How often do you look at someone who is wealthy and feel that at some level they must be corrupt? We may look at corporations who are making billions in profit out of depleting the earths resources (like oil companies or logging companies) and feel disillusioned because it appears if we want to be really rich, we have to do something our soul does not feel aligned with.

Do you think money is the root of all evil.“They got how much when they left that position?”

We see CEO’s of banks in the media who get a massive golden handshake at the end of their tenure and think ‘how can that person be worth that much?’ And our mind draws the conclusion that it must be an unjust situation and corruption is at play.

Somehow majority of us have been conditioned in society to come to believe that rich people must be unethical in some way to have accumulated all their wealth. Unfortunately this sets up an inner conflict in our mind regarding our own financial abundance.

Do you think money is the root of all evil.So, do you think that money is the root of all evil?

Well, do you? Here are some clues as to whether deep down you in fact do at least slightly feel this way:

  • You feel conflicted about charging what you feel you are worth for your services.
  • You feel that very rich people are somehow less spiritual/less generous people.
  • You think that the chances of a rich person being greedy are pretty darn high.
  • You think that in order to be very rich you have to work really hard and sacrifice love and enjoyment along the way.
  • You tend to notice that very spiritual people tend not to have a lot of money.

Resolving the conflict between money and spirituality.

Recently I decided to explore the blending of spirituality with money by doing an online course called ‘The Spiritual Laws Of Money’ taught by T Harv Eker. You can check out a free online masterclass with him here.  I began the course with an open mind, feeling doubtful it would reveal to me whether or not I had blocks to financial abundance.

Well, I was wrong.

30 minutes into the course I discovered I do in fact harbor a secret suspicion towards people who are wealthy, and here is why: In the first online lecture of the course Harv begins to ask a series of questions for the listeners to ponder. He asks “Do you believe that wealthy people are corrupt?” most people’s response to this question was ‘yes’. Then he asked “Do you believe there are corrupt people in middle class society?” And once again, a resounding ‘yes’ occurs. And then he asks “Do you believe there are corrupt people who don’t have much money at all?” ‘

Of course there are, right? Thieves, welfare cheats, people wanting to get paid in cash so they don’t have to pay tax on their earnings etc. are all examples of that. And this is where the penny dropped for me.

There are corrupt people everywhere, and yet, we seem to have much more emotional charge on wealthy corrupt people than we do on poor corrupt people, even though it is often groups of people with very little money where crime is actually the highest. So, we unconsciously start to feel that ‘money=bad’, and given that we want to feel and look like good people to ourselves and others, we unknowingly feel on some level that the accumulation of wealth may turn us into bad people.

Do you think money is the root of all evil.To quote Harv, “Money does not corrupt people; people corrupt money”. Point taken. He then goes on to say “Money is just a tool, like a hammer. Would you say a hammer is bad?”

I am not religious, but seeing our western culture is built on Christian roots, I will point out that the bible actually says ‘The love of money is the root of all evil’. That is quite different to money itself. But somehow, mass consciousness has construed the original quote to ‘Money is the root of all evil’. Is it any wonder there is a massive divide between the rich and the poor? Most of us actually don’t have a healthy relationship and mindset around money full stop!

Do you think money is the root of all evilAbundance mindset.

Why is all this relevant to having an abundance mindset-especially if you are a spiritual entrepreneurial who just wants to help the world? Well, by learning to accumulate wealth, you are going to be in a much more powerful position to help a whole lot more people than if you are in a situation where you are not earning much money. But in order to do that, we have to remove the mental blocks that inhibit us from taking the actions needed to learn how to use this tool called ‘money.’ The Spiritual Laws Of Money promises to help you do that.

There are always exceptions to the rule of course.

I am aware this is an over simplification as to why 2% of the world’s population holds 98% of the entire world’s wealth. However, I feel this program would be most useful to those who are in a position to maximise their earning potential, yet for whatever reason are selling themselves short.

So, embrace your gifts, whatever they may be and go out and serve the world and ensure you are charging what you feel you are worth (it is usually more than you think!). Have a purpose for your money beyond just wanting more for yourself. This is one of the keys to attracting and growing wealth from a spiritual perspective according to T. Harv Eker.

Over the next 8 weeks, I will be updating you on my progress on this online class. If you are interested in learning more about the course, click here.