Healing Yourself Through Tarot Cards

playing cards 2205554 1920Wellness is an area which is very much under appreciated, especially nowadays when everyone’s on the go and stress is—sad to say—a bit normal. As you engage in your daily life, you inevitably encounter challenging occurrences that completely shake you. It can be the death of someone special, a broken relationship, or financial difficulty, among other things. Along the way, you may lose focus and neglect to take care of yourself. This is where healing and renewal comes in. Now, the question stands: how do you heal yourself? There are many ways to achieve healing and the long list includes prescription drugs, working out, going out with friends, and so on. But do you know that there is another method that you can turn to? Something from the say, spiritual realm: tarot cards. Yes! Tarot can be an effective tool for healing and not just instruments for fortune telling. With the right attitude and approach, they can deliver healing as well as renewal in the most effective and efficient way possible that no one can imagine.

More than tarot reading, through the said cards, you can obtain healing in more ways than one. You can turn to their images when meditating, goal setting, and visualizing, just to name a few. But what are the top cards for healing? You ask. Continue reading for answers.

  • Star 

The Star Card is heralded by many as the most hope-filled and captivating cards in the deck. In addition to these, it serves as a reminder that divine beings are always with you through the good as well as bad times and you just need a little faith; sometimes a lot if you want true healing.

  • Death

Bear in mind that one of the first (and most important) steps of healing is acknowledging that something already came to an end. The Death Card acts as a sign to meditate on the ending since it contributes to acceptance to what took place. As soon as you accept that there’s been an ending, you can prepare yourself to move forward and carry out a new beginning.

  • Judgment 

The Judgment Card points out that you have undergone a process of self-assessment while in a difficult situation and you have learned something important from it. It reminds you that you should not only judge other individuals, but also yourself and be accountable for your actions—the ones—that contributed to the situation. Simply put, you learn and in the process, you move forward… a better person.

  • Hermit 

After a difficult or challenging event, you may seek attention and wisdom regarding that period, by your lonesome. This is normal since being alone for a period allows you to achieve the space that you need to understand the insight of the mentioned event and the Hermit Card can guide you in the process. It pretty much encourages a personal journey of introspection—all away from—outside noise and other distractions that may prevent you from reaping the gains of your journey.

  • Four of Swords

Like the Hermit Card, the Four of Swords is useful when it comes to allowing you realize the importance of time and space and their contribution to healing. Simply put, this card gives utmost importance of not rushing around and not distracting yourself from the issue by keeping yourself busy. It serves as a reminder that you need to meditate, rest, and give yourself some time to connect with your inner thoughts and your one true self.

  • Six of Swords

Contrary to the time and space that the Four of Swords remind, the Six of Swords focuses on the value of moving forward. This, even if you are still in the process of experiencing sadness about what you need to leave behind. This card points out that you need to gently and slowly let go as well as release to achieve healing. Healing that eventually brings a better outcome.

  • Ace of Cups 

The Aces of Cups is an embodiment, a manifestation of overflowing emotions that, a lot of times, accompany the basic stages of healing. This card reminds you to let your emotions flow freely. Regardless if its sadness, grief, anger, nostalgia, confusion, grief, and the like. They serve as an outlet or an expression of yourself; so don’t think twice of commuting how you feel if you’re in a difficult situation.

  • Three of Cups 

When you experience a traumatic event, you realize that you need to cherish your friendships as well as relationships. This is because your loved ones or those who are dear to you can act as a support group and nurture you as you heal. They provide a shoulder that you can cry on, a warm hug, or an ear that listens. All these, when you need them the most. You can use the Three of Cups to remind you of these important aspects of healing.

  • Temperance

The Temperance card signifies peace and balance; it acts as a reminder that your journey for healing is a long and gradual process. Here, every step that you take mends you more and more. Like the Star Card, it emphasizes that divine beings are with you and are playing important roles when it comes to reconnecting with your inner self. Along the way, you can discover your true meaning as well as purpose. This is most true if you have just encountered a traumatic or difficult event.


Summing up

Tarot cards can be a powerful tool in order to achieve true and unadulterated healing. The cards that were mentioned above and a myriad of others bear a spiritual lesson and an interpretative value that you can turn to in times of despair, confusion, and so forth. So, embrace their spiritual message, and over time through them, you can heal and grow even in the darkest stages of your life. Putting all these into consideration, the next time you feel down, bear in mind that tarot cards are profound spiritual tools for healing.

How about you? Do you have a personal experience using tarot cards for healing? Share us your experience in our comments page. 


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