[Video script] Welcome to the first episode of ‘Things that make you go hmmmmm’. This is a series where I bring to light and hopefully spark discussion around some weird contradictions to do with the biggest issues facing the world today.

There are some freaking confusing things going on in the world in terms of what we hear in the news, and today I just want to touch on one of them: climate change. Now before you yawn and click off this post, I want to present some things that we just don’t hear in the news in a ‘in your face’ way. But if you look, they are there…

The weather has gone truly mad-you all know this unless you’ve been living under a rock. We’ve been told that it is humans who are responsible for global warming and WE MUST CLEAN UP OUR ACT! We have shamed politicians who have dared to have a different view on this….and believe me, I was one of those shamers….But now, I just don’t know. I really don’t know! Too many contradictions around. Now, I am not saying that humans are not partially responsible for our climate state of affairs (and for the record, I am not a flat earther either). BUT I think it is VERY possible we are not been told the whole truth here.

Now let me be clear-I think there are a thousand reasons why we should take better care of the earth, be clean and green, because that is going to be better for EVERY ONE and EVERTHING.

But it seems to me that the so called experts can’t even agree as to whether the earth is warming or coolingthat…

But the plot thickens.

I only just recently learned that there is such a thing known as ‘cloud seeding’ and other forms of geoengineering such as the ability to be able steer a tornado in a certain direction. In fact according to Wikipedia, this geoengineering has been weaponised in the past, but now apparently banned.

Oh, and here’s some free advertising for a company who can literally ‘turn the rain on’ for youthat.

www dot weather modification dot com.

It says ‘let us help you better manage your atmospheric and water resources’.

So got a wedding coming up? Some other important event that you don’t want it to ‘rain on your parade??’ Well, give them a call and get them to move the rain down the road…

Back to the spraying of the environment- it is pretty plain to see, that this so called ‘spraying the atmosphere’ is not a theory and something they’re considering doing soon-its going on right now as everyday people upload to social media what they are simply observing in the skythat…

And before you say “oh these white streams coming from jets are just contrailsthat..’ well, since when did airliners fly in massive grids like this:

So, can someone tell me what’s really going on?

You’ve got china about to raise an artificial moon in the sky, as well as it working on an artificial sun. Is that for the coming ice age…??

What ever the case, it’s clear that our weather systems are in massive change, but if there is already ability to manipulate the weather, how do we know if it is purely human pollution driving it all….and why is there not more debate around the possibility that global warming might be part of a solar system change, and actually not much related to human pollution at allthat.

So what do you think? let me know, because I am freaking confused and I don’t get it!

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