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How To Find Inner Peace | 3 Unique Tips

Over 30 years ago we were told that computers and modern technology were going to make our lives easier and we would be working less and we will have more time. As it turns out, today in 2018 technology is the reason why we are actually working harder than ever and have less time. This is because now that we have more ‘productivity power’ we are expected to produce more with what we have. It’s kind of like before washing machines were invented-people used to wash their clothes much less-but when washing machines came along we began to wash our clothes a lot more. This pressure to produce more and be more is having a very detrimental effect on peoples health and well-being and as a species we are generally feeling less peaceful and less connected to each other (and ourselves) than ever before.

This article will give 3 unique tips on how you can find inner peace and well being in a chaotic world so you can feel at your best.

Tip# 1: Be Altruistic

A thought leader I have been following lately is Lynne McTaggart who has written best selling books such as The Field and The Intention Experiment. She interests me because she takes seemingly esoteric concepts such as distance healing and positive visualisation and puts them to the test in a modern scientific framework. In her intention experiments she has scientifically demonstrated that when you intend or visualise positively for another person whether that be better health, better finances or an improvement in any kind of situation, not only does this effect the person receiving this intention in positive ways including favourable biological changes, it also has an extremely beneficial effect on the person sending the intention and visualisation. All the science around this is carefully documented in her book The Intention Experiments, so if you are interested in this, check the book out here.

How do you do this altruistic act?

Sit in meditation, relax your mind and body and visualise a positive outcome or positive behaviour in another person who may be struggling with something, and deeply want peace for them more than you want it for yourself. The result is you yourself end up experiencing deep peace, so long as you sincerely want more happiness for the other person. The way I do this is to visualise light around the person I am sending intentions to, and see them happy and well and overcoming their challenges.

Why does this work?

Well, there are many theories as to why this is effective, and I highly recommend you read Lynne’s book to understand the science of it. In a nutshell, we are all connected on an energetic grid-kind of like the movie The Matrix. An example of this is when you are thinking about someone you have not thought about for a while and then you hear from them, perhaps via a text message, email or phone call. We have a sixth sense which is very underutilised in modern life, but it is still present within us.

Tip#2: Practice Qigong 6 Healing Sounds

Qigong is an ancient energy practice which predates Tai Chi. There are numerous medical studies around the effectiveness of Qigong, and one deeply healing practice which truly induces peace and calm is the Qigong 6 healing sounds. You can do this in anywhere between 5-30 minutes and you will dramatically feel a shift in your body and mind afterwards. I have found when I practice this at night before bed, I sleep better, and the positive effect seems to last into the next day if I have done an extended practice the night before.

How to do the Qigong 6 healing sounds.

Vocalise by singing the words/sounds below in one tone for as long as your breath lasts, and then visualise light after each sound in the following order:

  1. Zzzzzzzz-visualise white light in the lungs.
  2. Chereee-visualise blue light in the kidneys
  3. Shoooo-visualise green light in the liver.
  4. Haaaaa-visualise red light in the lungs
  5. Horrrrrr-visualise yellow light in the stomach and spleen
  6. Heeee-visualise purple light in the 3 major energy centres of your body knowns as ‘the triple warmer’ which are your head, heart and lower abdomen.

Why does this work?

Our bodies at their core are made up of energy, which is made up of frequencies which carry information. When our mind is in a state of turmoil, these frequencies are scrambled resulting in chaotic thinking. When we practice these 6 healing sounds which have stood the test of time over thousands of years, we help to shift the energy in our body, harmonise chaotic frequencies and break up stagnation and this has a direct impact on our mind and emotions. Try a quick version of this with the video below:

Tip# 3: Take remedies which balance your bodies energy field and informational flow.

Homeopathy and flower essences have had a massive upgrade and improvement in the last 30 years with the addition of what is known as ‘infoceuticals’. These little bottles of electrostatically charged particles suspended in a colloidal mineral solution have captured the essence of the vibrational frequencies our body and mind functions best at. They help the information flow within and around your body which has proven to lead to more well being and inner peace because it has a direct effect on how well the organs and brain are functioning within the body.

Nes Health infoceuticals

These remedies are made by NES Health which is a company that has over 30 years of scientific research behind it in the field of energy medicine and thousands of case studies and testimonials with ongoing research to date. The company focuses primarily on the health of the Human Body Field and has demonstrated that it is our bodies energy field that is the driving force of our biology. As Einstein said 100 years ago: ‘The field is the sole governing agency of the particle’.

You can learn more about infoceuticals and body field scanning at this website, and if you would like to set up a free NES account in order to give some of these remedies a try, please enter your contact details below and I will set up an account for you as soon as possible. In this free account you will have access to health and wellness documentaries from some of the top practitioners and leaders in the field of energy medicine and holistic health in general. You will also have access to hours of fascinating talks by people who are on the cutting edge of all the scientific research around energy medicine.

So, what’s your favourite way to find more inner peace? Have you tried any of the above recommendations? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

In a addition to 20 years experience reading the tarot, Liz is a certified NES Health practitioner and mind body wellness coach. She is also a qualified fitness professional and yoga instructor.

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Clearing Clutter Tips

Clearing Clutter Tips

Being the cultural creative, tarot reading empath that I am, I know I am prone to a mind that is full of ‘stuff’. It’s great being an open portal to the universe and all the inspiration that comes with it-but there is also a giant problem that comes with this: I often don’t feel I have my feet on the ground and my level of follow through in a physical sense can be less than effective. The magician card in Tarot has a lot to teach us all about keeping our feet on the ground while staying inspired, but how do we actually implement the meaning of this card? Well, first of all, it’s important we clear our ‘stuff’.

Here are some ideas on clearing clutter tips for all the other psychic dreamers, cultural creatives and tarot nerds out there to find more balance on an emotional, physical and mental level. I will continue to add to this list as I find things that work. So here we go: clearing clutter tips:the ongoing journey to the clarity we all want.

3 tips to clear physical clutter.

  1. First of all, having a clean space to live in is a no brainer. If you have stuff everywhere and you often can’t find what you are looking for, then it’s time to get honest and clear some stuff from your home. Rather than feeling like you need to do all this at once, have a designated time each day or week for 30 minutes or so that you will look at your cluttter and decide what you will throw out, what you will donate and what you could sell. Put these in three different piles and decide on a day you will execute all the associated actions with each pile.
  2. Make clearing physical clutter a regular part of your weekly routine. We tend to fall into the trap of thinking that because we have done it once, we can leave it until next year.
  3. Just because you do it once, doesn’t mean you stop. Clearing clutter is an ongoing practice-an art form that needs to be integrated into your life just like brushing your teeth everyday. A best selling book I recommend to help you with this is ‘The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying up‘, by Marie Kondo.

3 Tips to Clear Emotional Clutter

One of the reasons we may have physical clutter around the place is actually because we have too much emotional clutter. If we are feeling overhwelmed in life in general then this translates into our physical enviroment-including our physical body.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind with emotional clutter is you want to sure you are doing at least 20 minutes of exercise a day. At least 50% of your worries will seem way more manageable after a good exercise session so if you really want to be as clear as possible in your mind and emotions, you can’t ignore doing exercise. If your body is in too much pain from illness, try something much more gentle such as Qigong. Here is a 20 minute exercise I put together and can be practiced in nearly any kind of clothing and in any space.
  2. Practice meridian tapping. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) has a lot of science to back up its validity and can be used to clear out emotional upsets which occur to enable you to think more clearly and objectively about the situation at hand. It is basically a practice where you tap on certain Chinese meridian points while saying specfic things such as “Even though I am feeling …..(insert your situation), I deepy and completely love and accept myself.” You go through a specific sequence of acupressure points as you are saying this and notice how you feel at the end of the sequence relative to how you felt before you started. One of the worlds master practitioners of this modality is Nick Ortner. Here is a video him working with a woman who felt a lot of hurt and anger over an issue with a family member.
  3. Practice Qigong 6 healing sounds. Through the ancient practice of sound healing which you create with your own voice, you can clear a lot of stagnation within the emotions. Modern medical science backs up the validity of Qigong which is actually thousands of years old. Here is a practice you can do right now:


If you try this exercise-particuarly if you are feeling emotionally charged, I guarantee you will feel differently after. Not only that, if you make this a daily practice, you will help to shift habitual emotional patterns over time and enhance your resilience for life in general.

3 Tips to clear mental clutter

In todays modern technological world, one of the top ways we clutter up our mind is information overload. We jump at our notifications on our smart phones, we subscribe to millions of newlsetters so our email inboxes fill to the brim, we aren’t present with ourselves or others due to our attention on what is on the device we are holding in our hand. Here are some tips to avoid information overload with our digital technology:

  1. Turn off the notificaitons on all apps on your phone so you are not tempted to go into the app everytime it ‘pings’ you about something.
  2. Set a time each day you will spend on social media or in your inbox rather than going in and out of it all day. Your brain is in a constant state of ‘task switching’ when you keep dipping in and out of social media and reacting to emails all day and it actually affects your nervous system in negative ways and leads to less mental clarity. Nothing wrong with these apps and services, but just be strategic as to when you want to use them.
  3. Meditate. Train your brain to focus. My top recommended tool for this is to actually use modern technology to meditate so you can track your progress and know if you are practicing in a way that is actually giving you benefits. A fantastic tool to use for this is Muse. 

The headband picks up your brain waves and sends the data back to an app on your phone which will give you feedback on how you are doing in your meditation session. It helps you to recongnise when your mind is not focused and gently reminds you to refocus your mind back into an alpha brain wave state. The app allows you to to track your progress over time to ensure you are getting better and better at meditating. I don’t know about you, but if I am going to sit down to meditate, I want to make sure I am not wasting my time and getting the most benefit out of it! Using technology like this ensures this!

Here is a short videot to see this very cool piece of technology in action:

What do you think? Are these tips helpful and easy to implement? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

Happiness, Product Review

Spiritual Laws Of Money

Spiritual Laws Of MoneyI will continue on with my summary of the online course the Spiritual Laws Of Money  by T Harv Eker in this post. Today the focus is week three of the eight week course. You can read about week two here, and week one here.

Week three of the Spiritual Laws of Money is all about how we go about achieving success at the same time as maintaining balance and staying happy while we take the journey to financial abundance. Questions that are addressed are:

‘I work too hard and too many hours. How can I keep a balanced lifestyle while still being successful?’

‘How do I enjoy the journey when I’m broke?’

‘How am I supposed to balance my life when my job requires 10-hour days or more?’

Be happy now.

The core message of this part of the course is that we need to stop postponing our happiness until a later date when we ‘finally’ arrive at what we perceive as success. For example, we think we will be happier once we don’t have to work anymore (eg retirement), or when we get that promotion, get the new job or are successful in that business, get married or have the baby. While these things can be a joyful event, they usually don’t stay joyful unless we have made joy and happiness a priority before these events occurred. We are creatures of habit and we tend to default back to a usual level of happiness (or lack of it) once these events have passed.

HappinessAs the saying goes: ‘there is no way to happiness; happiness is the way’. There is some controversy as to who actually said this originally, but never the less, it is still timeless wisdom, and it has not really been until I took The Spiritual Laws Of Money that I have fully understood the quote.

Part of the challenge of being happy while we strive for some future goal is that many of us have forgotten how to be present. We have what T Harv Eker calls ‘should be here, should be there’ syndrome. In other words, we suffer from a constant feeling that we should be doing something in the present moment other than what we are doing. This results in much of our life not feeling like it is ‘quality’ life. We feel rushed, stressed, scattered and unsatisfied, and we think that if life could somehow be different in this moment, then we will feel better.

The Big Rocks Method.

Part of the solution according to Harv is to set your life up according to ‘The Big Rocks’ method. The big rocks method highlights that if you fill a glass jar with sand first, then try and put some gravel and water in it then finally some big rocks afterwards, you will not fit all these elements in. However, if you start with the big rocks first, then the gravel, then the sand and finally the water, everything will fit it.

It is a metaphor for deciding what our top priorities are first. The big rocks symbolize what things are most important to us and make life worth living which could be family, friends, exercise, eating healthy food and getting enough sleep. Work or business is not included here. So, we take out a calendar and look at our week ahead and schedule in what our big rocks are. The big rocks don’t have to take up a lot of time, but we are not to skip on them because they are our top priorities. Then, we fill in the rest of our time with all the other things we feel we need to do such as work and business activities etc.

big-rocks-methodI really liked this way of looking at what a balanced life looks like. If you know what your top priorities are, and you don’t skip them, then theoretically you will always feel like you are living in a balanced way on the way to success and not sacrificing family time or social life. Harv says:

“The universe is in balance, that means you have to be in balance and not put your life and your balance on hold while you strive for success for years…..the most important thing you will ever learn in your life is to ‘practice happiness now.”

Being successful doesn’t mean you will be happy.

Harv tells a story of how he had spent some time hanging out in a retirement village because he was living with his mum when he was in his early twenties.  He would sit around the pool during some time off from striving for all his goals and would listen to the elderly chat around the pool. He said these were people who had become very successful and wealthy in their life and he had assumed that by this time they would be happy.

But, to his amazement all he heard from these people was complaint after complaint and this changed his perception of success forever. He had wrongly assumed that you are automatically happy once you achieve a certain level of success and these people demonstrated that this was not the case. He goes on to say we are creatures of habit and we are wiring our neurological pathways with our habitual thinking. This basically means if we haven’t practiced happiness along the way, we won’t even be happy once we achieve the success we think we want.

As a very goal driven person, I find myself having to re-think the way I am approaching everything. I definitely suffer from the ‘should be here should be there’ syndrome, and so taking this course was a big wake up call to change my approach. This also reminds me of the teachings of Abraham who basically has the same message. You have to find a good feeling place in order to work towards your goals with more ease and less stress, and by doing so you will find success much more easily and actually enjoy it when you get there.

What are your big rocks?

So what are your big rocks? Mine would be spending quality time with my partner and daughter as well as other family, taking my dog for a walk, meditation and exercise as well as preparing healthy food, spending some time with friends and writing in a journal. These are the things that keep me in balance.

If you would like to attend a free online masterclass with T. Harv Eker and learn more about the Spiritual Laws Of Money, click here.

If you would like to purchase the course, click here.


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Tarot Reading 31st October
Free Email Tarot Card Reading, Happiness, Tarot Card Meanings, Tarot Readings, Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly Tarot Reading-31st Oct 2016

The Weekly Tarot Reading for 31st October reveals that in order to give yourself the most chance of success you must act in alignment with your true calling and be honest about how authentic you are being.

Past: The Page Of Pentacles

Page of PentaclesAmazingly, this was the first card that showed up in last weeks reading. So, the Page of Pentacles must have a particular message for us right now. Last week you may have had a strong focus on all your goals and the desires you have for the future. The Page of Pentacles is looking at a coin and seeing what he might be able to create in the future. This could be in relation to your material abundance, new job opportunities and new growth. You may have had a taste of what your version of success feels like and have embraced more inner confidence around your desires and anticipated future.

You can see in the background of this card that there is a new crop that has recently been toiled which symbolizes planting the seeds for future opportunity. This is an area you may have been focused and you may feel that all your efforts are just starting to bear some fruit.

Present: Judgement

judgementThis week the Judgement card asks you to consider whether the way you are going about your goals and desires is in line with your true values and authentic self. Do you feel the things you want to create help with your calling in life? Are you acting in alignment with your soul? The way to determine this is to notice that when you are taking action towards something you want that it feels good while you are doing it.  Instead of looking at your long goals list/things to do list, take some time to first consider how you want to feel, rather than what you want to do. By taking a moment to consider this, a list of actions you can take will naturally flow from this.

For example, you might think about how you will feel when you achieve a certain thing you want. It might be that you will feel connected to people, in flow, like you are really giving something of value to people. You might feel useful, professional, skilled, confident, loving, present and abundant. You look at these emotions or states of being and ask yourself how you could feel some of these emotions today? As you narrow it all down, you then ask, ‘what can I do today that would enable me to feel these things now rather than some time in the distant future?’

Basically anything we want in life is because we believe we will feel better in the having of that thing. So, why don’t we start with the emotion first? We want more money because of all the things we think we will be able to do with more money and that it will make us feel a certain way. Perhaps you feel it will give you more freedom. So, what small thing can you do today that will make you feel a tiny little bit more free without the money having to appear first?

Having a list of goals and trying to fulfill some kind of calling can be a great thing, but it is important to remember the reason we are wanting to do it all in the first place, which is to feel differently about something than we presently feel. You are aligned with your soul when you feel good. So why not go after the feeling first so the actions you take are more inspired?

If you are having difficulty embracing the feelings you want to experience right now instead of waiting for the thing you want to happen to occur before you can feel good, I highly recommend you check out this online course called Quantum Jumping. This course is all about learning how to use the creative side of your brain more in order to access your higher potential with more ease. You can get a free introductory course here.

Future: The  7 of Swords Reversed

7 of SwordsIn terms of the future card this week, the 7 of Swords reversed is suggesting that you will feel a sense of relief from the mental challenges you have been facing recently. This will be particularly true if you are able to address the way you want to feel before you address all the things you think you have to do in order to get a certain thing. This is inspired living at the core. This card also challenges you to look honestly at what it is you think you want and ask whether you have been acting in ways that are truly allowing for that thing to happen. If you feel you have been struggling on a daily basis and often in a state of resistance and negative emotion, then you are blocking your abundance in some way and you would be wise to reconsider the way you have been doing things. The above suggestions around cultivating the feeling first would be a good place to start. The 7 of Swords can be a card suggesting deception, and in this spread, it can relate to deceiving yourself in terms of the actions you need to take to get what you want, as well as whether or not what you want is truly in line with your soul.

To understand the meaning of the 7 of Swords more deeply, have a listen to my free affirmation video here.






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