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2-of-pentacles in Tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

2 of pentacles reversed

2-of-pentacles in TarotIn this post I want to talk about the 2 pentacles reversed and explore some empowering questions you can ask yourself around this card and its meaning.

When you look at the upright meaning of this card it is related to time management, juggling the ups and downs of life as well gracefully tackling many tasks at once. There is also an emphasis on the need to be flexible and agile to get tasks done so you can ‘roll with the punches’ so to speak because life is rarely linear and predictable. There may need to be an acceptance of ‘riding the waves’ of ups and downs and not allowing yourself to get rigid in the way you are approaching what you are doing.

There is also a sense of fun in this card where you are joyfully going about your day to day business and not getting caught up in other people dramas. You feel like you can duck and dodge and weave in and out and accomplish what it is you want in a way that makes you happy.

Reversed meaning.

So when it is in its reversed position it could mean that you are struggling to find you balance amongst many things you are trying to do. You may be making your life harder by being rigid and inflexible and feeling overwhelmed by everything you feel you have to manage. You may be getting too serious about the way you are approaching an issue and this is leading you to feel stuck and stifled and unable to meet the demands you are putting on yourself.

Some Empowering questions to ask yourself around this card are:

  • How can I ‘lighten up’ and become more flexible in my approach?
  • Where might I be taking on too much leading me to feel overwhelmed?
  • What aspects of the situation at hand are leading me to feel out of balance?
  • What can I do to bring myself back into balance?
  • Where am I allowing change to throw me off?
  • How can I approach dramas going on in my life with a sense of light lightheartedness and not allow myself to be dragged down by them?
  • Where have I forgotten what I once enjoyed?
  • Who is an example of someone who seems to flow with life and get things done with ease? What personality qualities do they have?
  • How can I allow myself to be grounded and flexible at the same time?
  • What new approaches can I try when dealing with a challenge?
  • Where might I need to change direction temporarily to gain momentum on a project?
  • Where am I getting too caught up in the ups and downs of life leading me to feel overwhelmed and not effective?

These are just a few of the questions you can ask yourself when you resonate with the meaning of the 2 of pentacles reversed. If you want to review these questions to ask yourself next time this card shows up for you, click the link to the blog post I have done for this and you will see it all there.

I hope you got some ideas from this post. Feel free to comment below and subscribe to my newsletter for more tarot tips as well as free tarot readings.

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5 of pentacles in tarot
Tarot Card Meanings

5 of Pentacles Tarot Meaning

5 of pentacles in tarotIn this post I want to talk about the 5 of pentacles tarot meaning and how it can relate to your life when it comes to money, health as well as relationships, and what kind of questions you can ask yourself or your client when this card shows up.

When I look at this card I get a sense that it is related to suffering and isolation. There are 2 people who look like they may be living on the streets with ragged clothing and one of them is injured. Both appear to be in a vulnerable position. It is snowing and they appear to be outside of some kind of church. The stained-glass window on the church to me looks as if it is symbolising the Tree Of Life.

What the card can relate to

When it comes to the meaning of this card it can relate to financial difficulties, health problems as well as a feeling of being cut off from higher knowledge or wisdom (hence being ‘outside of a brightly lit church that symbolises warmth and ‘coming home’ to yourself where you connect with some kind of higher guidance). It can symbolise that you feel ‘left out in the cold’ and not taking steps to nurure yourself on a physical or spiritual level.

The people in the card are walking past something that could give them more abundance, and if they were to turn their head and see where they are and where they could potentially get help, they could begin to turn things around for themselves.

I feel this card mostly relates to our relationship to the financial and material realm and the psychological aspect of how we view such things. It can either literally relate to financial and material loss, but mostly to how we think about money and abundance in our life whether that be personal wealth, health and fulfilling relationships.

How to overcome the challenge of this card

When it comes to overcoming any challenge I always feel the answer lies in asking ourselves empowering questions rather than getting stuck in poverty consciousness. So if this card relates to money struggles, questions to ask could be:

  • How can I find ways to take more control of thinking that I will never have enough?
  • What wisdom do I need to draw on to shift my habitual energy around money or abundance?
  • How can I appreciate what I have already without focusing on what I feel is missing?
  • What areas about my financial or material status are making me feel most insecure and what is one thing I can do today to start moving out of this feeling?
  • Am I getting stuck in when/then thinking such as ‘when I have this thing for example more money, more possessions, more status a better job etc THEN I can be happy?

Spiritual Laws Of Money

Aim to live in the present moment

All the spiritual traditions teach that we need to find ways to live in the present moment and appreciate what is around us. In our modern world with so many distractions where our mind is going all sorts of directions other than the present moment, practicing mindfulness has never been more important.

When it comes to health, questions you can ask around this card are Where am I not actively taking care of myself so I can regain my vitality? Am I exercising, eating healthy foods, finding ways to deal with my stress? What is one proactive thing I can do today that is a step towards the state of health I want to be in? If you are dealing with a chronic disease-ask yourself what things do you KNOW you are NOT doing that would lead to having more ease in your body and mind? Whatever level of health we are at, there is always something more we could do to have more ease.

Relationship struggles.

When it comes to relationship struggles, ask yourself how you can reconnect to your own sense of well being to be able to find resourceful ways to improve your relationships or have the strength and confidence to move away from a relationship that is zapping away your feelings of security and destroying your self-worth. Know that you deserve to be happy and you don’t have to accept someone who continually hurts you or ignores you, or ‘gives you the cold shoulder’.

In Summary

I hope this interpretation of the 5 of Pentacles has given you some tools in order to work with the energy of this card. As I always say, I don’t believe tarot cards predict anyones future. They either strike a chord with something that is happening right in the moment, or indicating a probability of something that may happen if different choices and actions are not made. So, the power to change something lies in asking good questions that feel empowering and seeking the answers to them and then acting.

Hay house wisdom community

So if you enjoyed this reading, please comment below and subscribe to my newsletter where I do free weekly Tarot readings and I actively seek questions from my subscribers about their life that they would like some clarity on and I cover their questions in a collective way. Everyone remains annonymous of course to protect peoples privacy, but once i know what it is that people are struggling with I can focus on these topics in each of the weekly readings. You can subscribe here.

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Ace of Swords Reversed | Tarot Meaning

The Ace of Swords in TarotThe Ace of Swords reversed can relate to resisting the mental aspects of change or new beginnings. When it is in its upright position it can indicate new ideas coming through and a sense that you may need to step out on your own to take a new direction. When you look at the card you’ll notice a barren landscape and therefore the desire to take a new direction may relate to getting to the essential truth, or something you need to do without getting caught up in chaotic emotions. In this case, the head may need to rule the heart in order to move forward on something.

When this card is in its reversed position, you may be aware you need to begin a new direction but might not yet be ready to take that step, or don’t have clarity yet.

The Suit Of Swords In Tarot

The suit of swords in tarot relates to the mental aspects of life where clear thinking (or lack of clear thinking) is the focus. Swords relate to the element of air in nature which connects to a sense of inspiration and new ideas. They can be likened to the ‘winds of change’, especially when it comes to an Ace, as all Aces in each suit represent new beginnings either on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual realm.

Love and Relationship Meaning

When interpreting any card in relation to a specific question, the meaning will always depend on what question is being asked and the context of the situation. However, some general ideas around the meaning of the ace of swords reversed relative to relationships and love could mean there is a new way of looking at the circumstance that you may not have considered yet. For example, you might be stuck on a problem regarding a specific relationship and this card in its reversed position could mean there is a new way of approaching this situation, but you cannot yet see it, or unwilling to see it. It could also mean you need cut ties with someone and strike out on your own, but have not yet mentally integrated this idea in order to take action. It could also be a sign that you need to take all emotion out of what you are trying to deal with and approach the situation in a more logical way. For example, you may need to look at the facts of a situation before you get caught up in the emotional roller coaster of something. You may be seeking a clear sense of justice, but are having difficulty with the clarity needed to reach this state.

This card can also indicate a tendency not to approach your relationships in a heartfelt way, and when this card is reversed it could mean you need to get out of your head and into your heart and connect with your feelings in order to gain a fresh perspective the situation you may be faced with.

Career Meaning

When it comes to interpreting this card in relation to career, it could mean you are being challenged to start a new project or even a new career. You may be feeling confused about the direction of you career and may be thinking you need to cut ties with your current job, but are also acutely aware of the risks of striking out on your own and forging a new direction for yourself. You might have a sense that this is something you want to do, but don’t have the clarity as to how you are going to do this.

When it comes to the kinds of professions this card may relate to, professions that involve a high level of analytical thinking such as:

  • Law and related legal professions
  • Mathematician
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Database Architect
  • Biostatistician
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Epidemiologist
  • Bioinformatics Scientist
  • Economist

Health Meaning

When it comes to your health, the Ace of swords reversed can relate to a lack of clarity in your mind. You need to perhaps get the facts about a certain medical condition and be clear about what your treatment options are. It could also relate to not setting clear goals for certain health outcomes you you want and therefore you are not able to execute actions that are needed because you are not first clear about what is you actually have to do to create the change. You cannot take bold action until you have all the information, so you may need some more time to gather the data in order to be clear about what you need to do.

Symbolism of the card:

  • The hand coming out of the cloud relates to the air element in nature as well as inspiration from above.
  • The sword relates to clarity, truth and justice. It may be an indication that you need to face a battle in order to reveal the truth of a situation and do it with skill and mental fortitude.
  • The crown relates to the head and high level thinking
  • The greenery hanging off crown is said to be an olive branch (left) and a date palm branch (right). Date palms relate to the Goddess Innana/Ishtar and the olive to Athena who is the Greek goddess who is said to have given the olive tree to Athens. Keep in mind that Athena is also the Goddess of ‘wisdom and war’, therefore further highlighting the double edge quest for truth where unskillful raw power may be used (such as war) or skillful use of words and intelligence can be used to solve problems.
  • Barren landscape: a sense of isolation and coldness symbolising approaching a situation with the cold naked truth.

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The magician in tarot
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The Magician In Tarot-Elements And Suits

The magician in tarotThe Magician in Tarot is a card that touches on the four major elements in life-Air, Earth, Water and Fire. This card is the second card in the major arcana after The Fool. He stands in front of a table and has his tools laid out in front of him while holding a staff to the sky and the other hand to the ground. This position is symbolic of connecting to both heaven and earth-inspiration from above while remaining grounded to the earth. Or-receiving inspiration from the celestial realms and putting it into physical action on the earthy plane. This could also be seen as the fifth element in Chinese medicine which is ‘metal’-which relates to ‘transformation’ (eg alchemy)-the ability to receive from the universe and give it back to the our earthly plane-transform ‘inspiration’ into physical manifestation.

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