The daily Tarot reading today reveals that the energy of the Hanged Man is still present. Perhaps it is a hangover from Mercury going retrograde recently, which actually finished on the 22nd of September, but maybe the energy takes a while to dissipate.

I actually made a mistake in yesterdays daily reading  where I said the Universal number of the day was 8-for whatever reason I messed up the maths! Yesterdays Universal number was actually 7, which makes even more sense for yesterday’s reading because number 7 in numerology represents choices, discovery, assessment and knowledge and reflection. This is totally in line with the cards that came up in yesterdays reading.

Anyway, moving right on. Today:

What will help you:The Hanged Man

What will hinder you: The 4 of Wands

Your unrealised potential: The 7 of Wands

Universal number of the day: 8 (2+6+ 0+9+ 2+0+1+6=26, 2+6=8)

The Hanged Man In TarotThe Hanged Man in the position in the spread that indicates what will help you suggests that now is still a time of waiting and watching patiently as many things unfold in ways you are not consciously aware of. Try to be present in your body and mind today rather than projecting your thoughts forward to what you wish will happen. The Hanged man is a good time to sit back and notice what you feel appreciation for rather than what you want your life to be other than what it currently is. Of course, this is good advice for any day, but when the Hanged Man shows up it is even more relevant.

The 4 Of Wands

The 4 Of Wands

In terms of what will hinder you today, the 4 of Wands suggests that there may be break downs in communications with those around you causing you some stress. The 4 of Wands can also represent a time where you look forward expectantly to a time in the future, however, doing so today will not be productive for you given that the Hanged Man has shown up in the position of what will help you. So once again being grounded in the present moment will be your best tool today to overcome feelings of restlessness and wishing for things to be different. There are things happening for you underground, so quiet your mind and listen for some intuitive messages from your higher self.

7 of wandsThe 7 of Wands has once again shown up as it did in Saturdays reading, except this time indicating your unrealised potential. There may still be a need to stand your ground over a particular situation you feel strongly about and feeling you need to defend yourself over. Remember to try and strike the balance between knowing which fights are worth having, and which are better walking away from. But know that whatever choice you make will change the energy of the situation at hand-for better or for worse. But perhaps the Universe is challenging you to bring out your stronger more confident self around something that is important to you.

Until tomorrow, wishing you love and light!