Tarot Cards and Health
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Tarot Cards and Health

Tarot Cards and HealthWhen it comes to Tarot cards and health, it is important to remember what Tarot cards really are: stories on a card, and each story represents a particular energy or quality within or externally. Given that our emotional and physical wellbeing is intimately tied to the thoughts we think and the habitual emotions we feel on a daily basis, it makes sense that in order to improve our health that we pay attention to what we are thinking moment to moment and whether that thought has a positive or negative energy to it.

What are you focussing on?

We always have access to positive energy, yet we also always have access to negative energy due to the dual nature of the universe. At the end of the day it comes down to a choice as to which we will embrace in each moment. The problem is that most of our thoughts are operating from our subconscious mind from programs we downloaded from our environment from a very young age (usually between the ages of 0-7 years).

One way to quickly assess as to what programs you have going on in your subconscious mind is to look around at your life. Are you happy with what you see? Eg, do you like where you live? Do you feel happy in your friendships? Do you feel connected to something that is bigger than yourself? Are you in flow most of the time? Does money feel like a struggle, or does it come easily to you? What state is your love life in? These are all clues as to what your habitual thoughts are, and if you don’t like what you see, you need to change your thinking around these aspects. It is not about judging yourself, it is more about being aware of what you are thinking around these aspects.

How the Tarot can help.

This is where using the Tarot can come in handy, because Tarot cards can reflect back to us what is lurking in our subconscious mind By shuffling your deck of cards while enquiring as to what area of your life needs healing or what thoughts and emotions need attention, you can start to bring to light what aspects may be affecting your physical health and emotional health.

One way of helping our body heal as well as our mind is to imagine we are connecting to a bright light which is approximately 300 feet above you. Energy healers claim that approximately 300 feet above us is a portal of cosmic energy that helps us to feel at one with all that is.

An exercise to release negative patterns in your life.

Try this exercise for 7 days in a row and watch for shifts in your body and general emotions. Tip: suspend your disbelief about this stuff and just allow yourself to have a different experience, and keep a journal to jot down what comes up for you.

  1. Shuffle your Tarot deck while asking the universe what would be a useful thing to bring to the light today.
  2. Draw one card and take some time to pause and reflect on the meaning of the card and how it might apply to your life. If it is a card that feels very positive to you, ask yourself if this how you generally feel about the aspect you are thinking about? Often this question can suddenly bring to light all the things you feel are missing that if present would mean you really would feel the positive aspects of this card. If the card feels negative to you on the other hand, then that will be even easier to see where that relates to your life.
  3. Write down your insights that have come up for you in a journal. Allow yourself to feel the burden of what this exercise brought up for you, but don’t dwell here for too long.
  4. Next, simply do this two and a half minute  meditation and literally ‘give’ your negative feelings to the light, and imagine them just dissipating and releasing.

Want to go deeper into energy healing?

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Weekend Tarot Reading-let go of control

The weekend Tarot Reading for 19th of November 2016 is all about letting go of excessive control, releasing disappointments and looking for where you can celebrate in your life.

This weekend you may find yourself wanting to control many aspects of your life. The Emperor Reversed tries to dominate his environment because he feels he has lost control. He has lost all flexibility in his life and feels as if he has been taken advantage of so acts in ways that try and exert influence and power back in ways that are counter productive.

When we try and control our external environment rather than our internal environment we lose our personal power. We may want others to behave in certain ways and systems to flow exactly as they are supposed to and events to play out exactly how we had them imagined in our minds.

The only true way to control your life is to control your internal world, and then the external world will flow much better for us.

The 5 of Cups reversed suggests to release disappointments around certain aspects of life that may not have gone as you planned this weekend, or things that happened during the week that left you feeling less than positive. Look to where you can forgive others, and also yourself if you feel you have made mistakes this week.

You will find the most reward around the home and looking for where you can experience harmony this weekend as indicated by the 4 of Wands. There are things to celebrate, and perhaps this weekend would be a great time to invite others into your home and enjoy their company. Or, perhaps you could find ways to connect within your community and contribute in positive ways. If you can find ways to put your hurts/disappointments/frustrations aside and bring the focus off of yourself and onto others you will feel by the end of the weekend a sense of rejuvenation you did not expect to feel.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Where do I feel completely out of control?
  • What ways does this make me want to act?
  • How does it feel to me?
  • How can I find a better feeling thought about the situation and soothe myself?
  • Does feeling like I need to control everything relate to a disappointment I have experienced this week or recently?
  • How can I get out of myself and drop my expectations around others behaviour which will allow me to find a sense of relief that I don’t need to ‘do it all’.

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Life’s a journey not a destination.

Life's a journey not a destinationLife’s a journey not a destination. We hear this often and yet when people seek out a Tarot reader or psychic for guidance, there is often an assumption that their life is predetermined and they want to find out what their future is. At best they will see the information they get from their Tarot reading as entertainment only. At worst they will take what has been said to them as gospel.

Your life is not predetermined.

To quote the teachings of Abraham Hicks: “If you were able to come forth in a physical body and never think another thought then we would say the psychic coding or the timing of your birth would pretty well establish who you are going to be forever more. But since you have the ability in every moment of your day to think, and therefore to attract and therefore to alter the future experience, then we would say we would not put too much value upon (the psychic etc) other than to let it serve as a guide to help you identify where you are relative to where you want to be.”

The way to get the most value out of a Tarot reader or psychic or anything else of a similar nature for that matter is to listen to the reading and if it is good news, embrace it and anticipate it (based on the fact that this feels good). If it is bad news, sift through it and let it help you acknowledge what you don’t want, and then identify what you do want, then begin giving your full attention to what you do want. As the saying goes, energy flows where attention goes, so if you are clammed up worrying about what a reader said to you at some stage you have missed the opportunity of how that reading could have helped you identify exactly what you want.

Life's a journey not a destination

It’s about connection to your true self first.

First and foremost it is most important to develop your connection with your own inner being and come to trust your gut feelings and intuition before you listen to a reader of any sort. There is no predestined plan for you because at your very core you are a creator and free to create your life any way you choose.

What can get in the way is limiting beliefs about what your life should look like or be, or projected fears about things not working out. So, your job is to use your attention to narrow down your focus on the things that you want, and let go of the worries and fears about what you don’t want. If you are struggling with this and feel your fears are running your life, I recommend  you invest in your self education and check out this free masterclass and learn ways you can release your fears and old hurts.

The value of a Tarot reading.

The value of a Tarot reading or other kind of reading is that it can provide an example of what possibilities are present for you when you are connected to your higher self. It is about seeking inspiration to act or narrow down some choices you are considering around a certain direction you want to go. When a Tarot reader is telling you certain things about your life, the way to know if it is a direction you should go in is if what they are saying feels resonate to you. Does it feel good? Does it feel right in your gut?

A  Tarot reading should not leave you feeling disempowered. If you have gone to a Tarot reader asking something like ‘does he love me? Does he love his new girlfriend more than he loved me? Or ‘Will he come back to me?’ Then you are not taking full responsibility for your own happiness or life. If you need a Tarot reader to tell you something like this, you are disconnected from your own power and self confidence. Why do I say this? Because I know first hand! When I was doubting my connection to my true self, these are the kinds of questions I might have asked a Tarot reader. When I look back on that now I see how much I lacked confidence in myself and a connection to my inner being. A more constructive question to ask around this kind of relationship question is ‘What would be helpful to know about this relationship?’ And even better: ‘What do I need to learn about myself around this relationship?’

Life's a journey not a destinationTarot shows you future probabilities, not absolutes.

The value of a reading is also around probabilities. For example, gaining insight into a certain situation like ‘if I take this action, what might be the outcome?’ Or, “I am working on this….is there anything I would benefit knowing in order to make the best of it?’ See how these questions are driven by something you have already chosen to do rather than passively sitting back and letting someone else ‘tell’ you what your life is all about. You can still get value out of this passive approach, but a helpful way to see it is ‘if you don’t choose something different, this is likely to be the result’.

You decide first what you want, then use the Tarot and any other kind of divination tool to help maximise  what it is you are trying to achieve with some wisdom to help you along the way. And if by chance you have been given a reading where the news is bad, then use it as a way to identify what you don’t want and therefore enable you to figure out what you do want and then focus on that instead. Just because a reader said something to you doesn’t make it true-whether that be good news or bad news. At the end of the day, you make it true.

You can’t control what others will do.

However,when it comes to seeking information around other people in your life, keep in mind you can’t control what anyone else does-you can only hope to be an influence to other people, and the best way to be an influence is to be connected to your true self. If other people are a resonate match to your true self, they will naturally be in your life. So when you bring the focus back onto yourself where your happiness is not dependent on ‘that person coming back to you’ or ‘meeting that special someone’, you have taken responsibility for your life.

As hard as it is to imagine sometimes, we really do create from our present reality rather than blindly following some predestined plan for our lives. Sure, according to numerology and astrology and the like we may have some dominant vibratory patterns that influence us along the way just like our genetic coding from our parents, but they are not our destiny. Even mainstream science is confirming from the study of epigenetics that our biology is not our destiny and our gene expression is influenced by our lifestyle choices and even the habitual thoughts and emotions we ‘practice’ on a daily basis.

Taking full responsibility for your life.

But this knowledge is actually scary to some people as they realise they have to take full responsibility for their lives. As Marianne Williamson says ‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure”. And why would this be our deepest fear? Because it means we can no longer sit back and play a role where we are helpless and can do nothing about our circumstances. We actually have to do something!

Getting a Tarot reading can be very empowering.

So, at the core of it, a Tarot reading really is for entertainment purposes. This doesn’t mean it has no value. A good reading can be empowering and enlightening and help unlock your greatest potential, but it is not the final deciding factor of your life. YOU get to decide that with the information you have gained from the reading itself. As a general rule, if the information you have received feels good, then go towards that! But if it doesn’t feel good, use that information and decide what you would prefer instead and go towards that without doubts.

If you would like a Tarot reading online to gain some insight into a particular area in your life, feel free to contact Liz at

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Daily Tarot Reading for 30th September 2016

The daily Tarot reading for 3oth September 2016 suggests that today is a great day to notice the things and people around you that give you the greatest sense of joy.

Universal number of the day: 3 (30+09+2016=21, 2+1=3)

What will help you: The 10 of Cups

What will hinder you: The Hanged Man

Your unrealised potential: The Lovers.

The 10 Of Cups

The 10 Of Cups

The 10 of Cups in the position of what will help you today suggests that  actively feeling grateful or expressing appreciation will go a long way to improve your mood and end the day with a full satisfied heart. This card reminds me of the teachings of Abraham Hicks where she talks about the constant stream of well being flowing towards us, yet we tend to resist it by focusing on what is not wanted in our lives as opposed to what is wanted. So in terms of what will be most beneficial to you today it would be taking time to recognise what gives you that feeling of wellbeing and actively expressing appreciation towards people and things in your life. Focus on what you want rather than what you don’t want.

The Hanged Man In TarotThe Hanged Man suggests that one thing that will hinder you today is getting caught up in victim mentality or martyrdom. So if there is any situation where you feel a little powerless, try and take the focus off it, and look at constructive ways to deal with the problem at hand.

Given that the Universal number of the day is number 3, I really feel this reading is strongly indicating that today is a day to be expressive-especially when it comes to expressing appreciation. Number 3 represents creativity, growth, communication and having a child like nature, and you can see from the 10 of Cups, there are children dancing around and just rejoicing in the moment. So even if you are going through something in your life where it is hard to feel grateful for anything at the moment, even just noticing one little thing that helps you to feel slightly better and help you move with the stream of well being rather than against it will be beneficial today.

The Lovers

The Lovers

This is showing up further in the Lovers card which is in the position of your unrealised potential. The Lovers card can obviously represent an intimate relationship with someone, however, it can also be representing self love and your ability to feel flow and positive energy and feel in harmony with highest good. So if you can allow for some time to appreciate some elements in your life that you may have been taking for granted, I think there is great reward here today with the Lovers card that is showing up. This reward could be in a personal relationship, a business partnership or just feeling a great sense of flow and ease in your life. Just watch out for any areas where you are feeling hard done by or powerless which is coming through the Hanged Man, and ask yourself how you might take some constructive action in order to move past that stuck energy.






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