Marisa PeerIf you are considering getting some Rapid Transformational therapy or becoming an RTT practitioner, but not sure if the investment of your time and money is worth it, this post might help you. Does rapid transformational therapy work? This question is probably on your mind as you consider what it takes to change not only your life, but perhaps those of others too. You may not know that you can experience this therapy for yourself in the privacy of your own home before you invest in a face to face practitioner, or the course to become a practitioner yourself for a a fraction of the cost.

The first step would be to try a free online masterclass here.

In this class you will experience a free rapid transformational hypnotherapy session from world renown therapist Marisa Peer, and learn about her online training program which is the perfect way to find out whether you want to invest in her more advanced therapist training course to take your new knowledge even further to help others.

Who is Marisa Peer?

Marisa Peer is a highly experienced hypnotherapist who works with some of the highest profile people in the world. Actors, athletes and top CEO’s have experienced her expertise and highly recommend what she does. Through years of training and taking clients, she came to learn more effective tools for personal transformation than the standard hypnotherapy method, and also packaged her knowledge which makes it even more accessible to the average person. If you were to experience one on one-on-one sessions with someone of her caliber, you would be up for thousands of dollars. But with her online training program, you can experience it for a very affordable price, which is just as effective when you dedicate yourself to it methodically.

Watch Marisa below to learn more about her:

My firsthand experience.

Back in 2016, I experienced my first 8 week online training course with Marisa, and it was indeed life changing. I signed up for the course via the Mindvalley platform and am so pleased that I did, as it really made the process of changing my mind-set about certain internal blocks I had, more simple. My income began to grow, I began to have more courage to change my life direction and I feel that my life perspective is quite different now compared to before I took her classes.

You can read about my experience here.

Why Rapid Transformational Therapy Works.

Before we were the age of 7, our mind was being rapidly programmed by our environment. As the Jesuits have been well known to say: “Give us the child until the age of 7, and we will have them for life”. As we grew up, our environment was made up of all the people in our life, especially our parents and other family members, or those who we spent the most time around. It was also the social economic situation we were in as well as any religious influences as well as our schooling. Everything we have watched, heard or experienced has impacted our subconscious mind to the point that it still impacts us today in our adult years.

We are like a programmed computer.

When we are born, we are like a blank hard rive which is going to receive a huge amount of downloaded data to store. It does not matter if that downloaded data is based in truth or not. Our perceptions and beliefs about life begin to be wired in at this young age primarily because of the dominant brainwave pattern our brains are in before the age of 7, which is ‘theta’. This is the dream-like state which is very conducive to taking in new information and storing it as ‘truth’. So, if we were told we were inadequate in some way, we would store this as ‘truth’ even if it were actually not true at all. If we witnessed violence and misery constantly, we would think this is the only way the world can be. If our parents divorced or constantly had fights-epecially before the age of 7, we would unconsciously take on the belief that intimate relationships cannot last or are fraught with danger and unease.

So, how does it work?

Rapid transformational therapy works because we learn to talk to our mind in more productive ways, and over time, our brain and body take on the new information as truth. This is NOT about positive thinking or positive affirmations. A huge amount of energy is required to make positive thinking and positive affirmations work. This is because as you engage in these practices, it is like you are takling to a recording that is already playing in the background and getting annoyed that the recording is not changing, when what you really have to learn to do is press ‘record’ so you can program some new information onto the recording. This is an analogy that Dr. Bruce Lipton Ph.D often talks about. He says: “95% of our life is coming from the programs of life, [for example] how we experienced life in the first 7 years of our life. That’s why poor people stay poor and rich people stay rich.”

Watch more of what Dr. Lipton says on this subject below:

What’s involved in Marisa’s newest and shortest course?

When you take Marisa Peers 35 day rapid transformational hypnotherapy training, you will learn how to communicate with yourself in better ways. And you will do it for 20-40 minutes per day for 35 days in a row. When you are seeking change around a particular area, it has been shown to be very effective to immerse yourself in a challenge for a finite period, knowing full well it will end, but you walk away from the experience being forever changed.

How much does the course cost:

The full cost of the course costs $649, or if you want to add a completion certificate when you reach the end, it will cost $50 more.

What is the learning platform?

As with all Mindvalley courses, the learning platform is extremely high quality. When you enroll in any course, whether that be a free one of a paid one, you will get a Mindvalley Academy account. This can be accessed either from your desktop computer or from your smartphone via their sophisticated app. You can listen to the entire course online, or you can download all the files to keep on a hard drive somewhere. So, it is different to when you buy an e book on amazon for example to read on your kindle, because you can never download and fully own that book. But on the Mindvalley platform you can own everything. Your Mindvalley account will also help you keep track of where you are in the course, as it will tick of each module as you go. The course also comes with a transcript of each session so you can review it in written form without having to listen to the entire recording again. You will also be able to join Marisa’s private Facebook group which will enable you to interact with other students.

Can you get a discount?

Yes you can! And a very big one when you take the free online masterclass first, and purchase the course straight after the class. It is well worth doing this as you will come to learn the true power of what Marisa is offering and experience firsthand a rapid transformational therapy session, all for free. I have taken a few Mindvalley classes and the discount you can get can be up to 80% off the regular price, so be sure to check it out.

What do you think?

Has Marisa Peer impacted you in some way? Are you considering becoming a fully fledged therapist? Or, would you like to check out her free training first? I highly recommend you do if you want to accelerate your progress with any kind of goal you have in life, or heal an old reoccurring psychological pattern you have adopted which is affecting your happiness and fulfilment.