Help For Empaths-A Step By Step Guide

If you are interested in spirituality or you are a creative person, there is a high probability you are an empath. Help for empaths in the form of non traditional advice is not something that is readily available because it is not talked about in traditional psychology circles. But in my experience, it is far more powerful and effective to come from an energetic and intellectual perspective than from an intellectual perspective only, which is where a psychologist or psychiatrist would come from. At the core of our being we are energetic in nature. Traditional psychology and medicine has its important essential place but misses the importance of combining the esoteric elements into wellness also.

You know you are an empath when:

  1. You feel overwhelmed in crowded places and feel drained when coming home.
  2. You feel you need to be on your own to replenish your emotional reserves and feel balanced.
  3. You take on other peoples emotions and problems easily and then become overwhelmed and resentful of them after they have involved you in their drama.
  4. You have a great desire to help others and may even be in a health and healing industry, but feel exhausted much of the time and wonder if you are in the right profession.
  5. You may be prone to adrenal fatigue.
  6. People often come to you for help and you often feel ‘dumped on’, but continue listening and trying to help anyway due to the empathy you innately feel, but have not yet learned to balance against your own personal needs.
  7. You often have unexplained fatigue and aches and pains in your body.
  8. You are highly independent and would rather take your own car than car pool with others to an event or work place due to the importance of having time in your own space.
  9. You cannot stand to see violence on TV or in movies and feel it in your body when you see someone been injured by someone else even though what you are viewing is fiction.
  10. You easily pick up on others emotions just by looking at them, even if they are a total stranger and sense tension in the air more than the average person.
  11. You pulled in many directions by other people and things and have no clear personal direction of your own and feel you are drifting from one thing to the next.
  12. You might be perceived as selfish by others even though you have a great desire to help. This is more often than not your need to reclaim energy you have lost through the interactions you have recently had with others and have not been able to maintain your internal balance.

These are just a few of the traits of the empath personality when it is out of balance and may help you to make sense of what you may experience day to day. It is not a bad thing to be an empath, in fact it is a gift and you likely have a gift for healing and helping others in some form. But until you come to the full realisation this trait is as much as a burden as a gift, you will likely not feel you are moving ahead in your life or being very successful at helping anyone where you can also maintain your own internal balance.

The key to help for empaths is having your boundaries clearly defined on an energetic level.

What is meant by an ‘energetic level’. Simply put, it is the energy field around your physical body. Given that empaths take on all the emotions of the people aroundempath energy them and get them mixed up with their own emotions, it is highly important they have their personal boundaries in place, and this can be easily done through a simple meditation practice which includes visualisation.

Step by step meditation exercise. Time:5 minutes.

1.Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you will not be interrupted. Make sure your back is straight, yet your posture feels comfortable.

2.Relax your body as you close your eyes and take three deep calming breaths.

3.Ground yourself by imaging a bunch of roots connecting to the base of your spine which grow directly right into the centre of the earth. Imagine the energy of the earth coming up through your feet and into the area around the base of your spine and flowing out back into the roots going into the centre of the earth. If there are any emotions or worries ‘stuck’ in the body, imagine they are leaving your body via this earth energy leaving your body.cosmic energy

4.Pay attention to the crown of your head and imagine it opening to energy coming from deep outer space like the centre of the milky way into your crown, going down your back right to the base of the spine and then traveling up the front of your body, then down your arms and out of your hands as well as continuing back up out of your head and showering out down your body like a waterfall, then back into the earth. Spend a minute or two just sensing both these flows from the earth and from space.

5. While these flows are running, imagine your body is surrounded by a bubble of energy about arms length all around your body. You may or may not ‘sense’ this energy. Either way, just imagine it.aura This energy bubble is your boundary. This is where you maintain your balance on an emotional level by not taking on other people’s emotions that are destructive to you.  In order to keep your balance, imagine a rose directly in front of you. This rose is called a permission rose. It will help to keep your energy in its rightful place, as well as keep others energy in their rightful place and therefore help everyone know exactly where they stand.

6. Take this imaginary rose with you everyday. Imagine it between you and everyone else in all your interactions. Whenever you start feeling overwhelmed or angry during an interaction with someone, visualise the energy bubble around you and the rose between you and the person you are talking to.

The benefits of this exercise.

I can’t explain why this exercise works, but it does….After I practiced this exercise even for just one day, I have found the interactions both with my daughter and my partner much easier. It is like everyone just calmed down and felt more secure or something. In the past I have tended to ‘over help’ and give away my power and felt less effective as a result.  I have found that even strangers I talk to now seem to light up a bit more around me. The permission rose is symbolic of everyone owning their own energy which is needed for happiness and a feeling of inner security.

To help you clear negative emotions, take a look at this 7 day challenge here. 

8 thoughts on “Help For Empaths-A Step By Step Guide”

  1. Hi Liz,

    Your very informative page answered a lot of questions that have been plaguing my existence for quite some time.

    Being an empath myself, I can honestly say it comes with overwhelming responses in the very least expected situations.

    Humans are feeling beings and empaths are enhanced on that department.

    I, personally, have learned with time, that it is a burden only if you have not identified it and, thus, have not taken some considerable time to master it.

    I am hopeful that you will help lots of people embrace it with the information you provide in your website.

    1. Thanks George! I totally agree with you! It is only a burden of you don’t know you are one. Otherwise, it is a real gift, but certainly one that needs to be managed


    Ooow so nice review on your page, am one of the Empathy person. Most of my friend tent to come to me for comfort from my advices. It’s true with my own issues I feel dumped no one is there to give me a way out. Difficulties that I face is running away when I see some one comes to my direction, when I know when he or she comes my good day will turn to sad day because of empathy from sharing the emotion with them. Being alone in room is what I do or listening to soft music when am alone makes me feel better.
    Thanks for the nice teaching and keep it up and congratulation for the nice teachings.

    1. Thank you! I am so glad you can relate. I think if you can practice with the permission rose you will feel you can connect more easily with people around you without it draining you. Good luck and I would love to hear how it goes for you. 🙂

  3. This article on people who may have traits of an empath was very interesting for me…I am such an individual and many of the characteristics you mention fit me like a glove…

    My background includes a psychology degree, and I have been in positions over the years where my EQ (emotional intelligence) and this psych background has been VERY useful…

    This ability to make a connection and relate with those I interact with comes at a price, however. Per my experience, it can drain your energy more than the energy you pick up…Just as you mention in your post…

    The exercise regimen you recommend seems to be a built-out version of what I call solitude, wherein you can use the quiet space where you are alone to regenerate and revitalize your energy levels to once again face the surroundings you normally are submerged in day-to-day…

    The energy exercise ritual for increasing the emotional balance when you do have these periods of solitude that you recommend makes a lot of sense to me.

    People will naturally develop their own set of tools/actions I think, when trying to recharge…But it does help to have a starting point.

    This is what you have provided for me and with this post, and personally I will be trying them out to see how they will work for me…

    Good information and post! Thanks…

    1. Thanks for your comment Dave! I really appreciate the detail you went into about your experiences as an Empath, and it is no wonder you have the qualifications that you do as Empaths are the type to want to help! Your solitude exercise sounds interesting and I can imagine there would be some similarities between our practices. I don’t understand the mechanism as to why these practices seem to work, but they do. All the best!

  4. “You feel overwhelmed in crowded places and feel drained when coming home.” – wow! basically sums up my whole life, here I was thinking I was your regular, garden variety introvert.

    I agree with your points on meditation, it has helped me greatly on a personal level to release strain and replenish the energy that gets drained every day!

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