Today I thought I would do something a little different for the weekly Tarot reading and tap into the group consciousness. What do I mean by this? Basically, by getting a feeling for the collective energy at a future date of whoever came across this reading, and the question ‘How can I deal with loneliness?’ came to me.
I have recently been taking one of Jeffrey Allen’s courses where he teaches techniques into psychic development, and how you can get a feeling for the collective energy of people, so I thought I would bring something different to the table this week. So this is what this reading will focus on.

I asked the cards ‘what do we need to know about feeling lonely’?

These are the cards that came up:

What would be useful to know? The Hanged Man
What would be useful to release? The Ace of Swords
Key to moving forward? Judgement Reversed.

Loneliness in the context of The Hanged Man

Loneliness in the context of The Hanged Man could mean that you may be feeling as if you are waiting for a particular thing to happen that feels as if it may never happen, and it is causing you to feel lonely. You may have put your life on hold for this thing that you are waiting on and as a result life feels lack lustre and lifeless. However, the Hanged Man can challenge us to look at things from a different perspective, as he is literally seeing the world from an upside down position.

How might you change your focus?

How might you change your focus so that you can shift your attention away from the thing you feel you are waiting on? What could you totally absorb yourself in that would shift your energy and attention away from what you are waiting on. If you were told that the thing you are waiting on will never happen, how would you do things differently in terms of creating a meaningful life?

Ace of Swords in TarotFind raw power within.

The Ace of Swords in the position of what would be useful to release suggests that there is new, raw power within that you could gain access to should you choose to. In order to feel a sense of relief from loneliness and isolation, allowing yourself to bring this raw power forward into the world will help you to feel better.
For example, this raw power could be in the form of anger. There may be a situation where you have been feeling a sense of hopelessness and depression over, however, if you could move up one step on the emotional scale you would move into anger and this would allow you to take some action that is needed to get you into a better emotional place.

Relationship troubles?

Perhaps you are missing a relationship you once had, yet this person actually didn’t treat you very well, yet you are still lingering in depression over it despite knowing you could do better. By tapping into all the areas in the relationship where you feel you could have been treated better in the past, you could shift the emotion from depression to anger, and while you don’t to stay in anger for too long, it still feels better than depression and it fuels you to take some steps towards new things, which is in line with the new beginnings this card suggests.

judgement card in TarotThe key to moving forward.

The final card in this spread is Judgement Reversed. This card is the key to moving forward and it its reversed position it suggests that there may be a higher calling you have been ignoring because it may feel inconvenient to you to follow through with it. Yet, this card is challenging you to get on with it. It may not mean you need to make drastic changes in order to act on this higher calling, however, in the context of loneliness or feeling lonely it suggests that perhaps you are not taking time out to listen to and respect your deepest intuitions and feelings about certain circumstances, and not allowing yourself to be vulnerable in order to face something new in your life.
Step forward into things that feel like they have real meaning for you. Don’t allow fear and self doubt to stop you in your tracks in doing something that may feel a little far out to you. Your soul is calling you to greater things. Trust what your intuition is saying to you, and listen intently.