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Liz Does Email Tarot Readings Only

The less Liz knows about you (eg appearance, personality, voice) the more intuitive she can be about insights you are seeking. This is why she prefers email readings only, so she has minimal pre-conceived ideas.

How much is a reading?

$49AU for 3 questions and a 1500-2000 word report.
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Isn’t email or text messaging less effective?

If you read Liz’s client testimonials you will see how much amazing insight her clients from all over the world have gained from email alone.  Time, space and proximity to the client does not seem to play an important role. In fact, Liz feels having next to no information about the person wanting a Tarot reading actually enables her to tap into her intuition even more than doing face to face readings as she has no preconceived ideas about the person other than the questions they have emailed to her. It allows for a completely unbiased reading.
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Can I get a refund if I don’t like my reading?

The only time Liz will offer a refund is in the very unlikely event she is unable to provide the reading due to unforeseen circumstances. Otherwise, all reading purchases are final.

How long will it take to receive my email reading once payment has been made?

You can expect Liz to do your reading at the time you have booked in the calendar. She will email you your report within an hour of the conclusion of your booked time slot.

How do I know if Liz is the right reader for me?

Read the About Liz page to understand her background, as well as watch the video below.