Donna Eden Neurovascular points

Donna Eden Energy Routine

The Donna Eden energy routine is a central aspect to all of her energy medicine training, and week two of Mindvalley’s Energy Medicine course covered a revision of what we learned from the first week of the course in relation to this energy routine. This ensured that what was learned in the previous week was being integrated properly and was a reminder of why it is important to do everyday.


Here is the Daily Energy Routine:

Given that every square inch around the world is filled with man made electro magnetic fields, toxins in food, additives and other people’s negativity it is really crucial to do these routines to build resilience to these things and move the stagnant energies out of our body or anything that is not serving our higher good. Donna demonstrated with muscle testing with someone in the audience how quickly stress can hit our system simply just by thinking about something that we feel stressed and overwhelmed by. Stresses can build one by one on top of each other which really start to affect our biochemical balance within our body resulting in disease and other problems.

The neuro-vascular points.

Donna Eden Neurovascular points
Donna Eden Neurovascular points

In this weeks class several exercises were covered such as why holding the neuro-vascular points on your head is important when combating stress and especially so if it is a stress we have been dealing with for a long time. I now use this technique each night as I lay in bed to send me to sleep quickly, or if my toddler has woken me up in the middle of the night and I want to get back to sleep asap! It is fantastic and has worked every time for me so far.

A psychiatric patient who had not spoken for two years suddenly began to talk after having these points held.

Donna relayed the story of how when she used to volunteer in hospitals to help people get better that she once found herself in a psychiatric ward and asked a patient if it would be ok if she held the patients neurovascular points on her head f0r some time (which helps to balance the brain chemistry). The patient was compliant and allowed for it. What was amazing is this patient had not spoken for two years as she was so shut down. It took 45 minutes of Donna holding the points on her head and suddenly the patient began to be interactive and talk. The nurses pulled Donna aside and wondered what had happened as it was then that they told her that this patient had not spoken for two years.

Consciously bring something to mind that is stressful and hold the neuro-vascular points.

In the class she demonstrated where these points are on the head and why it is important to get into a daily routine of consciously focussing on something that is stressful in our life while holding these points until the feelings of stress dissipate. This helps the body and mind come to constructive solutions around the stress rather than being in a constant flight or fight mode about the particular stress.

The Blow Out Technique.

This exercise is useful when we are feeling particularly annoyed by someone. They could either be ‘over loving us’ (e.g. smothering us) or just generally rubbing us up the wrong way and we feel irritated. If we generally find someone too much to handle it is because we ourselves are already overloaded with too much information or stress within and we need a quick way to dissipate the energy so we can feel better. The Blow Out Exercise is quick and effective for this.

Grounding Technique.

Given that our bodies are electrical in nature, like a battery we also have positive and negative charges, as does the earth. When our energies are in harmony with the earth (e.g. able to be ‘fed’ by the earth which therefore gives us feelings of relief and more energy) because we can connect with it) it means our own polarities are not at odds with the earths polarities  (think about magnets and how a positive to positive magnet will repel from each other, yet if you put a positive to negative magnet together they will connect). But often through stress and overwhelm or illness our polarity reverses and we are no longer getting the benefit of being connected to the earth therefore weakening us further.

How a stainless steel spoon can help ground us.

This is where the stainless steel spoon can be invaluable and all we need to do is rub the back of it on the back of our feet and we will reverse our polarity back the right way so we can connect to the earth again. Very important for feeling calm and centred within rather than flighty and anxious.

Being in a chronic state of homo-lateral

One thing that is stressed throughout the entire course so far is the importance of our energies crossing over each other. For example, right shoulder to left hip and left shoulder to right hip. However, overtime we can develop a chronic state of where our energies are just running parallel to each other and this is always the case when we are ill or depressed. So, this is where the Daily Energy Routine may not be as effective because of the entrenched energy flow the body is in. Donna demonstrates what to do in this instance and how we can correct this habit and therefore give ourselves a much better chance of feeling happy and also getting over chronic illnesses.

My progress so far.

I have started to use the daily energy routine every morning as soon as I wake up, and before I take my dog for the morning walk. I have found this really helps me to feel less groggy in the morning and I feel alert sooner rather than later. I am also noticing less of a desire to have coffee once I have done the routine.

I am also starting to feel more aware of body sensations like when my energies have gone into a homo-lateral state as opposed to a crossing over state as I get this feeling that I have more energy around my heart centre and throat when they are crossing over. When they are in homo-lateral, I don’t notice the same buzzing or tingling sensation there. I am really pleased to have found this new awareness!

There is so much information in this course and I know I am going to want to repeat the course once it is all done to really make sure I have fully integrated it all, but right now I feel like I am at the beginning of a new mental clarity I have been seeking for a while.

Eden Energy MedicineIf you would like to purchase Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course from Mindvalley for yourself, click here. Or, try watching a free session with Donna Eden where she will teach you four important energy techniques.

Mindvalley has a no questions asked money back guarantee within 30 days on all of their courses. But I can assure you, if you take the course seriously and implement the practices, you won’t be asking for your money back because you will feel like a veil has been lifted from you! If you have any questions, feel free to comment below.

If you would like to read my review on the first week of this course, click here.

Have you ever practiced any kind of energy medicine? Or have you never heard of energy medicine? Feel free to comment below and let me know!.

6 thoughts on “Donna Eden Energy Routine”

  1. No I have not heard of, or practiced energy medicine. You do make it sound interesting. I will try the silver spoon on the foot and see if i can see a change. Great information going on your page. Good luck on your journey hope all goes well for you.

  2. This is definitely the most fascinating thing i’ve heard today! What is the science behind the neuro-vascular points really? Do they release some chemicals to the brain when they are massaged? I will definitely try all this out today.
    You definitely have me intrigued, thank you for such a post.

    1. HI Pro1, thanks for stopping by. You are on the right track there. Massaging these points helps to improve the neural pathways. By improving the neural pathways it affects the hormones released by the Pituitary and Hypothalamus which denotes whether we are in “Fright or Flight” or “Rest and digest”. The science of neuro-vascular points also relate to the lymph system in the body, which relates to our immune system. The lymph has no pump of its own so the only way to get it moving in our body is by physically moving around, or massaging particular points on the body to help it move around. Lymph helps to detoxify our body and move congested energy, and this helps us to feel more alert. If there is congested energy in the body then this will over time affect our physical body. Energy medicine works on the premise that we are an energy body before we are a physical body. This may sound a little hippy dippy, but think about how there is an electrical field around your heart and around your brain which can be measured by standard medical instruments. We are a walking electromagnetic field!

  3. Hi Liz,

    I really enjoyed your article and as a yoga practitioner, I appreciate learning about energy medicine topics. The exercises sound very interesting for sure. As you mentioned, there is so much to learn about this subject and I would definitely love to learn more about it as it could compliment nicely with yoga.


    1. Hey Lidia, yes energy medicine ties in nicely with yoga and it actually enhanced my understanding of what yoga aims to do with many of its postures, as well as how it relates to the Chakras. Thanks for stopping by!

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