

This is where the stainless steel spoon can be invaluable and all we need to do is rub the back of it on the back of our feet and we will reverse our polarity back the right way so we can connect to the earth again. Very important for feeling calm and centred within rather than flighty and anxious.

Being in a chronic state of homo-lateral

One thing that is stressed throughout the entire course so far is the importance of our energies crossing over each other. For example, right shoulder to left hip and left shoulder to right hip. However, overtime we can develop a chronic state of where our energies are just running parallel to each other and this is always the case when we are ill or depressed. So, this is where the Daily Energy Routine may not be as effective because of the entrenched energy flow the body is in. Donna demonstrates what to do in this instance and how we can correct this habit and therefore give ourselves a much better chance of feeling happy and also getting over chronic illnesses.

My progress so far.

I have started to use the daily energy routine every morning as soon as I wake up, and before I take my dog for the morning walk. I have found this really helps me to feel less groggy in the morning and I feel alert sooner rather than later. I am also noticing less of a desire to have coffee once I have done the routine.

I am also starting to feel more aware of body sensations like when my energies have gone into a homo-lateral state as opposed to a crossing over state as I get this feeling that I have more energy around my heart centre and throat when they are crossing over. When they are in homo-lateral, I don’t notice the same buzzing or tingling sensation there. I am really pleased to have found this new awareness!

There is so much information in this course and I know I am going to want to repeat the course once it is all done to really make sure I have fully integrated it all, but right now I feel like I am at the beginning of a new mental clarity I have been seeking for a while.

Eden Energy MedicineIf you would like to purchase Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course from Mindvalley for yourself, click here. Or, try watching a free session with Donna Eden where she will teach you four important energy techniques.

Mindvalley has a no questions asked money back guarantee within 30 days on all of their courses. But I can assure you, if you take the course seriously and implement the practices, you won’t be asking for your money back because you will feel like a veil has been lifted from you! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

If you would like to read my review on the first week of this course, click here.

Have you ever practiced any kind of energy medicine? Or have you never heard of energy medicine? Feel free to comment below and let me know!.

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Tarot Cards and Health
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Tarot Cards and Health

Tarot Cards and HealthWhen it comes to Tarot cards and health, it is important to remember what Tarot cards really are: stories on a card, and each story represents a particular energy or quality within or externally. Given that our emotional and physical wellbeing is intimately tied to the thoughts we think and the habitual emotions we feel on a daily basis, it makes sense that in order to improve our health that we pay attention to what we are thinking moment to moment and whether that thought has a positive or negative energy to it.

What are you focussing on?

We always have access to positive energy, yet we also always have access to negative energy due to the dual nature of the universe. At the end of the day it comes down to a choice as to which we will embrace in each moment. The problem is that most of our thoughts are operating from our subconscious mind from programs we downloaded from our environment from a very young age (usually between the ages of 0-7 years).

One way to quickly assess as to what programs you have going on in your subconscious mind is to look around at your life. Are you happy with what you see? Eg, do you like where you live? Do you feel happy in your friendships? Do you feel connected to something that is bigger than yourself? Are you in flow most of the time? Does money feel like a struggle, or does it come easily to you? What state is your love life in? These are all clues as to what your habitual thoughts are, and if you don’t like what you see, you need to change your thinking around these aspects. It is not about judging yourself, it is more about being aware of what you are thinking around these aspects.

How the Tarot can help.

This is where using the Tarot can come in handy, because Tarot cards can reflect back to us what is lurking in our subconscious mind By shuffling your deck of cards while enquiring as to what area of your life needs healing or what thoughts and emotions need attention, you can start to bring to light what aspects may be affecting your physical health and emotional health.

One way of helping our body heal as well as our mind is to imagine we are connecting to a bright light which is approximately 300 feet above you. Energy healers claim that approximately 300 feet above us is a portal of cosmic energy that helps us to feel at one with all that is.

An exercise to release negative patterns in your life.

Try this exercise for 7 days in a row and watch for shifts in your body and general emotions. Tip: suspend your disbelief about this stuff and just allow yourself to have a different experience, and keep a journal to jot down what comes up for you.

  1. Shuffle your Tarot deck while asking the universe what would be a useful thing to bring to the light today.
  2. Draw one card and take some time to pause and reflect on the meaning of the card and how it might apply to your life. If it is a card that feels very positive to you, ask yourself if this how you generally feel about the aspect you are thinking about? Often this question can suddenly bring to light all the things you feel are missing that if present would mean you really would feel the positive aspects of this card. If the card feels negative to you on the other hand, then that will be even easier to see where that relates to your life.
  3. Write down your insights that have come up for you in a journal. Allow yourself to feel the burden of what this exercise brought up for you, but don’t dwell here for too long.
  4. Next, simply do this two and a half minute  meditation and literally ‘give’ your negative feelings to the light, and imagine them just dissipating and releasing.

Want to go deeper into energy healing?

I highly recommend learning from Christie Marie Sheldon to access positive energy that is always available to you, yet you may have blocked in some way. Christie has served over 25,000 clients from around the world. She has helped people have some major break throughs in their life around the areas of money, health and relationships.

Get her FREE energy booster kit here:

 Marie Sheldon Love and Above


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