How to Clear your chakras

How To Clear Your Chakras

In this post I am going to continue my review of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Course hosted by Mindvalley Academy. Week 6 of the course covered not only how to clear your Chakras, but also how to trace your meridians in order to ‘prepare’ your chakras to be worked on, as well as the function of each of the chakras and their anatomy.

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I used to think that Chakras were just an esoteric concept.

But after doing my Yoga teachers certification and having to study detailed anatomy and physiology, I learned there is actually a physical reason as to why we have more electromagnetic ‘light’ around these parts of the body, and this is because we have a higher concentration of bundles of nerves in these centres on our anatomy. So I have no issues in believing that Chakras play an important role in our health and wellbeing. Nerves carry electricity-and therefore, their electromagnetic field would be heightened if there are a higher concentration of nerves in these places where the Chakras reside.

Tracing your meridians.

Before working with Chakras, it is important to make sure your energies are flowing freely through your meridians. You can do this by first doing the Daily Energy Routine , and then looking at the below chart and trace each meridian starting on the time of day you happen to be in that related to the chart. But, before tracing the ones below Donna suggests tracing Central and Governing Meridians, as these are the meridians that ‘hook’ everything up. Once you have traced all the other meridians, finish by tracing Central and Governing Meridians again.

How To Clear Your Chakras

Donna showed us how to trace our meridians in less than 2 minutes in this module of the online course. I was impressed with this because in the past I had avoided tracing my meridians because it all looked too complicated and time consuming. But now I am motivated to learn these major meridian pathways by memory and get into a habit of tracing regularly. I can see how it is beneficial.

Watch a free masterclass with Donna here.

After tracing the meridians, Donna and David went on the talk about each of the Chakras and their structure, functions, themes and layers. In a nutshell, here is what each chakra is about:

Root Chakra

Drive for survival, pro-creation, feeling safe within a tribe (e.g. family). It is about being grounded to the earth, our feelings about how our basic needs are being met.

Sacral Chakra

The seat of our creativity. Our ability to feel flow and joy in life. It is where we create our lives (and other people as it relates to the sexual organs). It represents our faith and trust in life. It also relates to our intuition, and natural healing abilities.

Third Chakra-Solar Plexus

This chakra relates to how we feel about our identity. It is about our self confidence, our ego and how we perceive ourselves in relation to others. It is knowing what we want and what is expected of us.

4th Chakra-Heart Chakra

Our love and connection with others. Our connection to the universe and our spirituality.

5th Chakra-The Throat Chakra

Relates to communication and how effective we are ion communicating our ideas as well as how we communicate with ourselves. Information from all the other chakras flow into this chakra, which makes it particularly unique and distinct from the others.

6th Chakra-Relates to thinking processes

The world of thought and extra sensory perception. Some would say this is the ‘psychic centre’ of a human being. It is how we sense our environment and how we interpret what we are seeing and feeling.

7th Chakra-The Crown

This Chakra is all about our higher self and connection to the cosmos. It is where our inspirations come from and where we receive cosmic energy.

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Each of the chakras have 7 layers. (Screen shot from Energy Medicine Course Materials)

How to Clear your chakras

In the course, Donna showed how we would do energy clearing on another person. I was kind of disappointed here because I wanted to know how to do it on myself. However, I followed along with what Donna was showing us here by just applying it to myself and still got a result.


Before working on the chakras Donna suggested we either do the Spinal flush on the person we are working on (you could massage the neuro-lymphatics if you are doing this on yourself and not a partner. See the Daily Energy Routine for this.)

Then she moved onto the energy sweep:Pull energy down body from each shoulder across to the opposite leg and o that foot.

And finally, the Power and Electric Point Stretch: push in and pull out at the center notch along the back of the skull, at the top of the neck (the Power Point location). Now move to the points one half inch out from the center on each side and rub deeply (these are the Electric Points).

Testing each of the Chakras.

Donna then went on to show how we can test each of the Chakras as to whether they are week or Strong on a person we are working on. It was a similar method to others she had shown us which is basically a form of muscle testing via the practice of kinesiology.

I didn’t have a partner to work on, so I skipped this part and just went and assumed that all of my Chakras could do with a tune up.

How to Clear Your own Chakras:

  • Start at the root chakra and open your hand so the palm is flat.  Circle your hand in a counter clockwise motion over the root chakra about 2-3 inches away from your body. Do this for about 2-3 minutes and notice if you feel sensations in your hand. The more you practice this, the more you will start to notice different sensations .
  • After 2-3 minutes, shake off your hand and then start to circle in a clockwise motion over the same chakra. Notice if there is a difference in sensation going the other way.
  • Do this for each of the Chakras.

Donna then showed us how we can integrate the clearing by doing exercises such as:

  • Belt Flow Pull
  • Taking down the flame
  • and further clearing of the throat Chakra

My experience:

After trying the first Chakra, I can’t say I noticed much other than a mild heat in my hand. However, when I turned to go in the clockwise direction, I noticed it seemed ‘smoother’ than the anti clockwise direction.

Donna explained that Anti Clockwise is clearing energy out, and clockwise is allowing them to flow and receive ‘fresh energy’.

When I did the second Chakra, not only did I feel a coolness radiating into my hand, but a sad memory surfaced of my parents separating when I was very young. I had not thought about this for as long as I can remember, and it was like the Chakra was showing me that this is where I am holding some old painful patterns and it was also interesting that I have had problems with endometriosis in the past-the physical manifestation of what can happen when there is blocked energy in the sacral chakra.

So that was my most profound experience while doing this module for the course.

I am amazed how many levels of energy we really have and that have been documented not only by Donna, but also by many ancient practices such yoga and Tai Chi and Qigong. They are all related in their practice.

If you would like to purchase this full online course, click here.

If you would like to see Donna in action teaching four other important energy medicine techniques, click here.

What is your understanding of Chakras? Have you had an experience of working with your own Chakras? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

7 thoughts on “How To Clear Your Chakras”

  1. Thank you for a fascinating read. While I was aware of Chakras, like you, I felt it was merely an esoteric concept. But your explanation of anatomy and physiology made it come together in a way that finally makes sense. Now I can see how they connect to the various parts of the body and it makes much more sense. I’m going to bookmark this site so I can refer back to it often.

    1. Hi Carol! Glad it makes sense to you now! I really do find it quite amazing, and more and more I am coming to realise that the anatomy of our energy body is just as complex as the anatomy of our physical body

  2. Thank you for a fascinating read. While I was aware of Chakras, like you, I felt it was merely an esoteric concept. But your explanation of anatomy and physiology made it come together in a way that finally makes sense. Now I can see how they connect to the various parts of the body and it makes much more sense. I’m going to bookmark this site so I can refer back to it often.

  3. Hi Liz, wow what an interesting website. So much useful information available. Thank you for a fascinating read. I had heard of Chakras, but couldn’t realy relate to it. You have explained the link between anatomy and physiology and it now makes sense to me. Understanding the effect on the body brings it to life..You have personalised it too with your videos etc which I think makes it more engaging. Chris

    1. Hi Chis. Thanks for visiting. Yes that link between the anatomy and physiology of the body was a real turning point for me in my understanding of chakra!

  4. Fascinating stuff! Keep it going, a great site for getting the understanding of how the Chakras link in to mind and body. Have you ever tried Reiki, and would you recommend this? I imagine it in the same arena….what are your thoughts on this? I have been readinf a lot about it and it seems to be on similar lines or have I got that wrong?

    1. Hey Chris, I have not tried Reiki, but my understanding of it is that it is more to do with getting healing from others than it is about activating your own healing ability in your own body. But I think at the end of the day, all these healing modalities have cross over factors and similarities. Thanks for stopping by!

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