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Email Tarot Readings-How Do They Work?

Email Tarot ReadingsWhen people seek out a Tarot Reading, they usually imagine they would be talking to someone face to face, or over the phone or over a live video feed. But there is another way that is equally beneficial- if not more beneficial in some ways. Email Tarot Readings are helpful because it gives the reader and the querent time to digest the messages of the cards and what has come up. It also gives the querent a chance to ask follow up questions that are more specific and to the point because they have time to think about what message is being delivered to them.

How do Email Tarot Readings Work?

First of all,  send your questions that you would like more insight on via an email to a Tarot reader you trust . It is helpful to understand a little about how the Tarot reader works and what their philosophy of life is before you decide to proceed with a particular reader. There are many different kinds of Tarot readers and their beliefs will affect how they respond to the cards and your questions. Ideally they would have a website and a video where they introduce themselves and talk a little about their approach to the cards. This will give you an immediate feel as to whether or not this person is the right reader for you. You want to get a sense that they are genuine and have your best interests at heart and are not out to just grab your money and give you little value in return.

How quickly will they respond to your questions?

They should respond to you within 24 to 48 hours and may want a little more clarity about what you are asking and may (or may not)  want your date of birth. This is most likely the time they will send you a link as to where you can make your payment to them before the reading begins. After you respond they will proceed to shuffle their cards whilst in private holding an intention to get a clear answer for you. They will use a variety of spreads and perhaps different decks and address each of your questions.

How long does a reading take?

A reading is likely to be stretched out over the course of a few days to a week due to the back and forth nature of email, as well as allowing time for both you and the reader to digest what message the cards have.

Is the reading delivered via a file?

The way I respond to my clients questions is via a PDF document that I have attached to the email where I have recorded the cards that have come up for each question and what they mean specifically for the client. I get intuitive hits as to why certain cards have shown up and weave an over all meaning to the entire spread of cards. This is what I call ‘the snapshot in time’ in terms of how it relates to what energies are present.

Most of the time, I write between 1500-2000 words to help the client understand their situation and what actions or trains of thought they may want to adopt to make the best use of the new information they now possess about the situation they want more clarity on. So usually, once I have received the clients payment, they will usually have their reading in their inbox within a maximum of 72 hours.

Why are email Tarot Readings Effective?

Email Tarot ReadingsWe all have our different mental models of the universe and how it works. But, I like to relate all of life back to quantum physics. The quantum world works differently to the usual rules of time and space in our day to day reality, and it also works on the premise that everything is energy. So, when you hold a thought or question in your mind, it is a form of energy.

When you reach out to Tarot reader via email, your energy is now entangled with theirs, and so when the reader deals out your cards with the intention to help you, there is a third party energy present that plays a role in orchestrating which cards are going to fall. Carl Jung would have referred to this as ‘synchronicity’. 

So, in other words, time and space does not matter, because in the difficult to comprehend quantum world, time can work backwards or forwards or be in several places at once.

(Read an article here which talks in more detail about the nature of time in relation to the quantum world.)

So, what is most important is your sincere intention to get some insight into your situation (and not so much someone else’s situation unless it directly relates back to you) and a sincere intention on behalf of the reader to help you gain some insight.

After you receive your email reading.

The benefit of having an email Tarot reading is you get to sit back for a while and think about what has been communicated to you before you ask any questions. If you were in the physical presence of a reader either face to face or via the phone or skype, you would be restricted by conventional time and you are likely to walk away and think ‘Oh! if only I asked ……(insert your follow up question)’, and the moment in time is lost. But with email, you can take your time and let your reading ‘marinate’ in your brain while you pause to reflect and then ask a follow up question that is coming from more of a considered space.

Limited Follow Up Questions Help Get Better Answers.

Most readers will set a limit as to how many follow up questions you can ask before it then becomes another paid reading, so this forces you to think more carefully about what it is you want to ask. The better questions you ask, the better answers you will receive.

Once your follow up questions have been answered via email, the reading has then ended. It is recommended that you sit with the new information for another 3- 6 months before you revisit the subject again so you can absorb what has been said and take action on the things that may need your attention.

Liz regularly does email Tarot readings for clients. See what some of her clients have said on her testimonial page here.

If you would like an email reading, please contact liz at with a subject heading ‘Email Tarot Reading’.

Watch Liz’s introduction video below to get to know her a little better:

10 thoughts on “Email Tarot Readings-How Do They Work?”

  1. Wow! I really like this post! I used to have tarot cards myself, but that was not my forte at all. I still had to reference the book to see what the cards meant. However, the meanings of the cards and the order usually seemed to fit my life at that moment in time. I have been emailed before from online tarot readers requesting to do a reading for me or online psychics wanting to do a reading for me. Is that normal?

    1. It is pretty normal at first to feel you have to look up the meanings of Tarot cards when you are first starting out. Over time you start to ingrain the meanings in your mind and start to feel a lot more confident reading them. It just comes down to practice and one way to learn the cards is to do a ritual where you pick one Tarot card a day and look for ways it relates to your life in that moment in time and as you go about your day. This way you are personalising the meanings and you will have a deeper connection to the cards.

      In terms of tarot readers and psychics contacting you for readings, if they have your email address, then yes, this is pretty normal. But whether or not they are doing it in a tasteful way or spammy way is another thing altogether. Thanks for visiting!

  2. This is really cool! I didn’t know email tarot readings even existed… I see you say ‘When you reach out to Tarot reader via email, your energy is now entangled with theirs” but I’m wondering how you tap into the individuals energy to get an accurate reading? How much does something like this cost?

    1. HI Courtney,

      Thanks for stopping by. In terms of tapping into someone’s energy, for me it is about having a positive intention to help the person as I think about their questions and shuffle my cards. When the cards are laid out, i get intuitive hits based on traditional meanings of the cards as well as kind of ‘thought blocks’ that come to me about the person. It sounds weird, I know, but it is kind of like this story in my head starts about the person as I am looking at the cards. I think everyone on the planet is capable of tapping into their intuition in this way, but just comes down to who much you want to do it and how much it interests you.

      I charge $49 for these email readings, of which people can pay through a secure paypal link I send via email.

  3. HI Liz,

    Personally, I have always been interested in the tarot but I am an uniformed admirer and believer. My point is that as an uninformed admirer who has only dabbled in the psychic stuff your site is fantastic. You answered questions I have had for years and you did it with Grace using Old Wisdom. Bravo, Young Lady

    The site is laid out well and your message is strong and clear. As a visitor I left well informed, much wiser and I have a much better understanding of the tarot.

    My thought is that your community will be somewhat like me and since I found the site, informative and enlightening so will most of the women like me.

    I hope you have continued good luck with this endeavor

    and Many Blessings to you


  4. Intriguing article. I myself sometimes consider going to a tarot card reading but in person. I never knew the existence of tarot reading via email but it’s great. I like the idea that you can be able to think clearly of your questions before sending it. Just that alone makes it awesome. I would like to know how many questions are you able to ask? Is there a even a limit
    Appreciate you sharing such valuable information. Thanks!

    1. HI Karlene, I usually limit readings to around three questions, but that is not a strict rule. Often the reading ends up answering many more questions than the client actually asked but was thinking about anyway. Sometimes people email me with a mini background story and they include a lot of questions within it, and even though I may only concentrate on 2-3 of their questions, the reading ends up answering the other questions anyway. The more specific the question, the most specific the answer often.

  5. Hi Liz,
    this is a really interesting site! I have often wondered how tarot reading and other similar methods can be done online or otherwise remotely – your explanation of everything being energy, and the link to quantum thinking, makes that clear. And I love that you quote Abraham Hicks! Also, I have a pretty serious cancer, and I have thought in the past that it would be so depressing to get such a reading done if it was “bad news”. However, now I understand that you are not predicting the future, since only we can create our own lives – merely pointing out possibilities and/or giving insight into the probabilities of what might happen if we follow a certain path. Very insightful!

    1. Hi Faith, I am sorry to hear you are unwell and I can completely understand why you would feel unsure about getting a Tarot reading as such if your thinking around it was about predicting the future. My aim with all of my Tarot readings is to help people realise the power of their own choices and how their choices are creating their reality. But also most importantly-the quality of their questions will determine the quality of their reading. If they just wanted to know if they are going to die of some kind of disease, then they are not really living in the present are they? It is a fear based question. But if they asked for some insight on how they might be able to improve a certain aspect of their life e.g. a certain relationship or career outcome, then that is looking into the now and seeking practical action steps which starts in the way they perceive life so they are empowered to make different choices. Thanks for stopping by and I wish you all the best with your health journey.

      I am not sure if you are into alternative medicine combined with mainstream western medicine, but you may want to check out my review on Donna Eden Energy Medicine Workshops if you feel there is more you would like to do for your health if you have not considered that route before.

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