Client Testimonials

“This reading was so insightful and I am so happy I put in the request. It’s made me look at my life differently and showed me where I need to focus. Liz is a fantastic reader and took the time to understand my situation before giving me an in depth reading” 

-Sarah, Canada

“Liz is an extremely talented tarot reader. She instantly knew about my situation which I was very impressed with, considering we have never meet. She also offered guidance in the reading which was spot on and what I had actually been thinking myself. I would definitely recommend Liz.”

-Stacey, United Kingdom

“Liz has a beautifully calming and soothing voice, and talked me through the different sides of the Bioenergetic Voice Scan. When she worked her magic, I promptly fell asleep during our remote session, something I don’t easily or normally do over Zoom-meets! I am currently recovering from a south of Covid, and although I am healing well, my energy levels have taken a big hit. After Liz’ session I enjoyed a night of deep, rejuvenating sleep and woke up feeling rested and energetic (a big feat when you have Covid!) after a solid 8.5 hours of sleep. Liz is running this modality with confidence and great care for her clients, making the session wonderfully relaxing and comfortable.”
Ivy, Australia

“After leaving a violent relationship,  wanting a new life, and wanting to work, I was unsure which career path to take. I asked Liz for some direction, and she helped me. What I am most grateful for was how she queried me if there was a relationship that could be holding me back without knowing my background, because I was thinking about going back to him!  So I didn’t return to that toxic relationship, instead moved forward, now I’m happy and starting  a new career.”

-MB, Australia

“Your reading immediately struck a chord in me….it helped me focus more in work and I felt less distracted… it was amazingly simple and insightful.”

-Jason, Ireland

“Liz has touched me in so many ways and provided a deep understanding in how I can find someone. Her advice is indeed great. I feel that she will be a good adviser to those people who need to enlighten their feelings, emotions and psychological thoughts.”

-Allera, Phillippines

“Thank you so much for the readings and for all of the valuable insight! So much of it made sense and you really seemed to understand me/to read me from a deeper level which was amazing.I really appreciate your time and attention to detail for the readings you did for me, and I love how you combine the written reading results with the audio to further explain those results. I really loved being able to listen to the audio and go back to hear certain details again, so I was especially happy to have that too! And, your voice/accent are easy on the ears too! Haha!”

-Marianne, United States

“Thank you again for your answer, it feels like someone finally sees me for who I am and sees my true feelings. Even though there are thousands of miles of distance between us…..”

-Maria, United States

“How enlightened and appreciative I am for having a reading with Liz!! She was spot on without missing a thing about what I’m going through and what I need to do to achieve my goal. Thank you so much for the light and inspiration you gave me with your reading /words. You helped me a lot. I can’t thank you enough. Your sensibility and your time spent looking for an answer to my question, it’ll never be forgotten.
Love and light always.”

-Telma, United States

“Thank you so much from your insightful reading! You have been a great help on my way to self appreciation, and you really got me thinking and reflecting on my life.”

-Kati, Finland

“Thank you for this reading. It was very interesting and impressive….for my own part, I can say it is accurate…This reading totally resonated for me.”

LR,  Sweden

“I really acknowledge your intuition. You picked up on the major themes/emotions/challenges/opportunities….Thank you for taking the time to do this reading and for following up.”

-Stephanie, United States

“Thank you for sending me a clear insight about my three questions. I enjoyed your readings that were very very true. You have touched my heart. God bless you.”

-Nagarjuna, India

“Thanks for your Tarot reading.  It touched core issues and showed the pathway. I really appreciate your help.”

-Srinivas, India

“I loved my reading with Liz. She provided me with a detailed reading that picked up extremely well on what’s going on now and where I’m heading without telling her almost anything. My reading gave me reassurance in my situation. I highly recommend her. I see myself hiring her In the future!”

-Rafaela, Miami