Qigong for sleep

Qigong For Sleep | 6 Healing Sounds

Using qigong for sleep can be very effective to calm your nervous system. This short guided meditation of the 6 healing sounds can be used once you are in bed at night to help you fall asleep quickly. Scroll down to listen to the audio recording on Youtube.

The 6 healing sounds can be spoken aloud or internally in your mind.

The sounds are:
Lungs: Sssssss (colour white)
Kidney: Choooo (colour blue)
Liver: Shhhhhh (colour green)
Heart: Haaaaaa (colour red)
Spleen: Whorrrr (colour yellow
Triple Warmer: Heeeee (colour purple)

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Video transcript:

There are a number of ways to practice the qigong 6 healing sounds, just as there are numerous forms of qigong. This video will detail a simple way you can use these time tested sounds in the comfort of your own bed to help you get to sleep at night. I will move through the sounds and visualisations quickly so you can get an overview of what each of the sounds are as well as the associated colours, visualisations and organ systems. Once you have used this recording a few times, and can remember the sounds and the colours, you can do this practice at your own pace without using the recording.

Make yourself comfortable in bed and turn the light out. Lie on your back with your palms facing outwards at the sides of your body. Let your feet relax and consciously scan your body for any tension and allow yourself to sink into your mattress. Become aware of your breath.

In this practice you will be using the sounds internally or sub vocally. We begin with the sound of the lungs, which is the sound of Sssssss. This is the sound you will imagine you are making as you exhale if you are choosing the silent option. If you are new to this practice, you can produce the sound as I demonstrate here to help you commit these sounds to memory.

Let’s begin. Take a big breath, and exhale : sssssssss. If you are making the sound internally, be sure that you are not holding your breath as hear this sound in your mind. Exhale at the same time as sensing the sound within your mind.

When you have exhaled all your air while making this sound, return your breathing to normal, and picture in your mind a bright white light in your lungs. Imagine golden light entering the crown of you head and descending into your lungs as it turns to bright white light.

For the purposes of this instruction, I will move onto the next sound, but once you have committed these sounds to memory and can practice at your own pace, perform each of the 6 sounds and the subsequent visualisation of light, around 3 times.

The next healing sound is the sound of the kidneys which is Chooooo. Take a big breath, and exhale Chooooo. (demonstrate) After exhaling fully, imagine bright blue light in the kidney area.

The next sound is the sound of the liver, which is Shhhhhhhhh. Take a big breath, and exhale Shhhhhhhh (demonstrate) After exhaling fully, imagine bright green light in the liver area.

The next sound is the sound of the heart, which is Haaaaa. Take a big breath, and exhale haaaaaaaaaa. After exhaling fully, imagine bright red light in the area of the heart.

The next sound is the sound of the spleen and stomach, which is whorrrr. Take a big breath, and exhale Whorrrrrr. (demonstrate) After exhaling fully, imagine bright yellow light in the area of the spleen and stomach. (10 seconds)

The next sound is the sound of the triple warmer, which is Heeee. Take a big breath, and exhale Heeeeeee. After exhaling fully, imagine a calming purple light connecting the head, heart and lower abdomen.

This is just a short demonstration of one way you can use these sounds at bedtime. Commit these sounds to memory so you can practice them on your own taking as much or as little time as you like. You can focus on each sound as many times as you like, but as a rough guide, 3 times for each sound and visualisation would be fine.

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Daily Tarot Card Reading-September 24th, 2016

Today’s daily Tarot card reading is focused around standing up for what you believe in, not getting caught up in feeling like you need to rely on others or official entities in order to thrive, and learning how to strike the balance between being self reliant and relying on others in order to feel powerful.

Universal Number Of The Day:6

What will help you: The 7 of Wands

What will hinder you: The 10 Of Pentacles

Your unrealised potential: The 6 of Pentacles

7 of wands in tarot

The 7 of Pentacles

The Seven of Wands challenges you to believe in yourself and what you stand for. You may feel like you need to defend yourself from several perceived attacks going on outside of you. You might feel unprepared for this and feel as if you are not coming from a stable foundation. However, the situation is helping you clarify within your self what is truly important to you and what is worth fighting for.

10 of Pentacles in Tarot

The 10 of Pentacles

You may get a feeling that it would be easier to fall back on established ways of being and existing as is depicted by the 10 of Pentacles, however, today this will not be in your best interest and may result in losing a sense of powerful independence. If you can avoid falling back into the status quo, you will find a balance between knowing when to go with the flow and established traditions, and when to strike out on your own which will leave you feeling empowered.

This is further highlighted by the 6 energy in relation to the Universal number of the day. Number 6 is all about balance, communication, cooperation, harmony and adjustment. So, as you defend your ideas and point of views, know you may need to test and adjust little by little to find the middle ground that will enable you to own your power.

The 6 of Pentacles

The 6 of Pentacles

Going by what the cards are suggesting today, I would strive to find some inner peace around what you truly desire deep down and what society is expecting of you. The urge to protect your opinions or creative ideas may be strong and is well worth spending some time clarifying what your top priorities are. You have something of value to give to the world, but you may feel challenged to bring it into fruition. Trust your feelings and take some small steps today in order to go in the direction you want to go in. Decide which fights are worth having and which are best to walk away from in relation to your ideas and goals for the sake of keeping some balance and perspective in harmony with the Universal 6 energy going on today.

Today would be a perfect day to sit down for 7 minutes and try my High Priestess Meditation, as she is a gateway to higher knowledge of yourself.






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High Priestess Meditation

High Priestess MeditationThis High Priestess Meditation will you bring you face to face with the High Priestess. She will offer you advice in order to pass through her gates. The high priestess is a threshold to higher knowledge of yourself and she assists you to be ready for the inner transformations needed in order to create something new in your life.

The mystery of the card.

The High Priestess Tarot card is traditionally shrouded in mystery and many interpretations lead to not being able to put this card into a solid context within your life. Many books offering Tarot card meanings will explain this card in ways such as ‘Trust your intuition, access higher powers, listen to your inner voice’. The problem with this is if you are unsure of what these things feel like in the first place, then it is hard to put the card into action. Tarot is most effective when you experience the card, rather than intellectualise the card.  This meditation will ground your mind around the High Priestess to help you realise exactly what you need to know to make the card applicable to your life journey.

The Script.

‘Find a quite comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and relax into your breath.  Relax each of the muscles in your body beginning from the top of you head, your scalp, ears, jaws, cheeks, mouth, tongue, jaw. Relaxing into your neck, shoulders, arms and into the palms of your body. Let go of your entire spine right down into your hips, stomach muscles, legs and into the feet.
In your own time, take 3 long slow deep breaths.
Picture yourself in a room which has a set of stairs going down into a room that has a soft blue light emanating from it. You walk towards the stairs and begin your decent. With each step you take you are letting go of any tension you are holding.
You reach your hand out to the banister and take the first step. You step your other foot down to step 9 and sink deeper. You’re taking step 8 and you see you feet, hear your feet and feel your feet touching each step. You’re taking step 8 and 7 and you are letting go more. You’re taking step 6 and 5 and you notice your breath getting calmer. You’re taking step 4 and 3-going deeper. Your taking step 3, 2 and 1 as you arrive into deep relaxation.
You look around the room where you have arrived and notice you are flooded in blue light.
A voice speaks to you “Hello and welcome. Please take a seat over hear”. You look in the direction of the light and see a beautiful and mysterious veiled woman sitting between two pillars where one is black and the other white. You sense this woman is extremely wise and has much to teach you.
She speaks to you-“I see you have been inspired by The Magician and You have a new idea, or are wanting something in your life that you currently do not have. You must realise that in order to have something new or do something new, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and face possible unconscious blocks that may show up within you as you work towards what is wanted.
These blocks have the potential to result in you not taking the action that is needed to go in the direction that you desire. In the first step of your Tarot journey, The Magician gave you some ideas for your future and shows you that you have the tools needed. However, in order to pass through the next gate of personal growth, now is time to face the unknown and bring to light any limiting beliefs you have within,  because it is the limiting beliefs you have about yourself and your life that will stop you from moving forward.
The symptoms of limiting beliefs showing up in your life come in the forms of procrastination, questioning yourself as to how much you really want what you thought you wanted, laziness, self doubt, memories from the past that are holding you back and general fear. These are the real examples of the kinds of gateways you must pass through and overcome in order to get what it is you want. You must find ways to convince your mind that it is safe to proceed forwards, that it is ok to trust your intuition and gut feelings. Not only is it ok, but it is essential. Once you move past these blocks you will gain more self knowledge and access to your intuition than you ever thought possible. So go forth into the world now and begin your new direction, and know that when negative feelings arise there may be a limiting belief lurking around.”
You thank her for her wisdom and advice, rise from your seat and make your way up the stairs again back into the light of day. You feel you have much more to learn from her, but also feel you will probably meet with her again in the future and she will have more advice for you.

When you are ready, open your eyes and take a gentle stretch. Bring your focus and awareness right behind your eyes to ground yourself in the present. If you feel you need to wake yourself up a little more, gently thump your chest while breathing deeply and get your energy circulating faster.’ -End meditation.

Acquire more information about your mind.

If you would like to explore your subconscious mind in detail in order to release self limiting beliefs you may have around things you want to create, I highly recommend this free online masterclass called ‘Uncompromised Life’ which consists of a short self hypnosis that helps to change the subconscious programming you may have acquired over time.
You can also read my review of this course here.
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Want to take a guided meditation into another Major Arcana Card? Click here to listen to a meditation on The Star Card.

Star Card Guided Meditation

              Star Card Guided Meditation










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The Seven Of Swords In Tarot-Affirmations For Growth

The Seven of Swords in tarotThe Seven Of Swords In Tarot represents times when you feel you want to act on your own accord and bypass a person or group of people and be a lone wolf in order to get what you want. You may be tempted to act in a way that you know in your heart is wrong or unethical, but you feel you could get away with doing it anyway.Other times you may be around people who are not acting ethically and you may be at risk of being taken advantage of.

Avoid the easy road in life.

Avoid the easy road in lifeThe energy of the Seven of Swords is one where your integrity is being challenged. It is human nature to want to take the easy road in many endeavours, however, it is rarely the easiest in the end due to the consequences you encounter later on, as well as one of the the natural laws of the universe as stated by Isaac Newton “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Put in metaphysical terms this means that the energy in the way you act and think and feel will come back to you in some shape or form. So, you might as well act in ways that are going to increase the positivity in your life.

You may feel that escaping is the best option.

There is a tendency to want to escape some aspect of your life when you come across this card, and perhaps this is coming though as old habits which block your progress towards something that you want. You feel a certain pain in a moment of time and rather than taking constructive actions to overcome the pain or move through it, you mask the pain with something like food, drugs, cigarettes, excessive screen time in some form such as TV or social media use, gossiping about someone, blaming someone or something in your life for your pain rather than facing the pain directly and finding constructive ways to move through it and in doing so, grow personally and spiritually.

Tarot affirmationsWhen you face the mental challenge of the Seven of Swords, the following affirmations can be of help in order for you to grow and move past your pain.

“I take responsibility for my life and face my challengers in order to truly move forward.
There is enough for everyone.
The Universe is abundant and I allow abundance to flow towards me by acting in ethical and positive ways.
I work with others in cooperative ways in order to achieve the best outcome for all concerned.
I offer my help freely knowing that we are all connected.
I know how to define my boundaries without isolating myself from others.
I trust that the good I do in the world will make me a happier person as well as make others happier.
I let go of fear of lack and the feeling I need to control situations.
I know that the more I take responsibility the more empowered I will be.
The easy roads in life are usually the least rewarding.
I let go of procrastination and focus my energy in order to feel better.
I am generous in spirit and know I don’t need to do things in unethical ways in order to get what I want.
When I see others acting in unethical ways I know they are doing so because they are in some kind of pain.
I let go of judgement when others act in unethical ways and focus on ways I can act ethically.”