The Kasina Mind Media System
Meditation, Product Review

The Kasina Mind Media System

You don’t have to be a monk who has isolated themselves for years in the mountains to reap the huge benefits of meditation-especially in this age of technical revolution. In this post I will review the Kasina Mind Media Meditation…

Qigong for sleep

Qigong For Sleep | 6 Healing Sounds

Using qigong for sleep can be very effective to calm your nervous system. This short guided meditation of the 6 healing sounds can be used once you are in bed at night to help you fall asleep quickly. Scroll down…

Exercises, Meditation

High Priestess Meditation

This High Priestess Meditation will you bring you face to face with the High Priestess. She will offer you advice in order to pass through her gates. The high priestess is a threshold to higher knowledge of yourself and she…