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The fool in tarot
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The Fool In Tarot

The fool in tarotThe Fool in Tarot represents new beginnings, spontaneity, faith that things will work out and not taking yourself too seriously. This card can either appear at the beginning of the Tarot deck, or at the end, as it is numbered 0 which represents pure potentiality. He is a central piece to the entire deck because he is symbolic of our journey through life and all the lessons we will learn along the way from the other 77 cards in the deck.

When we are born into the world, we descend from what some would consider pure energy. We have not yet taken on the burdens of the lessons the physical world has to offer, and our spirit is still infused with absolute trust that all is well.

However, because spirit is all light and no darkness it wants to know itself and needs the experience of duality which life on planet earth provides. We cannot know light without darkness, and we cannot know joy without sorrow. The Fool has complete faith that he is in the right place at the right time and is unconcerned about which path or course of action he needs to follow because to him, everything is an open book of adventure and he delights in the moment. Yet, he yearns for breadth of experience and the contrast that experience provides and decides to take the leap of faith to go into a journey of the unknown.

What The Fool means in a reading.

The Fool can represent that urge within you to create something new. It is that moment when a new idea springs into your mind and it feels good to you. You are inspired to run with the idea and see where it might go. You decide to take a leap of faith and throw yourself into it, completely unaware that you are going to come up with some inevitable challenges along the way which could potentially stop you in your tracks and cause you to want to turn around and go back into the ignorance of The Fool. However, if you are prepared to learn the lessons the Fool comes up against, the reward far out weighs any temporary pain you may feel in the journey to the realisation of the goal from the fresh new idea that started you off in the new direction to begin with.

Symbolism of the Card:

The white rose The Fool is holding is symbolic of purity and freedom from earthly desires that can lead to enslavement.

The white dog symbolizes protection while The Fool takes his journey into self realisation towards The World (the final card in the Tarot deck) which is symbolic of attainment, accomplishment and fulfillment.

The mountains in the background are symbolic of the realms of spirit he has just left to descend into a material existence on earth and the rising sun is symbolic of a new day or new beginning.

Life Situations where The Fool is relevant:

  • It is the beginning of a new year. Your mind is focused on how the coming year will be different to the last. You are caught up in the New Year’s Resolutions everyone is telling you about, and you feel like you want some of your own, so you make some!
  • You’ve been grappling with a problem for a while and can’t seem to find a resolution in your mind. You decide to let it go for a while and turn your mind onto other things. As soon as you let go of worrying about it or over thinking things for a while, a fresh idea comes into your head and provides you with a solution to the ‘problem’ you want. This is where the pure energy of The Fool resides-he lets go and trusts that things will work out, and when he can be in this state of mind, this is where life can flow with more ease.
  • You are happy for no particular reason. You feel light hearted and go about your day in a sense of flow and gratitude. You feel protected and loved and that the universe is abundant in all ways.
  • You want to pursue a life direction that many would consider ‘foolish’, yet you know in your heart it is the right path for you, so you decide to take a leap of faith and ‘jump’ into it.
  • You trust your intuition even when it seems like it is leading you somewhere off the beaten track, yet you know you must follow the ‘instructions’ you are being given.

Are you looking for a fresh burst of inspiration starting right now?

If you are ready to choose a different way of life and re-examine all of your beliefs about yourself and your current life experience in order to have more deep joy, check out this 30 Day Challenge Called ‘Lifebook’.

Lifebook examines 12 aspects of daily life that often get overlooked in society which more often than not results in unhappiness and depression if not addressed properly.






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3 Powerful Ways To Manifest Your Desires With Your Tarot Deck

3 powerful ways to manifest with the TarotThere are numerous ways to use Tarot cards for manifestation, and many approaches focus on doing spell rituals which are extremely detailed and can result in feeling overwhelmed by the process. This approach can get overly complicated and the focus ends up on doing the spell ‘right’ as opposed to invoking the emotions and feelings needed for the manifestation to be successful.

What We Think About, We Bring About.

We are the creators of our universe in the way that the thoughts we focus on and the stories we choose to tell about ourselves on a daily basis will end up showing up in our life. It is therefore important to direct our mind to things that are wanted rather than unwanted. One of the key ingredients to successful manifestation is feeling appreciation for what you already have, as this is telling the Universe you are open to receiving more. This is creativity at the source because ‘where attention goes, energy flows.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot
The following ideas around using the Tarot for manifestation all centre around allowing the mind to be focussed on what is wanted. They help to release resistance to what is wanted so the floodgates of abundance can open up and flow towards you. Using the Tarot helps you to access the powerful archetypes and stories that have accumulated energy over centuries. Therefore you will be tapping into the universal mind to help you along your way and giving your mind an anchor point to focus on, therefore changing your point of attraction.

As you go about your day after performing your manifesting exercise, whenever your mind wonders to places where you are concerned your desire will not come true, bring your attention back to the story of the card you need most in that moment and let it envelope your energy field.

EXERCISE ONE: Conscious selection of three cards.

Think about a goal you would like to achieve in the future in a particular area of your life. For this manifestation exercise you will choose three cards. Choose the first card to represent your current circumstances. For example, if you feel you are lacking money at the moment you might choose the 5 of Pentacles.Then, choose the 3rd card to represent the goal you would like to achieve. For example, if you are wanting to manifest a new romantic relationship into your life, you might choose The Lovers, or a court card to represent the kind of person you would like to attract into your life.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot

Then, you choose the 2nd card to be the bridge between the two cards. So, if you are after a new relationship you might choose the Ace of Cups to represent the inner transformation and healing you feel needs to take place within in order to attract someone new. Use your imagination. The second card is all about what will help you reach your goal. This is not about randomly selecting cards. It is about knowing the stories of your cards and how they relate to your circumstances, and the energies you would like to embrace into your life.

Once you have your three cards, stick them up on the wall or put them somewhere where you will see them everyday and they will not be moved by anyone else. Attribute an affirmation to card two and card three. For example, if you 2nd card was the Ace of Cups, you could affirm ‘I welcome new healing energies into my life’. Say the affirmation 3 times while really imagining what it would feel like to be surrounded with new emotions and a feeling of being ‘unstuck’.
Then, make an affirmation for the 3rd card. If your card was The Lovers, you might say something like ‘I give and receive love easily and effortlessly.’

Each morning when you get out of bed, look at your three cards and imagine the energy of the second and third cards coming into your body. What feelings do they represent for you? Allow yourself to feel them now. Say the affirmation for each card three times while feeling even more energy from the cards.Repeat for 30 days in a row and watch for synchronicities as they occur.

EXERCISE TWO: Random selection of 6 cards

This exercise takes the approach where your belief allows the Universe to select the cards for you rather than you consciously choosing them. Think about the goal you would like to achieve. Shuffle your cards as you would normally and when you are ready deal out 6 cards face down in a row where the first card you put down will be ‘card 1.The first card is symbolic to where you are now in relation to manifesting your goal.The second card represents what thoughts or mental state of mind you need to let go of to be able to get to your goal.The third card represents what you will be leaving behind when you achieve your goal.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot

The fourth, fifth and sixth cards represent the three paths ahead of you. These three paths are the possibilities in front of you. Notice if there is one card out of the three of them you particularly like or feel
drawn to, or which one seems most relevant to the goal you are trying to achieve. This is the card you should meditate upon to draw your goal closer. Embrace the qualities of this card everyday. Meditate with the card everyday and imagine the positive aspects of the card and what it means to you entering into your energy field and promoting the positive emotions of what achieving this goal will mean to you.

EXERCISE THREE: Choose one card for wanted character traits.

Most the time when there is something we want to have in our life that we don’t currently have it requires us to make an inner change in order for us to have it. For example, lets say you want to have a successful business, yet at the moment you are an employee working for a boss and nowhere near close to having your own business.

One of the reasons you don’t yet have a successful business is because you have not yet embraced the kind of person you would have to become in order to achieve this. We must embrace a change within ourselves in order to embrace a change outside of ourselves. We must fine tune certain character traits within to attract the thing that we want. So, in the case of running our own business, perhaps we need to embrace more drive, determination and self confidence within in order to make this happen. A card to focus on in this case might be The Chariot, for example.

3 powerful ways to manifest with the Tarot

Think about a goal you would like to achieve, and then think about the kind of qualities you need to possess as a person in order for this to occur. Consciously choose a card from your deck that accurately fits these qualities and allow yourself to learn everything there is to learn about this card. Read the myths and legends associated with this card. Stick it up on your wall with a written statement of the desired goal where you will see it everyday. This will remind yourself to become this person before you can outwardly achieve the goal.
Ask yourself, ‘If I had the qualities of this card, how would I act? What kinds of feelings would I be embracing each day? What kinds of routines would I have? How would I care for my body and my mind? How would I prioritise my time? What kinds of friends would I have? How would I spend my money? What kinds of things would I read? Who might help me to become this person?’

What are your ideas around using your Tarot cards for manifesting the things you most want in life? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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Tarot For Manifestation

Manifest with Tarot

The Tarot has long been used as a tool for divination where people will approach a Tarot reader (usually with a question about their own life) and the reader will proceed to shuffle their cards while pondering the person’s question and lay out their cards in a particular formation known as a ‘spread’.

The reader will then tell the person what is ‘on their cards’ so to speak to give them an indication of what is around them that they may not be aware of (note that this saying is a popular expression that many people use, but few actually think about the background of the saying).
This is all an interesting exercise within itself, however, it does leave the person at the mercy of the reader in terms of what they might say about their present and future. They give up their power to the reader and if they like their reading, will walk away happy, and if they don’t, they walk away unhappy or dis-empowered. But, the Tarot can be used in many more ways than this, and many people are unaware that you can use Tarot for manifestation of your goals and desires.

Each Tarot card contains rich symbolism which link into stories that tap into the psyche of humanity as it highlights archetypes and myths that have been passed down over centuries. These stories are hidden within many of our belief systems which is what gives them power and energy to use as a tool for manifesting certain things in your life. The key is to consciously choose which story you would like to bring into your own life for more personal power.

For example, if you are an artist of some kind-whether that be a performing artist, a writer, a painter or dancer and you feel you are looking for more inspiration to continue your artistic life, you might consider linking into the story of  The Star card. The Star in Tarot is all about inspiration, spiritual renewal and feeling guided by something that is bigger than ourselves. The Star may inspire us to further our creativity in ways we have  perhaps overlooked or not considered. It can relate to finding inspiration by spending time in nature and slowing down the mind into a more receptive state to be able to allow more inspiration to flow. It is a gentle card and promises renewed hope and faith in oneself after a period of time that may  have felt recently challenging, but was necessary in order for continued personal growth.

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The Spiritual Laws Of Money-T Harv Eker

The Spiritual Laws of Money-T Harv Eker course review, week 2.

The Spiritual Laws Of MoneyA while back I began T Harv Eker’s online course where he teaches about wealth creation in the context of spirituality and helps people to overcome their blocks to not only financial abundance, but also to general abundance in life. In the first week of the course he helps the class participants to recognize whether or not they have an inbuilt block to wealth creation. You can read about the first week here, where I did a basic outline of the kinds of questions he asks.

Money and Spirituality.

Through the first week of the course which explores the topic of ‘Money and Spirituality’, I realised that I did in fact have some blocks to abundance I had not looked square in the face. Harv asks some probing questions to see whether money is something you feel uncomfortable about on an unconscious level without realising it, as well as exploring whether or not you have an inner conflict between spirituality and abundance.

Money, Self-worth and Deservedness.

In the second week titled ‘Money, Self -worth and Deservedness’, Harv first of all spends a good 20 minutes or so drilling people as to whether or not they had done the homework from the first week. The homework was simply to say 5 sets of affirmations to yourself which were ‘I am kind, loving, peaceful and rich’ 3 times each session. This was pretty much the main homework there was to do. I will admit, I did not do the homework for the first week, as my inner resistance baulked at doing affirmations. ‘Too simple’ I thought.

Are you willing to do what it takes to be successful in a chosen area of your life?

However, Harv makes the point in the second week that the homework was simply a test to see who would do it. He remarks that if you are unwilling to take simple instructions like saying 7 words to yourself three times for a total of five times a day from someone you want to learn from in order to increase your wealth and abundance, then you will not find the success you are looking for in your financial life, because getting rich (whatever you define rich to be) is much harder than saying a few words to yourself daily. Ok, point taken. He says by refusing to do a simple task like this, you are in a way saying ‘my way is better’. But he states-“where has ‘your way’ got you so far? And didn’t you sign up for the course to better your situation?”

The way you do one thing, is the way you do everything.

His over all message throughout the course is ‘the way you do one thing, is how you do everything’. For example,  if you are the kind of person to buy courses and skim through them and consume all the information but take very little action on what you learned, then that is generally how you approach the rest of your life too. You may be very interested in learning, but when it comes to doing, not so much. He  said if you did some of the homework but not all of it, then that is an indication you are going to be somewhat successful.

I thought about the way I do something basic like brush my teeth-hurried, some skipped areas, and not very consciously. I realised, this is the way I approach a lot of things in life-hurried, cutting corners and not being present in the moment. ‘Hmmmm…’ I thought. This is hitting home a bit.


The Movie ‘The Secret’.

He had some scathing remarks about the movie ‘The Secret’ where the impression is given that if you just sit there and meditate and visualise that a pile of money is just going to land in your lap, it will. He says the major missing ingredient to that movie is the doing part. The whole point of visualising and meditating about a particular desired outcome is to influence your mind and body to get you into the motivated state to take action.  And doing affirmations daily is no different to this idea.

Self worth check.

After the homework lecture (which I feel is actually one of the most valuable lessons in the course about the way you approach life), self worth and self esteem become the main topic. Harv goes onto explain that many people who have self esteem issues feel that on some level they deserve to be punished for something, and this begins from the way we were brought up as children. For example, we were told as kids that if we didn’t do a certain thing that our parents wanted us to do, that we wouldn’t get the cookie or the toy. This was reinforced over and over to us, and we took this into adulthood, where we ourselves become the punisher rather than our parents for not doing something right. This happens on an unconscious level and results in not allowing ourselves to be successful in some things that are very important to us, because we feel on some level that we don’t deserve it.

It is not what other people say that is important.

Harv says it is important to forgive the shortcomings of the people who bought us up because they had our best interests at heart. He implores that the main thing that is important now is NOT what other people say to you, but what you say to yourself. He then challenges the class to write down what the positive aspects are of ourselves, and to focus on them daily by sticking them up on a wall where we can see it everyday. And, once again, he challenges the class if they feel resistant to doing this then what are they doing in the class? He delivers tough love, and reminds us that doing it ‘our way’ is what has lead to our current results. He is not saying this in any arrogant way; he is only reminding us why we signed up for the course in the first place.

We are creatures of habit.

Creatures of habitI’ll admit I felt very resistant to doing this once more. But Harv simply asks that we suspend our judgement for the duration of the 8 week course and do what he says and if by the end of the course we think it is not working for us, then we can revert back to doing it our way. This was reinforced over and over again, and it really hit home with me how resistant generally we are as people to change. We want things to be different often, yet we are so ingrained in our own habits that change becomes very difficult if we are not willing to be flexible. As the old saying goes ‘The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result’.

The mind as a protective mechanism.

The final topics of week two of the course focused on how the mind works and why we are so prone to focusing on the negative elements in life rather than the positive. Harv goes on to explain that our mind basically operates in a way to protect us. In our hunter gatherer days we had to constantly scan the environment for threats to our survival, and our brain still works in this way today. The mind does not care about success, it just cares about keeping the body alive. So, anything that seems new and unfamiliar to us feels like a threat to our mind, and even if we feel unhappy with our current circumstances, the mind is familiar to this because all it sees is that you are still alive, and that is its main purpose.

The secret to life is all about the stories we choose to believe about ourselves.

Harv then goes onto talk about how we make up stories in our life and choose to believe them. He goes onto say that whatever we tell ourselves over and over we end up believing, so we might as well make up a story that supports us rather than hinders us. He says that we live in an abundant universe, and the only thing that gets in our way in experiencing abundance is ourselves. When we choose a new story to believe about ourselves, things change for us, and this can work either in a positive way or a negative way depending on the story we choose. He states that there is no ultimate truth for us-only the stories we tell ourselves, and the way to choose the story is to ask if the story supports our growth or hinders it.

For example, we may say to ourselves ‘Oh I am terrible with remembering people’s names.’ Well, you may be, but your brain is an amazing thing, and if you made it your absolute priority to remember people’s names, you would. The point is, if you can’t remember people’s names all the time, you actually don’t care enough to remember people’s names. This is neither right or wrong, but asking whether or not is serves you is the the real question here.

My results so far.

So this week I began writing 3 things each night that I did well during the day. I also decided to take it further regarding the ‘making up stories thing’ and write down three things that I appreciate about my partner each day so my mind shifts over to focusing more on his positives than his negatives. Over the course of a week our relationship has got better, and my mind has expanded and started noticing new opportunities where I did not see before. So, as simple as all this stuff may initially appear, it does work. It is important which story we are going to focus on.

If you would like to learn more T Harv Eker’s course The Spiritual Laws Of Money, click here.

For a free 60 minute online mastersclass with Harv, click here.






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