5 of swords in tarot

Five Of Swords In Tarot

Five or Swords in TarotThe five of Swords in Tarot depicts a scene where it looks as if a battle has taken place between three people. Two people turn their back and look as if they are in pain or sorrow. There is a sense that they are down trodden in some way, and the so called ‘winner’ has collected all five swords and seems pretty pleased with themselves. However, the weather seems stormy and unsettled and the wind looks like it is starting to pick up judging by the ripples in the water behind the man.  There is tension in the air which suggests this is a false victory, and trouble is brewing.

Number 5 represents conflict and tension.

In Tarot and numerology, the number five is a difficult number. It symbolizes instability, change, conflict and general tension as well as challenge. It’s meaning in Tarot is slightly different depending on what Tarot suit it shows up in. When it shows up within the Swords suit it refers to the mental aspects of conflict where the ego reigns supreme. When the 5 of Swords indicates trouble on the horizon depending on where it is situated within a Tarot spread, it suggests a need to let go of the ego and tap into intuition, the soul and what is best for the greater good.

Situations where the Five of Swords applies.

  • You have just had a fight with your partner and you feel on some level you have ‘won’. However, all communication has stopped between you and you have lost the deeper connection you once felt for each other. Have you really won?
  • You feel you have a very valid point in a work situation and have aggressively made it in a meeting. You created impact which has resulted in getting what you want, but as a result fellow colleagues have begun to turn away from you and suddenly you feel like you have won the battle but lost the war.
  • Five of Swords in TarotYou have managed to get your way in a group situation where there has been tension, yet at great cost to others. It feels good at first, but sooner or later it dawns on you that this so called ‘win’ has not really made you happy.

Questions to ask yourself.

  • How can I approach this situation which will result in everybody winning, rather  than just myself?
  • What supports the greater good in the scenario and what does that look like?
  • How can I repair what I may have seemingly won, but now realise I was being selfish?
  • Where might I be hurting others with my approach to get what it is that I want in life?

Tap into your intuition to find more productive solutions for getting what you want while helping others too.

The five of Swords shows up in readings usually as an indicator that we need to consider the greater good in order to come to the best solution possible when we feel we are in conflict with others. Rather than blaming and pointing the finger and trying to ‘win’ over the other/s, take some time out to meditate to find a better way to approach the situation.

Meditation can take many forms and could be as simple as walking around the block to get some fresh air and divert your mind away from the charged situation in order for the right side of your brain to kick into gear and offer up some different solutions. Find something that works for you in order to bring more happiness to yourself and others also.

6 thoughts on “Five Of Swords In Tarot”

  1. Your post was very interesting. I especially like the paragragh on the situtations where the five swords apply. I can relate to these situations in both work and personal life. Just this week I had a issue with my partner where we discussed the issue and decided in my favour. Even though the outcome was the one I was looking for I somehow felt I had forced my view. It was not a win win outcome I would have preffered. I am asking myself how I could have done better here.
    Thanks for sharing this Cheers Kev

    1. Hi Kev, thanks for your comment. I am sure you will find a win win situation in the future because you are open minded enough to at least pause and reflect on the outcome of the discussion with your partner. That takes compassion!

  2. Hey Liz, an interesting article I have gone through today. I heard about number 5 that represents stress.

    It is in human nature to think about “I” rather than “we”. The day we understand the actual meaning of win-win strategy, we would solve half of our tensions and doubts in our personal as well as professional life.

  3. Interesting website, and enjoyed reading about the tarot card. I have always been curious about tarot readings and wonder how they work, and have been to a tarot reading before and was surprised how accurate it is.
    Enjoyed reading about your advice if this card shows up as it is true to find the best solution instead of pointing the finger and blaming. Though not many people do this and can end up in a huge fight! I like the idea of meditation to help to calm down and think about things more clearly.
    Thanks for the information

    1. Yes that is true Jenny! It is a common problem to not find the best thing for the greater good!

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