Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly Tarot Reading

Weekly Tarot Reading-20th August 2018

This week begins with a theme of seeking balance between giving and taking and potentially dealing with people in higher positions which appear to hold all the cards. This is coming through the 6 of Pentacles. This scenario is likely to occur in a work situation where you may feel you have to ‘get down on your knees’ to get something you feel deserving of. I feel the message here is to KNOW you are deserving of it and to see yourself as an equal to the person or body of people who may be the ones who appear to hold all the cards. You don’t need to lower yourself in any way and favourable outcomes are present for those who have a deep sense of self worth who know that the real power lies within the spiritual realms.

In terms of relationships, the 6 of Pentacles reminds us to look at our own power plays in the intimate dynamics of friendships and romantic situations. Are we feeling like we need to ‘beg’ to get the attention we feel we deserve? Or on the flip side, do we feel someone around us is begging for our attention? Ask yourself how you can bring more balance to the situation, and remember to always be kind to others as well as to yourself.

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On a global level I feel this message is so apt at the moment. The power structures of the world are changing and the 99% are finding their own voice more and beginning to wake up to their own worth and less likely to tolerate being controlled by the mainstream media and beginning to see through political facade.

The Knight of Swords in TarotThere is also a sense of urgency this week to get to the truth of a situation and this is coming through the Knight Of Swords where he is swooping in to cut through opposition and swiftly take charge. I feel this is related to the 6 of Pentacles in that the energy of the Knight of Swords feels as if he doesn’t move quickly he may miss out on an opportunity to get what he deserves. You may feel that you need to be on your toes to claim what is yours this week and be ready to fight for it. As this relates to mental air energy, I mostly feel this will be on an intellectual level where you may need to find clarity before you swiftly move in to stake your claim.

The Star in TarotOver all this week though, The Star is indicating that it is most important to come from our spiritual self. When it comes to our power, I feel speaking our truth will be most important in connecting to our self worth. The 6th Chakra (our throat chakra) may need to be opened this week to be able to speak our truth as this is where we will find our own power. Spend some quiet time reflecting on the things you may not be speaking up about-either to another or to yourself. The Star card is a healing card that comes after the destruction of The Tower and this week a sense of hope may return to you that you may not have felt in quiet some time. Blocked expression will have a chance to move out and restore you. Taking inspiration from the flowing movement of water and expressing emotion in constructive ways will help you this week.

Questions to ask yourself:

How can I come more from the spiritual realms which will help the energy move quickly into more balance than if I discount the spiritual realms? Where does expressing myself need to be freed up? How can I speak my truth more to level the playing field?

Oracle Card Of The Week: Self Love

Sacred Power Reading CardsThis card from Anna Stark’s Sacred Power Reading Cards is all about the exploration of the inner child. There may be past wounds from your childhood that are being triggered and presenting themselves to you this week in order to be healed. They manifest themselves by extreme surges of emotion where you feel you want to lash out at someone or something in a way that seems out of proportion to the circumstance. Listen to the part of you which feels helpless and powerless and ask yourself how you can allow yourself to feel more of a sense of safety and wholeness. There simply may just be something you need to have the courage to say ‘no’ to so you can have more healthy boundaries around a situation.

Practice EFT to heal extreme emotions and other energy modalities to help bring any extreme emotions back into balance so that you may more easily speak your truth in a calm but effective way.

Here’s a routine you can try to help you get started:

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Weekly Tarot Reading

King of Pentacles Reversed | 7 of Wands Reversed | 2 Of pentacles

The weekly Tarot reading for Monday 13th August suggests that this week is a week to consider where you might be putting importance on material possessions over your spiritual well being. The cards and their positions were:

  • King Of Pentacles Reversed-The Opportunity
  • 7 of Wands Reversed-The Block
  • 2 of Pentacles-The Key

king-of-pentacles in tarotI feel this combination of cards has revealed that often when we are trying to make decisions about a certain direction we do so out of fear rather than one of inner security. When I say ‘inner security’ what I mean is that we tend to look at a material real life circumstance facing us, and want to change it because we don’t like what we see. The physical world provides us with contrast to help us shift and grow, but where we often go wrong is when things in our external life don’t look the way we would like them to look and rather than going to our heart to make a decision, we go to our head.

So you may ask-what does going to your heart actually look like or feel like? Well, rather than looking at an external circumstance and judging it to be good or bad, we need to look away from a certain reality of our life and focus on what it would FEEL like if things were different. We need to be a creator in our own mind and ask ourselves what kinds of things we would be doing or what kind of person we would be if we already had the circumstance we desired currently in our life. Then we need to ‘act as if’. Or, ‘act in faith’ that things will work out. Setting up a positive mind set at the beginning of the day is crucial here because everything will roll on from this point throughout the rest of the day and the week, month and year.

If you are feeling dissatisfied with a current condition in your life (and in this reading I feel it relates to material wants and gain due to the presence of the King Of Pentacles Reversed),-rather than continually looking at the situation and emotionally reacting to ‘what is’, ask yourself what is one action you could take today where you are coming from a place of already having the thing that you want, rather than coming from a place of lack. Make decisions with the expectation that things will work out-rather than focusing on them not working out. The act of doing this is a continual art form of course and often something that does not come ‘naturally’ to us.

7 of wands in tarotIf it is more money that we want-the next card (7 of Wands Reversed) is suggesting that part of the block to having more money is focusing on too many things at once. If it is a different living situation that we desire, we may need to get clear as to what our top priority in life is at the moment and make a decision from that rather than looking at too many options at once. When you make decisions from shaky ground (eg lack of clarity about what is most important to you), the final decisions will not usually work out well for you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t make ANY decision, but you may need to first consider which decision you need to make first, and that is asking yourself what is most important to your life right now.

The following card of the 2 of Pentacles suggests that the key to all this is balancing the spiritual with the practical. The spiritual aspect of decision making is firstly around being clear about what your absolute top priorities in life are. When you have mental and emotional clarity, the practical decisions you need to make become much easier. The 2 of Pentacles is about riding the ups and downs of life with grace and aiming to be light hearted about it. When we have fear around money and material circumstance and we keep focusing on the fear and worrying about all the ‘what if’s’ (the many possibilities of the the 7 of Wands ‘coming at you’), then it is hard to balance the practical with the mental/spiritual aspects of our lives.2-of-pentacles in Tarot

Personal Development Spotlight

One author and speaker I have a lot of time for is Christie Marie Sheldon. I have personally taken her classes and course in the past and she is one of my ‘go to’s’ when I am feeling insecure about material aspects of life and I am wanting some clarity around certain aspects.

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  • And much, much more.

If you want to attend this free online masterclass, click here.

Also, check out this video to ‘meet’ Christie Marie Sheldon:

My YouTube message for the week: Increase your energy with simple exercises.

Part of feeling good emotionally is taking actions to feel good physically first. One affects the other. Here is a 20-minute easy to perform energy exercise that will release your hips (hips often get tight when we find it hard to make decisions) free up your breathing (can be restricted when we are feeling fear and not acting from a place of inspiration) as well as help to release emotional blockages (which often stop us from making good decisions for ourselves).

Weekly Tarot Reading

The Sun | 2 Of Cups | King Of Wands Reversed

This week I focused on a single question that one of my subscribers asked. I felt it was such a great question that I decided to make my entire weekly reading about it because it is so relevant to all of us. They wrote:

“I have noticed that many, including myself, are trying different approaches to be their best and to contribute to the greater good. And myself and others are getting many obstacles or challenges along the way, even though we consciously do our best to stay positive, stay in touch with our spiritual source, ask for their help, are learning and growing from these lessons, etc., but still feel stuck in terms of maximizing our potential. So, I guess my question is how can we avoid these obstacles and manifest things that we know we are meant to achieve in relation to spirit? In other words, I feel we are doing all we can to be our best but feel we need the Universe to back us up especially because we have the best, ego-less intentions to spread love and peace into the world…”

So what do we do when we feel our best is just not good enough? What are we supposed to make of life when this occurs?

The weekly tarot reading for 6 to 12 August 2018 has revealed the following cards:

  • The Sun
  • The Two of Cups
  • The King of Wands reversed

The Sun in TarotIn this weeks reading I focused on the spread of the Door, the Lock and the Key. The Door represents the opportunity that we are being given here, and is symbolised by The sun. The Sun shines a light on all the obstacles coming to the surface and all our unconscious fears are being revealed. We are being given an opportunity to find what gives us our greatest joy. The obstacles that keep showing up act as kind of like a purging of the things we want to repress in ourselves, as well as what is being repressed on a global level.

But here is the thing, although they are perceived as obstacles, they are not obstacles to the growth of our soul. They are helping define ourselves further and learn who we are or remember who we are in the grand scheme of things.

The question to ask is how can we enjoy the ride more and be more carefree about the obstacles we find ourselves in and look for where the silver lining is rather than what we feel is just a hindrance. You may be thinking at this point ‘yeah yeah, I know all this-but WHY does it feel I am getting nowhere?’

On a global level there are many things being revealed, for example many power structures starting to be exposed, leadership that has hidden agendas, and working arrangements that people in the upper echelon of society have in place where we feel we are locked out of the abundance that they appear to enjoy.

2 of Cups in TarotThe Two Of Cups also suggests that when it comes to our own personal lives, we may be choosing or finding ourselves working with people who don’t share our vision whether that be related to creative projects or romantic partnerships and that thwarts our energy and our enthusiasm to feel positive expectations that what we want can be manifested.

The Two of Cups in the position of what is blocking us from achieving our full potential can also relate to the relationship we have within ourselves about the true nature of reality. We need to go deeper or look deeper about our wants and desires to discover why things don’t appear to be working out for us the way we would like.

Notice the symbol in this card of the caduceus. This symbol shows up in so many aspects of our lives and has also been said to link to ancient knowledge of sacred geometry, sonic geometry, the spiraling aspect of the natural world-eg the spiral of our DNA, the spiral of snails, of the galaxy, the Fibonacci sequence etc. ( I have left two videos below to help you understand the context of this symbol as well as knowledge that has been hidden or suppressed about our world and how it works. I highly recommend you check them out!)

The question to ask ourselves here is ‘how can we get ourselves on a vibrational frequency that allows more flow in our life and more effortless manifestation of what we want?’ One answer to this is to look at our obstacles as not being obstacles, but rather an indication we are not in vibrational alignment with what it is we think we want. When we are in vibrational alignment, things flow to us, synchronicities occur more, meetings with the right kind of people fall into our laps. And how do we know what our vibrational alignment is? It is revealed to us in the way we feel on a day to day basis. Are we waking up in joy and hopeful expectation? Or do we feel dread or boredom or frustration about the day ahead?

King of Wands in TarotThe King Of Wands Reversed relates more directly to why obstacles keep showing up (the third time this card has shown up over the last few weeks of readings!). What is occurring on a global level as well as a personal level in all of us, is a letting go of the dominant male energy that has been used to control and manipulate us. The King of Wands reversed in a nutshell symbolises toxic leadership. It shows up in our personal lives, our work lives as well as our global politics. It is male energy that has been misused. I am not therefore meaning to say that all men on planet earth are bad-because this energy shows up in women too because we all have a balance of male and female energies. The divine feminine has been suppressed, and The Sun card is shining a light on all of this and the status quo is being challenged. There will be more obstacles to come before we can have the carefree joy and abandon that the Sun card truly represents.

I feel the key to this is gaining an understanding of the deeper workings of the universe and how it essentially works in vibration and frequency (again, see the below videos), and therefore asking ourselves how we can harmonise with this knowledge and what it means for our own personal lives. It is time we begin to truly grasp our origins that stem back thousands of years in order to understand where we are at today. The below two videos help us to catch a glimpse of what we have been collectively missing for so long.

So how can we let go more and take life less seriously? Can we accept our limitations and obstacles that show up rather than push against them? Can we just let go? Can we look past what appears to be lack and find where our true power is?

When things don’t seem to be working out, it is just a sign that we need to go deeper in our understanding of the nature of reality.

Let me know in the comments how this resontated with you, and what you think of the below vidoes of which I consider to be some of the most important pieces of information we have been missing for so long as to how we can understand ourselves better and why things are the way they are. These vidoes are just a starting point though-but a very juicy starting point if you are on a quest for more knowledge of the nature of reality….

Video 1:

Video 2:

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Weekly Tarot Reading

6 of swords | Temperance | King of Wands | Weekly Tarot

The weekly Tarot reading for 30th July – 5th August 2018 reveals a need to face an issue which may be contributing to your emotional and physical imbalance.

The cards that came up were:

  • Temperance Reversed (the central issue)
  • King of Wands Reversed and 6 of Swords (the surrounding energies).

In relation to love

When this relates to love, these cards could indicate that you may be with someone or pursuing someone who is not able to give you the time and attention you deserve and desire. The King of Wands reversed is withholding information or love from you and this is causing you to feel sad and emotionally out of balance. Deep down in your heart you know that you need to move on from either being with this person or stop pursuing people who are not emotionally available to you and the thought of moving on or stopping communication with someone who is causing you to feel sad.

Keep in mind the only reason you feel sad is because you may be in a holding pattern of wanting to be with people who are not quite right for you which in one way has become a habit you are familiar with. You know you need to make some changes emotionally, but you are not quite sure how to and embracing new ways of being is scary to you on one level. Any new change to us is confronting and one reason it is hard to break out of ways of being that no longer serve us is because the brain perceives change (even positive changes) as a threat, and therefore is one of the reasons why we may repeat habits or ways of relating to people over and over again. There are solutions to this and one of them is to retrain your brain in specific ways to rewire your reactions and behaviour and what you even find desirable in another.

In relation to career or projects

What’s interesting about this spread is that the King of Wands reversed has once again shown up just as he did last week. When repeating cards show up I always look for the deeper meaning of this card and consider the bigger picture. When it comes to career, the King of Wands represents a leader who is creative and passionate and often entrepreneurial. They are never short on ideas and inspire others to put forth their own ideas. They make decisions from the heart and are not afraid of taking action.

As this card is reversed in this spread, this could indicate that you wish to be more of a leader or entrepreneurial but are hesitating to be that kind of person. It could also indicate that you usually have a steady flow of good ideas that come your way, but for one reason or another are feeling blocked and stagnant. Temperance reversed is suggesting you may simply just be feeling emotionally exhausted and need to take some steps to restore your energy. You may have been feeling burned out and with the 6 of Swords present it may be an indication that you need to spend some temporary time away from your job or work situation so that you can gain a new perspective on it.

At the most negative end of the spectrum when it comes to the combination of these three cards in conjunction, it could mean you are working with someone who is a control freak who has proven to you to create imbalance and unease in the work place, and people are leaving feeling disappointed that the dream job they once thought they had has turned into something where the environment is toxic and it is no longer healthy for them to stay.

General meaning

When looking at a more general meaning of these cards, we first must consider what Temperance relates to. Some keywords around this card are: balance, restoration, healing, spiritual renewal. It can also relate to abstaining from behaviours that are not healthy and therefore because abstinence has been practiced, wellbeing is prevailing. So, when this card is in its reversed position, the opposite of this can be true where poor habits are ruling your life and attracting unwanted things and/ or people, or a certain spiritual crisis is occurring where you might feel lost as to what your purpose is and therefore not feeling very inspired about anything.

The contributing factors to this situation (as indicated by the surrounding cards of the King Of Wands Reversed and the 6 of Swords) could be that you may feel discouraged to be the leader you were actually meant to be (King Of Wands Reversed), and you know that in order to be that leader you will have to drop some ideas about yourself and/or situations you find yourself in even though you feel hesitant in letting those things go. But the problem with this if you don’t let go and embrace that niggling feeling you are supposed to be moving towards something more or different, it will continue and that inner voice will get louder and louder until you are forced to go in a new direction in a way that may be less comfortable than it would have been had you made the move earlier.

So, listen to your deepest calling. Get into the quiet and ‘hear’ what comes through. Everyone has intuition available on tap. It just comes down to whether or not we are willing to still our mind enough to listen.

Personal Empowerment message for the week: The Secret To Law Of Attraction

In addition to being a tarot reader, I am also a certified bioenergetic wellness coach and over the next 12 months I will be focusing on growing my personal YouTube channel which focuses on ways to manage our energy in effective ways. Feel free to subscribe and like and comment!

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