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Donna Eden review
Energy Healing, Product Review

Donna Eden Energy Medicine Workshops

Donna Eden Energy Medicine WorkshopsThis post is a Donna Eden review and I will talk about one of her newest courses of which you can access online and participate in the first one for free here. She and her husband David Feinstein have a new online training which is an 8 week course and teaches you 5 of the 9 energy systems that the human body has.

Donna’s primary website is:, but you won’t find this new course on her website as she and David teamed up with Mindvalley Academy to be able to deliver the course via an extremely high quality online learning platform in an easy to access format.

In this new course, you will learn 50 plus energy medicine techniques to optimise your bodies natural wellness and enhance your health and vitality to a level and understanding you may have never experienced before.The workshops are delivered to you via video, audio and PDF print outs to accompany the video workshops. You can access them online from your computer or even your smart phone because Mindvalley has an app you can download to easily access all the course materials.

Who is this course for?

This course would be perfect for you if:

  • You are interested in energy medicine and would like to learn from one of the best teaches in the world.
  • You are new to energy medicine and want to understand how you can use it to enhance your over all vitality and happiness because nothing else you have tried has worked
  • You are considering becoming an energy medicine practitioner, but not sure if it is the right path for you and you don’t want to commit to a couple of years of training just yet, but would like to ‘get your toes wet’ to see if it is a good fit for you.
  • Already have Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine book, but want complimentary training to go with it so you can get a more hands on experience
  • You want an introduction to Donna Eden’s more extensive certification course which is 4 years long and you want to get an over view of the sorts of things you would be learning.
  • You are someone who wants to feel you are in peak condition to meet the demands of your life
  • You want to help your children be happier and more balanced and give them an advantage when it comes to resilience and confidence within themselves.
  • You have health challenges that you are struggling to deal with through conventional methods of treatment or even complimentary treatments. Energy medicine is the missing piece to the puzzle when nothing else works and can be the difference between other treatments working or not working.

Cost of the course: Retails at $795US or 3 instalments of $299 which totals $897

A big discount available if you attend the free masterclass (online) and purchase the course immediately after. I bought my course for 2 payments of $159 which therefore came to a total of $318

Join the free masterclass now at a time that suits you: Click Here

Delivery Method: Online via video and audio with complimentary training materials. Learn at your own pace.

Hours required per week: 2 hours max to go through the materials, and then whatever you want to practice in your own time or review again.

Money Back Guarantee:Yes-within 30 days of purchase

My experience with this energy medicine course.

I was already familiar with some of Donna’s work from her book Energy Medicine which I purchased back when the first edition came out. When MindValley announced they were putting on this course I was very excited because I already knew how excellent their learning platform was with the technology they use to deliver their training, so I knew this was going to be top notch. I was ready to review my understanding of energy medicine because over the years, I have been reminded again and again that we are energy before we are physical. So, it is important for maximum health and vitality to take care of our energy body. I have also experienced very tangible results from practicing different forms of energy medicine, so I was excited to learn more.

Here is a quick look at what you get when purchase the course and how easy it is to navigate around the learning platform.

Since completing this course, some of the benefits I have received are:

  • Being able to be more focussed on a task on demand
  • Deep relaxation within my body
  • An ability to gain clarity on demand when I feel foggy in the head
  • Better decision making capabilities
  • A reduction in my tinnitus
  • More energy
  • An understanding of what I need to do to get immediate relief from stress in a way that is healthy and leaves me feeling more resilient
  • Pain relief when old injuries play up
  • Next to no headaches-before I began the course I probably experienced at least 2-3 bad headaches per month which resulted in taking pain killers. So, my reliance on pain medication has actually been eliminated.
  • Better sleep.
  • Greater sensitivity to my own energy and how to feel the energy from my chakras
  • A sense of being more grounded.

Click here to join a free masterclass online now.

A break down of the course modules

Week One:

Using Energy Medicine To Fuel Your Vitality

This week covered an introduction to energy medicine and its benefits. It also covered how your energies affect the energies of others and there were live demonstrations on how this happens.

Donna also showed some quick exercises to pick your energy up when you are feeling tired or ungrounded, and also there was a detailed explanation of the Daily Energy Routine, which is a 5 minute routine that Donna recommends we do everyday to keep our energy flow in good shape. These were:

  • Crossover Shoulder Pull
  •  Four thumps
  •  Cross Crawl
  • Wayne Cook Posture and Alternative
  •  Crown Pull
  •  Neurolymphatic Clearing
  • Zip-up
  •  Hook-up

Week Two:

Clearing, Balancing and Grounding Your Energies

This week we learned more about how the Daily Energy Routine builds physical health, mental clarity, and emotional balance. Donna reinforced that we have to ‘teach’ our body to react differently to stresses in order to build our resilience.  She showed practice techniques to help us clear energy blocks and release excess energies or toxins. She also showed us how we can ground our energies, and align them with the magnetic field and supportive energies of the Earth. It was also discussed that if our health and happiness are in a chronic negative state, that the natural flow of our energies are not crossing over the body as they should, and flowing more in a homolateral pattern down the body. She taught ways we can recognise this if it were the case for us and what to do about it.

Other exercises that were taught were:

  • Holding Neuromuscular points for deep stress relief
  • Blow Out
  • Grounding your energies through the stomach meridian
  • Aligning with the magnetic field of the Earth.
  • Connecting Heaven and Earth

Week 3:

Relieving Stress With Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridian

I think this week was one of the most popular weeks with all the class participants and I noticed that there was more activity within the community around this subject, and I think it is because stress is just so pervasive in our world today. The Triple Warmer and Spleen meridian were discussed in detail this week and what their relationship is to each other. I wrote about this week more extensively here. But in a nutshell, here are some of the exercises that were covered for this week.

Techniques that were covered were:

  •  Triple Warmer Smoothie
  •  Tracing TW Meridian Backwards
  •   Sedating Triple Warmer Meridian
  •  Flushing Spleen Meridian
  •  Tapping Spleen NL Reflex Points
  •   Cross My Heart
  •   Triple Warmer/Spleen Hug

Week 4:

Using Energy Tests to Make Healthy Choices

This week was all about energy testing food and other substances such as supplements on an energetic level to see if they are in harmony with your body or not.

Techniques that were covered were:

  • Energy Testing Guidelines
  • Getting Ready to Test
  • Spleen Meridian Energy Test
  • Testing Food, Supplements, & Personal Items
  • Making Tests More Reliable
  • Three Ways to Test Yourself
  •  Reset Your Body’s Valves
  •  Free the Diaphragm

Week 5:

Working With Pain

This week covered the subject of physical pain. I found this week to be quite effective as I had been dealing with a bit of hip and lower back pain and by the end of this course module, my pain was completely gone. I was surprised to be honest as there was still a small part of me that didn’t believe that such simple techniques could be so effective. But they are!

Exercises that were covered this week were:

  • Siphoning energy or tracing Figure 8s
  •  Counter-clockwise clearing
  •  Breathing out the pain
  • Stretching and pinching muscles
  • Zone Tapping
  • Sedating meridians with acupoints
  • Headache isometric
  • Pain chasing
  • Using magnets to relieve pain

Week 6:

The Chakras

I was already familiar with chakras in the past from my yoga teacher training, but Donna’s class this week gave me practical applications in order to feel my chakras and clear them. I didn’t have a partner to practice on, but I was able to feel the energy from my own Chakras just by doing what Donna suggested doing on another person. I wrote more extensively on it here. 

Themes and exercises that were covered this week were:

  •  Chakra structure, function, themes, & layers
  •  Chakra clearing preliminaries
  •  Testing chakras and chakra connections
  • Clearing and balancing the main chakras
  •  Connecting pairs of chakras
  •  Clearing the Throat chakra
  •   Taking Down the Flame

Week 7:

The Aura:Your Energetic Space Suit

For the first time in my life I actually had a tangible experience of feeling my own aura! This was very exciting because for a long time I had wondered if the aura even existed. But as I did some of the exercises that Donna suggested I was able to feel the border out from my body and it was quite amazing! It felt like a tingling sensation in my hands with a slight pressure when my hands got to the out edge of it.

Exercises that were covered this week included:

  • The layers of the Aura
  • Testing for a detached or collapsed aura
  • The Reverse Butterfly
  • The Butterfly
  • The Celtic Weave
  • (to repair and strengthen the Aura)
  • Pushing or fluffing your aura
  • Spinning a magnet to rebuild the Aura
  • Zip-up Central Meridian

Week 8:

Radiant Circuits-The Energies Of Vitality And Joy

This week  covered an energy system I had never heard of. But, this energy system is Donna’s most favourite system so I felt compelled to sit up and listen. The Radiant circuits fuel your other energy systems, reinforce health and vitality, connect you to wellsprings of joy, and spark higher experience and growth. They are what makes us feel happy (or not happy when they are not flowing well).

Exercises that were covered this week:

  • Scapula Squeeze
  •  6-Word Meditation
  •  Tracing Hearts
  •  Baby Pose
  •   Easy Daily Turn-Ons• Soul Smile
    • Dance to Figure 8s
    • Breathe Gratitude
    • Whole-Hearted Appreciation • Back Scratch Trade
  • What Individual Radiant Circuits Do
  • Tracing Radiant Circuits• Regulator Flow
    • Bridge Flow
    • Penetrating Flow • Belt Flow
  •  Building the Habit of Radiant Joy
    • Heart Breathing and Hearts Over Heart
    • Connect With Nature
    • Triple Warmer/Spleen Regulator Balancing
  •  Heaven Rushing In

I was particularly amazed at the scapula squeeze exercise. Each time I practice it I feel a rush of energy up to my head and I feel more awake and alive. But over all, the radiant circuits really tied it all in for me in terms of weaving it all together.

3 Bonus Question and Answer video sessions and Energy Medicine Dance + Tribe Community.

I have not yet mentioned that there were three other components to this course, and they were the fact that there were an additional three question and answer live sessions with Donna and David during the course where they took questions from all the participants. The replays to these are now all part of the purchase of this course and are very useful.

Also, at the end of each of the video sessions, Donn’a daughter taught and ‘Energy Medicine Dance’ where she showed choreographed moves to music which included aspects of what we learned from each week of the course. It was a fun way to tie it all in together.

And finally, when you enrol in a MindValley course such as this one, you get access to the online community of people who are going through the course at the same time as you, so you can take your learning further by sharing your experiences and learning from others experiences.

In Summary.

After completing this 8 week course I was struck just how complex energy systems actually are. But that makes sense to me now because why would not they not be complex given that they are like the ‘battery’ to our physical body? There is a whole new anatomy that is available to us to learn should we choose to, or we can just take the key exercises without feeling as if we have to fully understand it and reap the benefits from doing the recommended exercises. I highly recommend this course if you want an understanding of how the world of energy works through your body and around you and between you and other people, or you are looking for ways to improve your wellbeing and health.

If you would like to purchase this course now, click here.

If you would like to join the free masterclass to learn more, click here.

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How to Clear your chakras
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How To Clear Your Chakras

In this post I am going to continue my review of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Course hosted by Mindvalley Academy. Week 6 of the course covered not only how to clear your Chakras, but also how to trace your meridians in order to ‘prepare’ your chakras to be worked on, as well as the function of each of the chakras and their anatomy.

You can read my reviews of:

Week One Here

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Read My Review Of The Entire Course In One Place Here.

I used to think that Chakras were just an esoteric concept.

But after doing my Yoga teachers certification and having to study detailed anatomy and physiology, I learned there is actually a physical reason as to why we have more electromagnetic ‘light’ around these parts of the body, and this is because we have a higher concentration of bundles of nerves in these centres on our anatomy. So I have no issues in believing that Chakras play an important role in our health and wellbeing. Nerves carry electricity-and therefore, their electromagnetic field would be heightened if there are a higher concentration of nerves in these places where the Chakras reside.

Tracing your meridians.

Before working with Chakras, it is important to make sure your energies are flowing freely through your meridians. You can do this by first doing the Daily Energy Routine , and then looking at the below chart and trace each meridian starting on the time of day you happen to be in that related to the chart. But, before tracing the ones below Donna suggests tracing Central and Governing Meridians, as these are the meridians that ‘hook’ everything up. Once you have traced all the other meridians, finish by tracing Central and Governing Meridians again.

How To Clear Your Chakras

Donna showed us how to trace our meridians in less than 2 minutes in this module of the online course. I was impressed with this because in the past I had avoided tracing my meridians because it all looked too complicated and time consuming. But now I am motivated to learn these major meridian pathways by memory and get into a habit of tracing regularly. I can see how it is beneficial.

Watch a free masterclass with Donna here.

After tracing the meridians, Donna and David went on the talk about each of the Chakras and their structure, functions, themes and layers. In a nutshell, here is what each chakra is about:

Root Chakra

Drive for survival, pro-creation, feeling safe within a tribe (e.g. family). It is about being grounded to the earth, our feelings about how our basic needs are being met.

Sacral Chakra

The seat of our creativity. Our ability to feel flow and joy in life. It is where we create our lives (and other people as it relates to the sexual organs). It represents our faith and trust in life. It also relates to our intuition, and natural healing abilities.

Third Chakra-Solar Plexus

This chakra relates to how we feel about our identity. It is about our self confidence, our ego and how we perceive ourselves in relation to others. It is knowing what we want and what is expected of us.

4th Chakra-Heart Chakra

Our love and connection with others. Our connection to the universe and our spirituality.

5th Chakra-The Throat Chakra

Relates to communication and how effective we are ion communicating our ideas as well as how we communicate with ourselves. Information from all the other chakras flow into this chakra, which makes it particularly unique and distinct from the others.

6th Chakra-Relates to thinking processes

The world of thought and extra sensory perception. Some would say this is the ‘psychic centre’ of a human being. It is how we sense our environment and how we interpret what we are seeing and feeling.

7th Chakra-The Crown

This Chakra is all about our higher self and connection to the cosmos. It is where our inspirations come from and where we receive cosmic energy.

Get the full Donna Eden Energy Medicine Online Course Here

Each of the chakras have 7 layers. (Screen shot from Energy Medicine Course Materials)

How to Clear your chakras

In the course, Donna showed how we would do energy clearing on another person. I was kind of disappointed here because I wanted to know how to do it on myself. However, I followed along with what Donna was showing us here by just applying it to myself and still got a result.


Before working on the chakras Donna suggested we either do the Spinal flush on the person we are working on (you could massage the neuro-lymphatics if you are doing this on yourself and not a partner. See the Daily Energy Routine for this.)

Then she moved onto the energy sweep:Pull energy down body from each shoulder across to the opposite leg and o that foot.

And finally, the Power and Electric Point Stretch: push in and pull out at the center notch along the back of the skull, at the top of the neck (the Power Point location). Now move to the points one half inch out from the center on each side and rub deeply (these are the Electric Points).

Testing each of the Chakras.

Donna then went on to show how we can test each of the Chakras as to whether they are week or Strong on a person we are working on. It was a similar method to others she had shown us which is basically a form of muscle testing via the practice of kinesiology.

I didn’t have a partner to work on, so I skipped this part and just went and assumed that all of my Chakras could do with a tune up.

How to Clear Your own Chakras:

  • Start at the root chakra and open your hand so the palm is flat.  Circle your hand in a counter clockwise motion over the root chakra about 2-3 inches away from your body. Do this for about 2-3 minutes and notice if you feel sensations in your hand. The more you practice this, the more you will start to notice different sensations .
  • After 2-3 minutes, shake off your hand and then start to circle in a clockwise motion over the same chakra. Notice if there is a difference in sensation going the other way.
  • Do this for each of the Chakras.

Donna then showed us how we can integrate the clearing by doing exercises such as:

  • Belt Flow Pull
  • Taking down the flame
  • and further clearing of the throat Chakra

My experience:

After trying the first Chakra, I can’t say I noticed much other than a mild heat in my hand. However, when I turned to go in the clockwise direction, I noticed it seemed ‘smoother’ than the anti clockwise direction.

Donna explained that Anti Clockwise is clearing energy out, and clockwise is allowing them to flow and receive ‘fresh energy’.

When I did the second Chakra, not only did I feel a coolness radiating into my hand, but a sad memory surfaced of my parents separating when I was very young. I had not thought about this for as long as I can remember, and it was like the Chakra was showing me that this is where I am holding some old painful patterns and it was also interesting that I have had problems with endometriosis in the past-the physical manifestation of what can happen when there is blocked energy in the sacral chakra.

So that was my most profound experience while doing this module for the course.

I am amazed how many levels of energy we really have and that have been documented not only by Donna, but also by many ancient practices such yoga and Tai Chi and Qigong. They are all related in their practice.

If you would like to purchase this full online course, click here.

If you would like to see Donna in action teaching four other important energy medicine techniques, click here.

What is your understanding of Chakras? Have you had an experience of working with your own Chakras? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

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How to relieve pain

There are many medications out there that can help you relieve pain, but what if you would rather get to the root cause of your pain and get off medications given that pain medication can have long term side effects which reduce the quality of your life? This post contains ideas on how to relieve pain in ways that are not dependent on medication, and reviews week 5 of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course (which is 8 weeks long in total) which is hosted by Mindvalley Academy.

Eden Energy Medicine

You can read about week 1 here.

Week 2 here.

Week 3 here.

Week 4 here.

A little word of warning before you read on-if you truly want to get to the root cause of your pain, it might mean you need to learn some  new skills and you have to be willing to do that. However, the long term pay off is so worth it and will leave you feeling empowered.

 Pain is the bodies way of letting you know that there is an imbalance in your life that needs attention.

We have been taught over centuries to disengage with out bodies and not listen to its innate wisdom. Modern medicine came along and provided us near instant relief to pain and we began to trust something outside of ourselves more than learning to go within and work with our bodies natural energies.

Our body is an energy body before it is a physical body.

Practices such as Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine and the like all focus on moving energy around our body, and when we have pain-especially if it is chronic pain, it is because energy is not flowing to that part of the body properly, or there is some kind of blockage to the flow. This is the same as disease that has set in over time. Mental illness falls into this arena also in that there may be an energetic pattern that a person has which results in the brain not functioning at its optimum state and causing a series of ‘short circuits’ to occur over time. Our brain (just like our heart) is electrical in nature after all.

Ways to self manage pain on a daily basis.

The first thing that is crucial to do each day to break up old patterns of energy that have occurred over time is to do the Daily Energy Routine. There are many people teaching this routine, but I think the best person to learn it from is Donna Eden, who is a master energy medicine practitioner. Watch the video below to learn about this 5 minute technique.

When you begin practicing this routine on a daily basis, your body will begin to change and you energy patterns that are creating the pain in the first place will begin to shift. Just like our mind falls into habits, so does our energy body, we ideally we would teach it new things and new ways of being.

Learn more about Donna Eden’s work here.

Once you have done this routine, you can start to look at the specifics of your pain with the following techniques.


This technique is based on the principle that your left hand pulls energy out of your body and the right hand puts energy into your body. Often when we have pain it is because there is actually too much energy in the part of the body that is hurting and it needs to be released or broken up.

How to do ‘Siphoning’:

  1. Please your left hand over the area of pain.
  2. Hold you right hand down and out and away from your body to allow the excess energy from the painful area to drain off. It is important to use your mind here and visualise the energy ‘siphoning’ off from your right hand. Feel or imagine the energy being pulled out of your body.
  3. Place your right hand on or over the area of pain and raise your left hand upward to receive healing energy into the area.
  4. Finish the exercise by tracing figure 8’s with one of your fingers over the area that was painful.

The spindle cell pinch

This technique works on the idea that all of the cells we have in our body have an electromagnetic charge and you are triggering the the mechanism to the brain that the pain is no longer needed. It is like hitting the reset button on your computer when it goes into a bit of a ‘freeze’.

How to do The Spindle Cell Pinch:

For a localised area, go to the centre of the painful area with your thumb and forefinger and very, very lightly pinch the skin one at a time.

For pain int he hands, wrists or elbows, make tiny little pinches up and down the inside of the arm for about 20 seconds.

Note:This technique should not be used over an open wound.

Zone Tapping:

This technique is based on reflexology and works on specific zones within your body. See the diagram below to see how the body is sectioned off into specific zones.

How to do zone tapping:

  • Find the area of pain in your body which corresponds to the zone it is in, and then work out from the diagram which reflexology point on the wrist or the ankle that zone is in.

(A screen shot of Donna Eden’s notes from her new Energy Medicine course.)

Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy MedicineEden Energy Medicine

  • Tap the point solidly for 10 seconds then stop. Then tap again for up to a minute and a half.
  • It will take 10 minutes or so to know if this technique worked, so go and do something else for a while and reevaluate in 10 minutes.

Identifying and sedating the Meridian involved with the pain.

Often our pain may seem like it is located in one area of the body, but the cause of it is actually somewhere else in the body and this can be along the meridian line further up or further down.

Throughout Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course she talks about the meridians and how tracing them, flushing them and sedating them can make a world of difference in over all wellbeing. And when it comes to pain, it is no different.

As I mentioned above, often pain is caused as a result of of too much energy in a certain part of your body, so if you were to find the corresponding meridian which is set along the area of pain, you could learn when to hold certain points in order to sedate that meridian so it is not on ‘over drive’.

Here it is useful to have some kind of chinese meridian chart so you can look at the where all the meridians are on the body. Alternatively, you could look at this muscle chart and see which area of pain corresponds to the pain you have: (Screen shot taken from Donna Eden’s new energy medicine course)

Eden Energy Medicine

How to use the chart:

  1. Identify a muscle that sits in the area of pain
  2. Find the name of the meridian that corresponds with that muscle
  3. Find the corresponding sedating points with that muscle (see below)
  4. For two to three minutes, hold the first set of sedating points on both sides of the body, starting with the side where the pain is located.
  5. Hold the second set of points on each side of the body for 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes.

Eden Energy Medicine

As you may be starting to realise, pain is a big subject where you may need to try a variety of different energy medicine techniques before you find one that works for you.

Other techniques which have not been mentioned here are:

  • Breathing out the pain
  • Stretching the muscle associated with the pain and then spindle cell pinching at the centre of the muscle
  • Clear Neurolymphatic reflex points
  • Put one hand on the pain and the other on the main neurovascular points (the forehead) and hold until pain clears.
  • Raking the painful area with your fingers (both hands pull away from each other over the skin)
  • Firmly tapping the area to break up stagnant energy or using a hair brush to tap the area (has many little ‘tappers’ in one area)
  • Pain chasing-involves knowing the meridian pathways and holding the end of the meridian as you massage along the meridian and notice where there are painful points. Keep doing thing until you have reached the other end of the meridian. This technique can be likened to ‘squeezing out’ toothpaste from a tube (you are squeezing out stagnant energy along the meridian).

My Final Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more about how to relieve pain via these energy medicine techniques, I highly recommend you learn more about Donna Eden’s energy medicine course online here. Since I have taken this course, I have had less headaches, more mental clarity, found effective ways to deal with a pain that may have suddenly come on in muscles and joints. I have also had less tinnitus, felt more calm about my life and I also feel my new found clarity has had a positive affect on my family too, as they also seem a little more at ease. This makes sense because we are all affecting each other with our energies, so I feel it is important to ensure our own energies are balanced before we can think about having a positive affect on others.

Check out the course here.

Join a free online masterclass with Donna here.

Eden Energy Medicine

Do you have any experiences with Energy Medicine or other practices such as Qigong or Yoga? Feel free to comment below and let me know.

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Energy Muscle Testing-Testing Your Food

In this post I am going to talk about week 4 of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine training which is hosted by Mindvalley Academy. You can read about week 1 here, week 2 here and week 3 here.

Week 4 is all about using energy testing to see if certain foods and supplements are compatible with your body. Energy testing can also be used to check what materials such as jewellery or clothing are compatible with your body and which materials send your meridian flow into a backwards motion, and whether or  not substances can be metabolised by your body.

It is important tor remember that when you are energy testing, you are not testing the strength of muscles, you are testing the flow of energy through a meridian.

The basic energy test.

After doing the Daily Energy Routine, an individual holds an arm out parallel to the floor and the tester presses down gently to see if the arm stays steady (locked) or collapses downward under relatively light pressure (unlocked). However, when testing substances Donna says it is more accurate to test against the spleen meridian because it is Spleen that is responsible for much of the metabolism of our food and how our body interacts with items too.

How to test Spleen meridian.

  • Stand to the side of the person you are testing.
  • Ask your partner to hold the arm you want to test straight down the side of the body, with palm facing back and thumb along side the thigh. Fingers should be open and elbow straight.
  • Place one hand on the shoulder of the arm being tested.
  • Place the palm of your other hand between your partner’s arm and body, just above the wrist. Gently pull straight outward and away from the body for about two seconds, as your partner resists the pull. (Ask the person to “hold” or “meet my pressure” before you begin to apply pressure.)
  • By exerting pressure gradually, you can better sense the quality of the energy flow and begin to distinguish a strong response from a weak response. Some people will show very little variation between weak and strong,  but others will be very different. Everyone is unique and there is not one response fits all with energy testing.

It is important that Spleen meridian tests strong before testing substances.

Often Spleen meridian is weak (see my week 3 review as to why this is often the case) If it is not, it is important to do some exercises to make it strong before testing. My week 3 review of this course includes some suggestions on how to do that. But in a nutshell,  here are some things you can do if Spleen meridian tests weak:

  • Rub or thump K27 points
  • Do the ‘four thumps (k27, Thymus, Spleen Neurolymphatic reflex points)
  • Sedate triple warmer
  • Flush spleen meridian

How to test foods and substances against Spleen Meridian.

  • Begin with strong Spleen energy test.
  • Hold the substances to the solar plexus and test seen. If the energy test that was strong now tests weak with the substance held to the solar plexus, the substance it out of harmony with the body’s energies.
  • If the energy test stays strong, the substance is in harmony with the body’s energies and may be beneficial, or simply neutral.

3 Ways to Energy Test Yourself.

Before you energy test yourself, you have to kind of ‘calibrate’ your body so you know whether or not is responds to true or false statements. Make sure you have done the Daily Energy Routine first, and that you have sedated Triple Warmer and flushed Spleen meridian. After this, you have three options:

  1. Use a weight that allows you to lift it when holding at the side of your leg and pulling out from your body (the same way as in the Spleen meridian test) while you make a true statement about yourself such as “my name is …..” If you are having trouble lifting the weight at this point it could be that it is either too heavy or your energies are not flowing. So adjust the weight by using a sandbag or a jug of water and note what amount is the right amount. Once you have a weight that is not too heavy to lift, but provides enough resistance to notice when the weight becomes more difficult to lift while testing a substance, you know you are on the right track.
  2. Use your body as a pendulum. This test is useful when you want to see the effect something will have on your body. While standing, hold the substance in question over your solar plexus with one hand, then place your other hand over the first hand. Bring your elbows to your sides and breath in deeply. As you release your breath, release all thoughts too. Using your body as a pendulum, let it fall forward or backward to indicate strong or weak. Falling forward indicates that you test strong on the substance and therefore it is in harmony with your energy. Falling backwards means you test weak on the substance and therefore it is not in harmony with your energy.
  3. Using the quadriceps (thigh muscles) to self test. While sitting down, lift one leg slightly off the chair and extend your foot out 30 degrees. Then, push down on your knee. A locked or strong muscle will not allow the leg to move. An unlocked or weak muscle will collapse back to the chair.

Other topics that were covered this week:

  • Making tests more reliable
  • Resetting your body’s valves
  • Free the Diaphragm

(I really get a sense I am breathing better after doing these last two exercises above).

My thoughts on this weeks course content.

While I found all of this very interesting, there was a part of me that went away thinking that you could drive yourself a little nuts trying to work out what materials and foods ‘work’ for your energy field and which ones don’t. And I also felt that for energy testing to be truly reliable, you would be best to have a qualified practitioner test you, because family members or close friends are too entwined with your own energy and therefore getting an unbiased ‘reading’ is difficult. This is not to say that I think there is no value in trying to learn the skill with friends and family, but I also think that if you are really sick, you’d be best working with a skilled practitioner to get to the bottom of what could be contributing to making you ill.

Does quality of food really matter?

Donna told a story of a man lived at the back of a 7/11 and had did not have enough money to buy good quality food, and his health was suffering. However, he turned up to the class each week to learn energy medicine and after a personal conversation with Donna where he revealed his situation, she told him to hold a pyramid shape over his food with his hands before he ate it as a kind of ‘blessing’ of the food. Over time, without changing anything about his diet yet following her instructions, his heath dramatically improved and he gained the weight he needed to gain and became healthy and vibrant.

She also told of another story of a woman who loved to cook and was always inviting people around to her place to eat. However, the ingredients she used were not high quality as she also did not have enough money to buy high quality ingredients. However, everyone raved about her cooking and how delicious it was and how good it made them feel.

Both of these stories make me question how important the quality of food really is, and that perhaps the most important thing is our thoughts and intentions around our food.

This is not the first time I have come across this concept and I do find it interesting considering all the health gurus are constantly going on about how we should all eat ‘organic’ foods and buy the best quality ingredients. It seems that from an energetic perspective, the most important thing is how we feel about our food and the love with which it is prepared. This is not to say we should go and eat junk food, but that perhaps we should not stress out if our food is not organic or grass fed or free range.

How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

I think that if I had a chronic illness that was really interfering with my quality of life, I would want to go down the rabbit hole of getting energy tests done from a skilled practitioner to hopefully get to the bottom of my health challenges. But, I am thankfully quite healthy, and my main complaint is that I get tired and scattered easily, and have a bit of tinnitus in my ears and suffer from tight muscles in certain areas of my body. For the most part I am interested in peak performance in daily life more than over coming serious illnesses, and also preventing serious illnesses in the first place. Therefore I have so far found the most value in this Donna Eden Energy Medicine course  is the Daily Energy Routine and how to self manage my sense of wellbeing and how to live in alignment with my natural flow of energy and how to manage the Spleen/Triple Warmer meridians for greater wellbeing.

My personal results from the course so far.

After weeks of practicing the Daily Energy Routine every day, I now get a sense when I am ‘off’ and need to realign my energies to gain back mental clarity and a sense of relaxation. I have also noticed my tinnitus has reduced at least my 50%, and given that tinnitus relates to the nervous system, it makes me think that the energy medicine routines and practices are having a positive effect on my central nervous system.  A quick google search around ‘tinnitus and nervous system’ confirmed for me that tinnitus can be caused by over active nerves and this makes sense to me-especially when it comes to the Triple Warmer meridian being in over drive (as it is in most people in modern life). I notice my tinnitus often gets worse after a cup of coffee, and one of the side effects of caffeine is that it stimulates the nervous system,which is why we like it of course, but it may be pushing it too far.

I am really looking forward to the next module where the topic is ‘pain management’.

If you would like to learn more about Donna Eden Energy Medicine Course from the Mindvalley Academy learning platform, click here.

If you would like to read my reviews on previous weeks of this energy medicine course, click these links:

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