If you have come across this free Tarot card reading by chance or by choice, despite this being a general universal reading, synchronicity has lead you here and there is likely a helpful message for you within it.

The General Tone Of The Week.

The 10 Of CupsThe general tone of this week is centered around the 10 of Cups. You will be striving for emotional fulfillment or have enhanced opportunities to experience a real sense of joy. Seeking internal and external harmony will be rewarding for you this week. So, anything you can do to reduce stress or tension in your life will allow for more joyful flow. Take some conscious time to relax and bring the focus onto the things in your life you are truly grateful for. Expressing appreciation towards good friends and close family members will enhance your chances of feeling this inner joy.

The Focus Of The Week.

7 of wandsThe focus of the week is around the 7 of Wands. You may have to defend your time and energy in order to stay in a state of flow to bring yourself back to the joyful energy of the 10 of Cups. Certain things may come up in the week which could leave you feeling like you don’t have enough time to enjoy the good things in life. This may be in relation to personal boundaries and careful planning.

What May Challenge You This Week.

2 Of Wands In TarotThe 2 of Wands is presenting in the position of what may challenge you this week and this card can relate to decision making. Therefore, sift through the things that come up and decide which are the ones that are most important for you to attend to, because you won’t be able to do it all this week. Stay grounded in your personal energy in order to help you make the best decisions in order to stay in a state of flow.

What Will Help You This Week.

The 4 of Wands in TarotIn terms of what will help you this week, the 4 of Wands indicates there are some solid foundations from things in the past that you have given your special attention and time to. You will reap some benefits of your past actions and this will be in the mix of the joyful energy of the 10 of Cups. Alternatively, it may be a time to turn to the things you know have given you the most strength and stability in the past to make decisions in the present.

There is a lot of fire energy in this reading with all the Wands cards that have shown up, so it will be a week of movement, creativity and seeking out ways you can be more effective in your endeavors.This relates back to the 7 of Wands where you will feel there are many things coming at you that you feel you need to give your attention to. But, as mentioned before, you won’t be able to do everything and not everything will be necessary for you to do. The goal of the week is to stay in flow and sort through the things that matter the most to you.

Your Mind Body Spirit Cards.

Free Tarot Card reading October 10th 2016

The last three cards represent your Mind, Body and Spirit and as you can see in the picture there is a sense of forward movement here. Reading from left to right, the first two cards are symbolic of moving away from something, and the 3rd card is symbolic of going forward with confidence.

Within your Mind the 8 of Cups indicates you will be moving on from things that no longer serve you, and there may be a tinge of sadness in this. This theme also seems evident in your Body with the 6 of Swords. A kind of ‘crossing over’ to something else in order to find more fulfillment. And, as you can see, your Spirit is going to enjoy this as indicated by the 6 of Wands. The 6 of Wands relates to victory and success, and you can see this card has forward movement in it combined with a sense of strength and purpose.

The Universal number of the week is number 8 which ties in nicely with the last 3 cards in this spread. Number 8 in numerology relates to movement, action, change, regeneration, accomplishment and attainment. So very relevant to the forward movement in the last three cards here. Number 8 is also a power number and relates to infinity and life cycles, wealth and business success.

So over all I would not say this is an overly challenging week if you are able to stay in flow and joy and focus on the most important and relevant tasks in relation to the things you are most wanting to create. You will need some perseverance to deal with the challenges that the 7 of Wands and the 2 of Wands has presented around decision making and priorities as well as boundaries. As long as you can stay grounded within yourself, you will have a rewarding week emotionally.

When You Are Not Feeling In a State Of Flow.

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If this free Tarot card reading resonated with you, I would love to hear from you! What aspects were relevant for you? Comment below and let me know!