Star Card Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Script: The Star Card In Tarot

The following guided meditation script for the Star Card in Tarot allows you to enter into the card to bring the meaning of this card into your mind and body. Many Tarot meditations focus on looking at the cards and allowing your intuition to speak to you. This guided meditation script allows you to experience the card rather than see the card, which will result in the card having more meaning for you the next time you do a Tarot reading and you come across this card. It is based on the traditional meaning of the Rider Waite deck.

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“Sit or lie down in a quiet comfortable place where you won’t be disturbed. Leaving your eyes open, take a long slow breath and feel your body relax. Direct your eyes to look up as high as you can, as if you are looking into your own eye brows. Leave your eyes here as you take another long slow breath.  Allow your eyes to flutter or blink rapidly as you look higher and higher into the space above your eyebrows. Take a third long slow breath and as you exhale close down your eyelids. The rapid blinking you feel is a sign your brainwaves are shifting into a space that allow your body to let go more. Now,you can just forget about your eyes. relax them completely, and feel your breath in and out.
Scanning your body for any tension, starting at your head and all the muscles around the scalp, eyes, mouth, jaw and cheeks, tongue. Let all these places go and feel the relaxation travel down your neck and into the shoulders. Allow warmth and softness to travel down your arms and into the palms of your hands and the fingers. Let the trunk of your body relax-the muscles around the rib cage, your stomach muscles and all the internal organs. Relax and let let. Notice your breath-flowing effortlessly. No need to control it, just observe it. What ever it is doing is fine. 
Feel your hips and lower back let go and relaxation travelling down your legs and into your feet and toes. 
Take another easy, deep breath and imagine your whole body sinking down into the floor.
Come back to your awareness behind your eyes and notice if this helps your mind to be still.

Lets begin your journey into the Star card. 

Picture yourself walking gracefully and easily in a forest along a path that is soft and comfortable under your bare feet. Feel the spongy earth underneath you as you take each step. The air is warm, moist and comfortable on your skin and the day is slowly turning into night. You feel a sense of relief as the quietness descends upon you and within you. You feel you are guided by a loving presence. You have a sense of complete ease and relaxation about your surroundings and a feeling you are leaving your troubles behind you.
As you walk further down the path you come across two water jugs made out of clay. As you take a few more steps towards them, you pick the jugs up and begin to carry them as you walk towards a clearing of trees down the bottom of a hill.
Each step you take to reach the bottom of the hill brings you more of a sense of ease and relaxation. You feel your breath gently moving in and out of your body. You hear your feet and feel your feet travelling down to the bottom of the hill. You notice you have 10 more steps to go and count them as you descend to the bottom of the hill. You being to count- 10, letting go more, 9, 8, sinking more, 7, 6, 5, relaxing more deeply, 4, 3, soft muscles everywhere, 2 and 1.
You arrive at a small pond surrounded by mossy grass and small red flowers.  You tread gently over the earth and take a seat on the grass next to the pond of water. As you feel your body connect to the earth, you get a sense of grounding, healing energy rising up from beneath you, up through your legs and into the area around base of your spine. You feel the energy trickle up into your body and a further sense of calm comes over you.
You place the jugs down and take a moment to look up into the night sky. Bright scintillating stars sparkle above. You count 7 small stars, and another that is much bigger and brighter than the others. In the distance, you hear a long haunting call of an Ibis sitting in a tree. You feel yourself descending into deeper thought and reflection and sense the wisdom and the knowingness emanating from the call of the bird. 
As you feel the earth energy rise up into your lower body through your feet, you are also aware there is a grounding cord of light radiating from your first chakra into the centre of the earth. The worries and hurts you have had in the past are now pouring down this grounding cord and being absorbed and healed by the earths pulsing energy. You are beginning to feel renewed. 
As you look up again at the 7 Stars you have an overwhelming feeling they have something special for you-something for the energy centres of your body-the swirling vortex’s of energy of your chakras.
As you observe them in the sky you feel them getting closer and closer until eventually they are directly in front of you. One by one each star moves into each of your chakras and begins to light up their energy.
You feel the energy in these places open up and spin and vibrations of clarity radiate from each one. Imagine the white light from each star cleaning out any stuck energy from the past and restoring brightness and hopefulness for the future. As the light in each chakra grows full and free from stickiness you see the light extending out to surround your whole body like a bubble.
You release hurt and darkness from the past and feel it leave your body and it is gently pushed  outside of your bubble of light and disappear into a brilliant white rose that is floating directly in front of you. This is a healing rose that absorbs and takes away any emotional pain you feel. The rose then vanishes like a puff of smoke and disappears.  A feeling of lightness over comes you. 
You then turn your attention to the largest star that still remains in the sky. As you gaze at the star, a beam of light opens up from it and flows down to rest upon the crown of your head. You feel your crown chakra opening and filling up with cosmic energy. The cosmic energy continues to flow down your neck and spine and into your root chakra. It then turns and comes back up the front of your body, touching each of the other chakras on the way up. It flows down your arms and releases out through your hands, while at the same time, continues up through your neck, and bursts back out of your crown chakra like a water fountain. It continues to flow down your energy field and down into the centre of the earth via your grounding cord. Take some time to feel both the earth energy and the cosmic energy running through your body, healing and renewing your spirit and filling you with inspiration.
You look at the jugs you found in the forest and pick them back up. With a feeling of lightness and energy within your body you stand up and step your right foot into the pond of water where it is shallow. You kneel on the grass with the knee of your left leg. As your right foot touches the water, your intuition feels ignited. You have a strong sense of your next direction in life. You have the practical abilities to move forward in the direction your intuition is suggesting. You dip the jugs deep into the water and draw some up into them. You delight in the sparkling liquid and marvel at its fluidity. Your emotions feel at peace. You slowly begin to pour the water out-one jug of water cascades over the mossy grass, and the other back into the pond.
You notice 5 small streams of water forming where you are pouring it over the grass. These streams let you know that your 5 senses are ready for new personal growth, and all you need to do is let energy flow through and out of you. You are ready to face the unknown, and the mysteriousness of the moon.”

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  1. This is a very interesting Script. I haven’t had much experience with mediation, the most being during hot yoga when we start and end the session. It’s a good way to start the class, by “bringing hands to heart center,” and setting our intention for the class. Ending it with a mediation while in the “Master Pose.” I would definitely try something like this. Thank you for the article.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jessie! I have done a lot of hot yoga in the past and loved it. However, now I practice Modern Qigong, and feel even more benefit with less commitment.

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