Eden Energy MedicineIn this post I am going to talk about Eden Energy Medicine and the new course that Mindvalley Academy has just released by Donna Eden and Ph.D David Feinstein.  As I was already familiar with Donna’s work from years ago, I  had prior knowledge of the kinds of energy practices she teaches. However, the course format that Mindvalley has developed makes consuming her information easier than her books and DVD’s, and it is presented in a systematic way that is detailed, practical and user friendly.

As I have just begun the course, I will start out reviewing the training materials for the first week, then as the course progresses and each module is released, I will come back and update the post to include the following weeks.

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Name: ‘Energy Medicine’

Hosted by: Mindvalley Academy

Cost: $349 retail (or 3 payments of $129). Special discount applies to Masterclass attendees where it can be purchased for $229 or 2 payments of $159.

Length of course: 8 modules over 8 weeks.

Delivery: Online via Mindvalley Academy platform.

My rating so far: 9.5/10

I took the free online masterclass to continue my education with Eden Energy Medicine. Before I attended the class I was not intending to buy the full course because all I really wanted was a recap of what Donna Eden teaches, and given that I already had a couple of her books and DVD’s, I didn’t think I would get any more benefit out of doing the Mindvalley Academy course.

Eden Energy MedicineHowever, the four techniques that Donna taught in the masterclass were not only reminders to me how easy they are, but also how profound they are. I wondered why I hadn’t been applying what I already knew to be true with energy medicine, and it occurred to me that  the books and DVD’s I have of Donna’s were not enough for my brain to use in comprehensive ways. That is not to say the books are bad at all-I love them, but the learning platform that Mindvalley offers is easy to navigate and systematic, and I like systems. And in truth, I knew my over all energy could be better, so I excitedly bought the course.

What is Energy Medicine?

Ph.D David Feinstein (Donna Eden’s husband) says: “Conventional medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the biochemistry of cells, tissue, and organs. Energy Medicine, at its foundation, focuses on the energy fields of the body that organize and control the growth and repair of cells, tissue, and organs. Changing impaired energy patterns may be the most efficient, least invasive way to improve the vitality of organs, cells, and psyche.”

Donna Eden says: “Energy is your body’s magic! It is your life force. You keep it healthy and it keeps you healthy. If you are sick or sad, shifting your energies feels good. When you care for these invisible energies, it makes your heart sing and your cells happy!”

Here is a short video of Donna and David talking about Energy Medicine and the course overview:

Benefits So Far:

So far, from the time I finished the masterclass (February 7th 2017) to now (2 days later at the time of writing this), I have felt more grounded as I have immediately implemented the techniques that were taught in the free masterclass, and the first week of the paid course content. Straight after I finished watching the masterclass I applied one of the techniques that Donna taught to aid sleep before bed that night and had a really deep sleep, and felt energised the next day.

The day after that, I noticed while doing my usual ‘7 minute workout’ (an exercise routine I had begun a couple of weeks back) that suddenly pushups were a lot easier and I got through the routine with more ease. So, I do feel encouraged about what I am learning from this course.

What’s In The Course?

  • Week One: Using Energy Medicine to Fuel Your Vitality
  • Week Two:Clearing, Grounding, and Balancing Your Energies
  • Week Three: Relieving Stress with Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians
  • Week Four:Using Energy Tests to Make Healthy Choices
  • Week Five:Working With Pain
  • Week Six: The Chakras
  • Week Seven: The Aura – Your Energetic Space Suit
  • Week Eight: Radiant Circuits – The Energies of Vitality & Joy

What I Have Learned So far From Week One:

  • How to do the Daily Energy Routine to keep my energies ‘humming’ and have mental and emotional clarity. This included new steps that I didn’t know about from Donna’s books in the past.
  • How to sedate my nervous system to prepare it for sleep with a stainless steel spoon.
  • How tender spots on the body are an indication that the associated energy pathway and neuro-lymphatics need attention and what I can do to get them flowing and cleared.
  • How to get more immediate mental clarity when I am feeling brain fog.
  • How reading can make me tired if my energies are not flowing in their natural direction
  • How the stomach is related to being grounded to the earth and therefore feeling centred and balanced, and where you can tap on your face to feel immediate grounding.
  • How my energy affects others energy and why it is important that my energies are are in a coherent state.This is because the simple act of even talking to others when the energy in your meridians are running backwards and the over all energy in your body is not flowing freely can put others in an ‘in-coherent’ state. This means you are not delivering your message effectively and can result in frustration and conflict. This has profound implications for teaching, business meetings, public speaking and intimate relationships.

My verdict so far:

I am really pleased with the way the course is delivered with high quality video and audio, and the way that Donna and David teach together. They truly are a compliment to each other where David is the left brain thinker and Donna is the right brain ‘feeler’. This means that I get a balanced understanding of what Donna is teaching.

What else do you get in the course?

There are also complimenting PDF manuals with diagrams which detail various positions of points to tap and energy pathways in anatomy and how they affect your physiology, and how is all interconnected.

I am very much looking forward to the live webinars where I get to ask Donna direct questions about the course content and health in general.

The other benefit of taking this course from Mindvalley is Tribe Learn. This platform is a social network where you can chat to others anywhere in the world who are taking the same course as you are at the same time. This enables you to also learn off other peoples experiences and meet like minded people.

What am I hoping to get out of this course?

Eden Energy MedicineI decided to take this course because although my general life is pretty good, I do feel I lack energy, and am still susceptible to taking on the energy of others too easily. I am an empath by nature, and I have felt powerful benefits in the past from energy medicine techniques, but for what ever reason, I do not practice them enough.

I want to be re-motivated and re-inspired to incorporate these practices into my daily life because I know I am going to feel more energised by doing so, as well as a deeper sense of joy, flow, and have more coherent thinking when it comes to approaching all the things I want to achieve in relation to my business.

I also want to be able to balance my family life, leisure and work life better, because at the moment I feel like it is all work, work, work with very little play. That is not sustainable long term and will lead to burn out. I know energy medicine can help me sort all that out.

Teaching Kids Energy Medicine.

I also want to able to teach this to my daughter. She is only two and a half at the moment, but I am quite confident that by the time she is four, she will be able to comprehend a lot of this stuff just in terms of how it will make her feel if I work with her. This will have a profound impact on the rest of her life as her nervous system is like a clean slate. Her learning abilities will be enhanced, as well as her ability to communicate clearly. I want to do everything in my power that she grows up with tools to help navigate her emotions, inner joy, self connection and inner wisdom and can quickly clear any blocks that may arise over the course of her life.

Stay tuned for updates on the next 7 weeks of the course!

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