Have we really arrived at End Times?

The Christians have long been saying it: ‘We are at End Times. Judgment day is upon us!’ What usually follows is a slew of bible quotes or references to planet X or ‘Niribu’ or mentions of the Sun Simulator (because you know-planet X is apparently blocking the natural light from the sun. Therefore,  a ‘sun simulator’ has been installed in space so not to ‘panic’ the public about an impending rogue planet that is about to cause a cataclysm on the earth). But have we really arrived at End Times?

I can’t say I believe any of the above. I am willing to consider it, but I doubt it. There have been some interesting theories put forward where some are just completely in some kind of twilight zone of what I would consider nuts…. There is indeed a planet X (or planet 9 as is known in the scientific community) but it is thousands of years away and in another solar system.

Are we on a count down to something big?

However, I felt compelled to write this post today because there are some things I have come to learn lately which are hard to ignore the evidence around, and I feel it important that I share it so people can be prepared. I will present the worst case scenario and a best case scenario. Both involve an economic meltdown, but one is a far worse scenario than the other. The worst case scenario is deeply steeped in conspiracy and delves into Freemasonry number systems. The best case scenario is a simple look at world economics where geopolitical tensions are intimately connected.  If the events do not come to pass, well, at least people have become aware what they might need to do to become more self sufficient and not rely on a government body to bail them out in a time of a crisis.

fake alien invasion

What I have come to understand has sent me into a series of shock waves, disbelief and sometimes paralysis when it comes to basic decision making as to how I live my life and what my ultimate purpose is on planet earth. I will go into a few areas of which I will leave supporting links for you to go and read or watch in your own time if understanding the deeper nature of the world and how it is run is something that interests you.

First up, politics.

trump and politicsI have always been more of a left leaner when it comes to politics. Here in Australia I have usually voted for either the Greens (left leaning) or Labour (also left). When Trump got elected back in 2016 I was in deep disbelief as were so many of my friends and family as it just seemed SO inconceivable that this could happen. It was kind of like one of those moments when you hear the news and you remember where you were and who you were with (like when Princess Di was killed back in 1997. I was never interested in the Royals, but for some reason, I still remember where I was when I heard that news). To me at the time, the fact that Trump was elected was a sign that the world had truly gone mad and we were probably up for a 3rd world war.

Seeking Truth

However, there are a great many people who are not burdened with political leadership or other positions of power in the media around the planet who are passionately devoted to finding the truth of things, and thanks to the information age, we are able to hear what they have to say (when they are not censored of course…). I came to learn through reading many articles and watching many YouTube clips and documentaries as well as keeping an eye on mainstream world news, that Trump may not be the bad guy to be feared. I am not saying he is good-but I came to learn that it is much more likely the Hilary Clinton’s and Obama’s of the world despite appearances who are the people that we SHOULD be questioning. This was a shock to me-a complete and total shock which has forever altered my world view.


So why should we be fearing the Liberal and Conservative slant in American politics? In a nutshell-they are part of a deep global Freemasonry criminal network of which goes back hundreds of years (maybe even thousands if you delve into ancient history-more on that in another post-and who knows? perhaps Trump is also part of this also, but time will tell) which has been running this world with an agenda towards a New World Order for a very long time. I won’t blame you if you think I have run myself deep into conspiracy theories which have no basis, but I will just leave you with a few clips and articles for you to check out below and make your own mind up.

However, a word of warning, once you start going down these rabbit holes, there is no turning back. You can’t ”un-know” these things. It is like taking the Red Pill in the Matrix rather than the Blue Pill. So, proceed at your own risk…

The Cabal.

The first clip I want to show you ties all the countless hours of research and information I have come across in bits and pieces since 2012-the time I began to become aware of different perspectives-most likely thanks to the narrative of the mayan prophecies at the time. One good thing about this clip is it successfully sums it all up very nicely in a stunning presentation in under 10 minutes. It is one place to start if you have never heard any of this before.

I will admit, I don’t like the patriotic turn it takes at the end (however, it is minimal, and being the Australian I am, it is typical that I would cringe at this-but lets move on…) and some of the influences this creator credits in his comments underneath the video have a heavy Christian bias which is something I also dislike-because Christianity is a whole other lie humanity has been fed over thousands of years (again, more on THAT later in another post, but if you are interested, go and check out the 2 season documentary on called ‘Ancient Civilisations’). However, it is still worth having a look at this clip as it presents things that many people all over the world have been saying in many more words and this clip gives a birds eye view. So, here it is:

Rothschild Owned Entities-Worst Case Scenario

Next up, something which does not end on a positive note and explores how world currencies are manipulated by the elite, as well as the weather (yes! the weather!) with geoengineering and talks about the next global economic meltdown which will be bigger than ever and suggests we will experience a worldwide event like nothing that has EVER been documented in history (that we know of). This information has had me up some  nights…. It presents some historical data about the Rothschild owned magazine ‘The Economist’ and explores Freemasonry code for events that are yet to take place.

This article is pretty far out-and it has also been heavily criticized for a variety of reasons. But, I’ll present it here as food for thought. It states at the beginning:

‘The greatest wealth-transfer, theft, crime, genocide, and societal collapse, in all of history, is about to take place while everyone is asleep.’

I will say that these links cannot be completely unbiased as they are selling gold and silver, so once again, I advise to do more research. But, I have included them here because I have heard similar things from other sources, and even if they do have an agenda to sell gold and silver, the fact of the matter is they are obviously people who think about currency and financial markets a lot and that counts for something. Who is going to know more about the markets? Average Jo who has very little knowledge of the stock market, or people who spend their life thinking about the stock market? Needless to say, I will be paying attention on the 11th of November 2018 as this article suggests we all do…

Why I am disturbed.

The reason the information I have come across recently has me up at night is that it outlines a huge global financial reset-and it could be done by taking down the power grid worldwide, thus sending the world into chaos for a few months and setting the stage for starvation to break us down into submission. How might they do it? Some say by an Electromagnetic Pulse attack in space which will cause a huge power grid disruption on earth. ‘They’ will say it was a solar flare from the sun, however. After we have been broken down without power for what may be months (or worse-years), there will be the creation of what is known as a ‘false flag’ which is an event to divert the publics’ attention away from what is really going on. An example of a false flag is when we were told that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction to justify our invasion of Iraq. As we all now know (and quickly forget) there were no weapons of mass destruction.

The rise of an Orwellian state.

Another example of a false flag was the attacks of 9/11 and the fall of the twin towers and surrounding buildings. Over the years I have gone up and down whether 9/11 was an inside job. I have gone down rabbit holes and had many a debate with people about it. I have watched documentaries about it and heard things. But, I am certain now. 9/11 was an inside job and it was a false flag of the highest magnitude in our modern times to scare people and justify the Orwellian measures of installing big brother security not only in the US, but all over the world. This is evident in not just the additional security cameras, but through our phones which act as tracking devices. If you think your phone does not listen to you, then think again. Start randomly talking about a subject you have never talked about around your phone, then watch to see the ads that target you on your social media accounts as well as your Gmail account even though you have never visited a website about that topic. The next step up from our phones is human micro chipping. Think that will never happen? Well, think again-it has ALREADY happened:

Also check out:

And also, it is most definitely worth watching this clip from 2013 where Alex Jones interviewed film maker Aaron Russo where he was talking about his conversations with one of the Rockefeller’s. If what he is saying here is true, it is terrifying. For example, he goes into the reasons for creating the false flag of 9/11 and he also describes why the womens liberation movement was ever created and funded by the rockefeller’s (and no, it is NOT for benevolent reasons-it is all about being able to control even more).

If you do not know anything about the interviewer Alex Jones by the way, he is the founder of and recently he has been heavily censored where most of his social media accounts have been taken down (Facebook, Youtube and Twitter). He had a huge following on youtube and other social media accounts, and perhaps the so called ‘elite’ decided he was too big and exposing too many lies and it made them uncomfortable. If he was truly sprouting off things that had no basis, he would have been left alone, in my opinion.

The next false flag.

Some say our next false flag will be a fake Alien invasion. It will pan out like this: suddenly there will be announcements that ‘we are not alone’. Is it a coincidence that the US has just upped the space budget to $150 million? Do you think that the FEMA test done in the US recently where nearly every American with a mobile phone got a test ’emergency’ text message to ensure that the system is capable of sending mass text messages to the public, was just a routine event? I don’t think it was. And so do many others.

Attacks of September 11th 2001.

And while we are on the topic of 9/11, here is another clip I would like to draw your attention to. Richard Dolan is a researcher on false flags and presents question after question about the events of September 11th.

I have looked into quite a bit of Richard Dolan’s work and I think he is one of the most credible sources when it comes to debunking the standard mainstream story of 9/11. His points are so compelling and if you watch this from the beginning to the end I would be very surprised if you still think the mainstream explanation is the correct one. And, once more, if an event of this magnitude can be orchestrated, what else have we missed?? Things are not as they seem-that I know for sure.

*Update 11th January 2019-There has recently been a development in the case of 9/11. Read this: U.S. Attorney Takes First Step toward Prosecuting Explosive Destruction of World Trade Center on 9/11

Another Global Financial Collapse-Best Case Scenario

Failing the extreme event of an EMP attack and fake alien invasion and the eventuation of a New World Order, the best case scenario of what is to come is simply just another global financial collapse. I know I know-cheerful topics.

First up I want to point out an old clip from 10 years ago when Peter Schiff predicted the 2008 global financial crisis. The second clip is more current and is once again him talking about the next one to come-and according to him, it is much worse than the last one…

Honestly, I don’t understand how some people can say we are going into the most abundant time in all of history. I just can’t see that is possible when the entire world is operating on fiat currency (aka fake money). I do feel positive for the future (I think?), but I can’t see how that positive future is going to come without a great deal of turmoil and upheaval. Money not backed by the gold standard is not real money at all.

A brief look at the stock market

Lets just take a basic look at what the stock market has done recently. There has never in history been such a long bull market and when you look at the dates below as to when things began to rise rapidly, you don’t have to be a genius to understand that ‘what goes up, must come down’. Pay attention to where the last global financial crisis occurred (2007/8) and notice how much the markets have gone up since then making the dip back in 2008 look nowhere near as dramatic as it actually was at the time. Many say the 2008 collapse was never really recovered from and artificial injections of money were used to prop the market back up-as has been the case since the more widespread use of fiat currency which really began to dominate in the 1970’s. If it were to fall now-it seems to have much further to fall,  and the cracks are already beginning to show…I am no stock market expert, but, there are plenty who are experts who are saying the next crash could bring us back to the days of the great depression, or worse.

Screen Shot 2018 10 26 at 11.49.15 AM

Screen Shot 2018 10 26 at 11.50.10 AM

Screen Shot 2018 10 26 at 11.51.07 AM


I used to laugh at preppers, but now I find myself becoming one of them-but not in an extreme way. Just in a way that leads my way of life to living in the most self sustainable way possible. If something really dramatic were to happen, well, there is unlikely much anyone can do about it. But why should we become a prepper? The fact of the matter is that the worlds financial elite and Hollywood stars have been prepping for years. They have bunkers and bomb shelters all over the world. Do you think they would do that ‘just for fun’? I doubt it, and I think it is something people should perhaps pay more attention to. There is still a great amount of social unrest and division in the world.

Check out this article for more info on the elite bunkers:

Better to be safe than sorry.

I hope I am wrong and I am hope I have just taken a wrong turn in my thinking and research and been sucked in by misinformation. It is not that I am sitting here living in fear, it is more a matter of beginning to think about ways I can protect my family and ways I can be self sufficient if I need to be for a while. For example, my partner is looking into ways to get off the grid by purchasing a battery backup system for our solar panels and extend the capabilities of our rain water tank. I have begun to plant food in our backyard and adding extra cans of food whenever I do a supermarket shop. I have also begun to look at some prepper websites in terms of food that can be stored for 20+ years and what I might need in the event of no food being on the supermarket shelves for at least 6 months. I’d be lying if I said I were not just a little glad at this point I was in the military for nearly 10 years and therefore have some experience in survival. Some knowledge is beginning to flow back to me now.

If none of this comes to pass, at least I have learned more about self-sustainability and self-reliance, so I feel it will not be a waste of time. And if we end up with mass amounts of freeze-dried food-well I guess we will be taking a lot of camping trips!

Rise of technology

We are so dependent on technology now and most people would not know how to survive if suddenly all the food on the supermarket shelves were not there for a while. It does not take much to realise that if our power was cut, the world would grind to a halt. We are at the mercy of multinational corporations! And to be honest, that scares me.

For example, have you ever had the experience where you are relying on google maps on your phone to tell you where to go when you are in an unfamiliar area, and then your phone battery dies and you have no car charger and you no longer have a paper map in your car? Not only that, you have now just lost the address you were heading towards because you didn’t physically write it down? And now, you don’t even have the ability to call the person you were meant to be meeting because you don’t have their phone number, and, even if you did, there are no public phone boxes on the street anymore anyway? I have had this experience, and it was just a very small insight into how much I rely on technology. What a fine line between a day going smoothly and a day going wrong from a few simple mistakes…. Where else have we lapsed into moments of not paying attention to details if something we take for granted (electricity, mass food transportation and clean running water) were suddenly not there? Indigenous communities would have a better chance at survival than those of us living in the modern developed world.

Basic survival items

Here is what you’d be wise to think about: In the event of a global power grid meltdown, or a severe global financial collapse, you should have at least 6 months supply of food, and a method of purifying your water. If you can store large quantities of water-that would be ideal too. If you have the ability to grow some food in your back yard, start learning how to do so now. You could start stocking up on canned food, but the best option would be to buy survival foods such as those used in the military which have a shelf life of 20-25 years. These foods are stored in more compact ways than cans.

Other basic things to consider would be a first aid kit, medications you might need, petrol supplies, a method of heating your home not dependent on electricity, enhanced security around your home, cash in small denominations, torches and matches, camping cookware (eg portable stove) with extra fuel/ gas bottles, a solar re charger, spare batteries, rechargeable batteries, extra pet food, just to name a few things.

Now is the time to take charge of your health too.

If you are over weight, have injuries, dental problems-now would be a good time to tackle these things. You are going to need to be resilient in the event of an extended electrical grid failure or other form of scarcity, so go get those medical checks you have been putting off by fixing your teeth, lose the weight and get strong and flexible. Do what you need to do to get your aches and pains down to a minimum and make a plan with your family and community should the worst happen.

In conclusion.

I don’t want to spread fear. I hesitated writing this post. But then I figured if these events or similar really are going to happen and I knew about it in advance-don’t I have a responsibility to tell others? I’ll take it on the chin if I am wrong and end up looking like a crazy person (and I honestly hope that will be the case…)

What are your thoughts? Do you think it is wise to be prepared should a major event happen? Or do you think we should just live for the moment and enjoy what we have right now? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

9 thoughts on “Have we really arrived at End Times?”

  1. I remember the whole weapons of mass destruction, thing.  Just another way for the rich and powerful to justify doing anything they want.

    They sound believable and so every one believes it but there are definitely a lot of lies being told.  I remember exactly where I was when 9/11 happened, I watched as they went live on T.V., very disturbing. I think it is probably a wise thing to to be prepared for something huge to happen in the world. And, like you said, if nothing happens then at least you have learned how to be more self sustainable.

  2. Emmanuel Buysse

    Great post and it has truth in it.

    For me personally, I was like you, laughing with preppers.

    But look around you, what the heck is going on in our world?

    Not only politics, weapons, the stock market, but also the climate, or the humanity itselves.

    It is like we are facing the next mass exctinction, with us included.

    So yes, in my eyes it is better we are prepared for it.

  3. I am a strong believer in what the bible has to say about what we are facing in this day and time. I believe that we are living in the end times base on what the bible has to say about what will follow to show that we are living in the end times. Therefore we should follow the teachings of the bible so that we can be saved in these end times.

    1. Hi Norman-can’t say I agree with you on that one sorry. The bible and its teachings is not going to save you. Yes, I feel it very important to be in connection with a personal spirituality of some sort, and to love others and try your best to be a positive force in the world, but we also need to have our wits about us and some common sense and the ability to think clearly about what we may be facing. It has been shown in studies such as Lynne Mctaggarts Intention Experiments that prayer and mediation can affect outcomes, so I feel one of the important things we need to be doing is finding peace within and peace between each other in our personal relationships. It starts at a micro level and spreads out into a macro level. If we can’t even find peace within our own families and communities, what hope do we have of global peace? The bible has been twisted and contorted over time, so how do you know there is any real truth in it? I recently learned in a documentary there are whole sections of the bible that have been left out that are locked up in the vatican where pretty much no-one has any access to it, other than a few scholars, and even then, there is a lot of restricted access. What is that telling you about the bible? What has been deliberately left out and turned into another story? If you get a chance, go and check the two season documentary ‘Ancient Civilisations’ on If you are open to new perspectives, I can guarantee it will blow your mind.

  4. This is one of the most interesting articles I have come across in a long time! 

    I have subscribed to your website and will be passing this article on to others to read. I feel that more people need to know about this. I am disturbed and scared with you!

    The Cabal is quite scary to me. What is the difference between them and the illuminati? I really don’t understand what they are trying to reach by ruining the world. If they’re doing it for money and power, what will they do when the world is destroyed? Who will be there to give them money and power? 

    1. The cabal and the illuminati are pretty much the same thing. They are simply the worlds financial elite who are in key positions in government and media and other big organisations. The thing is, with the rise of AI it has been said that this is the 4th industrial revolution therefore work as we know it is rapidly changing month to month at an exponential rate. Therefore, many of the people who work to prop up the so called cabal will be out of a job, and even though there will be new jobs created it won’t be like previous times. Therefore, so many unemployed people on the planet become a huge burden (and we already know that the world is overpopulated and resources are stretched). While this is extreme-many are saying the worlds elite are LOOKING for a way to get the worlds population down to make the planet a more sustainable place to live. Have you ever noticed that most of the biggest so called ‘natural disasters’ hit countries that are the poorest? This is not always the case, but from what I have observed since the boxing day Tsunami’s in 2004, it is mostly developing countries that are getting hit by calamities and I can’t help but wonder (now that I have learned that weather can be manipulated) if there has been some tinkering involved…

      In terms of who will be there to continue to give them power-it will be business as usual after they have success with reducing the population and those survivors who are not part of them will be there under a fascist regime to continue to work for the elite. Think ‘microchipped employees’ who are now under 24 hour surveillance. This is obviously a seriously extreme point of view and I am not saying I am presenting facts-simply what may be going on that we are not actively seeing on a day to day basis. I also think this will be part of the worst case scenario. We are going into so many unknowns and even if these things don’t come to pass-it is still worth having the conversation about it, because even Elon Musk is trying to warn everyone about the dangers of AI, but he is also claiming no-one is listening to him (a bit hypocritical on his part given that he is one of the key drivers in this area).

  5. As a person who has ZERO trust in governments or corporations I found your article very interesting and well written.  

    One thing that I do know…is that the “elite” always look to control the masses.  I mean total control…and it’s not a race, gender, or socioeconomic status bias…it’s everyone who ISN’T on of them.  Who “they” are is anyone guess.  If they can keep everyone addicted to technology (phone, web, and soon VR) and keep everyone pumped full of designer meds…they can control the water and food supplies.   Somehow —- someday—they will make life in a FEMA camp look good.  

    1. Hey Tim, I wish I could say I have no idea what you are talking about, but unfortunately I know exactly what you mean. I am just still hoping all the FEMA rumours are not true.

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