Clearing negative energy yourself need not be something that is difficult or take a long time. In order to get into a more positive energy state, it is important to first recognise if the energy you are broadcasting out to the world is positive or negative. Here are some ways to know if it is negative:

  • You feel depressed a lot of the time.
  • You feel angry often.
  • You tend to get irritated very often.
  • You don’t have a lot of patience.
  • You feel a a lot of confusion and lack of clarity in general.

Basically, negative energy is just negative emotion, and while there are a huge amount of reasons why someone may feel negative emotion, I believe one of our core purposes in life is simply just to be happy, regardless of what circumstance we find ourselves in. Of course this does not mean we should always be happy, but it is more about the default mode we return to after times of great joy or great sadness. In other words, we need to ask ourselves, what is our emotional set point?

The more you can be in positive energy the less you will be bothered by others negativity.

One great misconception we have is that others can cause us to have negative energy or experience negative energy. But the truth of it is, if we are regularly evoking positive energy to surround us (more on how to do this below), then others are less likely to bring us down and cause our energy to slump.

Energy can also be seen as a vibration we carry around with us, or a frequency we broadcast to the world, and according to the Law Of Attraction, we attract to us people and circumstances that match our dominant vibration. This can be demonstrated by simple physics when two tuning forks are put next to each other that are an exact match in frequency. If you strike one tuning fork, the one which is tuned to the same frequency will also vibrate without having to strike it. Check out the video below for a demonstration of this basic concept:

So how do we keep our energy high to keep ourselves in a positive, high vibration which is our dominant set point? Here are 3 tips on clearing negative energy yourself.

3 tips to keep yourself in a high vibration.

Exercise daily.

This is pretty simple, yet how many people actually consciously exercise daily? Given that about one third of the population of the world is overweight, I am willing to bet that exercise is not high on the priorities for most of these people. According to the European Association For The Study Of Obesity, (, 65% of the world’s population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight.

The Human Energy FieldBy taking daily exercise we increase the activity of the cells in our body and generate more physical energy than if we did not exercise. This then affects our aura which is the energy field around our body and makes it larger and therefore more resilient. Even just 7 minutes a day of exercise can have a profound effect on not just your physical wellbeing, but also your energy field and therefore ability to maintain a higher vibration than you would otherwise.

Practice Qigong.

Modern QigongQigong is an ancient practice that has similarities to Tai Chi, but it is easier to learn and execute (and in my opinion, more effective for feeling energy within your body and bringing clarity to the mind). Through a series of gentle movements and synchronised breathing, the energy (otherwise known as ‘Chi’) moves with more flow within your body which creates a larger energy field around your body. It also increases mental and emotional clarity and ease within your joints and muscles promoting a feeling of over all wellbeing.

It can be practiced in as little as 5 minutes a day to experience benefits. For a free sample of some Qigong exercises that you can practice in front of your computer or from your smart phone, click here. If you have never tried Qigong, you will be amazed at your ability to feel pulsating energy within your body with some simple instructions. 

Guided Meditation.

There are many scientific studies proving the health benefits of meditation, but guided meditation can take it up a notch where you are visualising the energy around you and what it is doing and how you can manipulate it. In fact, this is the basis of what energy clearing is all about on a level that is not physical like basic exercise and practices such as Qigong or yoga. Our mind is one of the most powerful tools we have in affecting what our physical body does as well as our emotional body which therefore affects our vibrational frequency that we are broadcasting out to everyone and everything around us.

Listen to Christie Marie Sheldon as she talks about her ability to see peoples energy and determine in an instant whether they are happy and what blocks they have to experiencing abundance in their life and where these blocks are stored within their body.

15 minutes into the video, allow yourself to experience a powerful meditation that will show you what your relationship to money is and where you are storing any blocks to abundance within your body from the things you learned as your were growing up.

If you would like a free energy kit that Christie offers, click here to get it now and find out more information about what vibrational frequency is all about and what level is ideal to be at and how to get there.