How To Embrace The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card

The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card can be unsettling to draw sometimes as it suggests change in the air, and nobody is overly fond of change even when the changes lead to something better. We are habitual by nature and tend to cling to what is familiar to us. Yet life is continually changing, even when we don’t think it is. The weather changes day to day, the earth moves in position to the sun every second of the day and the moon waxes and wanes each month. Everything is continually moving. Therefore the Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card is aligned to nature, and when we draw this card it can indicate a change of fortune for us-and that could either be favourable or unfavourable depending on our outlook. It can also represent a turning point in our life where a situation or relationship is coming to a head and the time is ripe for making some decisions about where we are going.The Wheel of Fortune

But nothing is set in stone and it is a great time to remind ourselves that we have free will, and just because we have turned up a certain Tarot card, we don’t have to feel we are doomed or even blessed. The Tarot cards are a guide to shed some more light on a situation we want more clarity about. Naturally if this card indicates that something favourable is coming our way we breath a sigh of relief. But even this is giving away our power a little if we think that all we need to do is sit back and let things take care of themselves.

So, how do we embrace the energy of this card in a practical way? More than likely you have some situations that you want some clarity on in terms of which direction to take. Here is a step by step guide to use this card to your advantage.

  1. Look at your situation in terms of all the different paths you could take at this time. Write them down. For example, if you have recently been offered more than one job and you are not sure which one to accept, write down some notes about each job such as the pros and the cons.
  2. Sit in a quiet place and calm your mind. Steady your breathing and bring your awareness to the place behind your eyes. Just sense the area. Once you feel you have centred your energy here, bring your awareness further back into the centre of your head. You will know when you have found the right area within your head as you will feel a quiet still energy overcome you. Time feels like it stands still here and you will feel your body relax.
  3. Ground your energy by imagining either a cord, roots of a tree or cascading waterfall going deep down into the centre of the earth from the base of your spine. This will help anchor your mind.
  4. Think about the first job you took some notes on. Imagine yourself in this role. Where would you be going each day, what kinds of roles would you be in? See yourself in a typical day in this job. Are you happy here? Do you have some good work relationships with people? It doesn’t matter if you are unsure at this stage about the details. Just project yourself forward into the future and play ‘make believe’ in your mind that you are right there in that role. Notice how you feel. Is there a sense of joy within, or is a sense of stress and overwhelm overcoming you?
  5. After you have spent some time in the first imaginary job, move onto the next one you are considering. See yourself right there in the routine of the job. Pay attention to your feelings.
  6. Now, which one gave you more of a sense of peace or joy? Which one felt more grounding to you and gave you a sense of ease? Remember, it doesn’t matter about the details of each job at the moment given that you don’t have enough practical information. What is important is the feelings that came up for you while you were imagining yourself in each role. Your feelings are your guide and the gateway to your intuition. The one that gave you more of a sense of relief or peace or calm is the answer to which one you should take.

You can do this exercise with any direction you are trying to choose between, even if it more than two directions. Maybe you are thinking about moving house and looking at several new houses to choose from, but feeling stuck as to which one would be best given that there are pros and cons for each one. Or, maybe you are wondering which course to choose for your education at University or school, but nothing is popping out in terms of the short list of courses you are looking at. The exercise works best when each choice seems a little too similar to the other, and you are trying to move forward with clarity.

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10 thoughts on “How To Embrace The Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card”

  1. This is a very helpful post. When I started reading I almost left the site, because I am not really into tarot cards, but then I read further and was glad I did.

    I love the visualisation exercise you give here, and the way you explained all the steps, rather than just saying breath or empty your mind.

    Keep them coming.

    1. Thanks Michel! Glad you kept an open mind and kept reading. It is my goal to demystify Tarot cards a bit and bring them down to earth more. There is so much misconception and misinformation around them!

  2. Travis Smithers

    I liked the segment on the meditation exercise on how to isolate which job, for instance, could be the right one by the way you process it in your mind.

    The course Quantum jumping sounds like it could be a very valuable method way of learning how to meditate properly?

  3. Hey there Liz, terrific comment on The Wheel Of Fortune. I’ve learned a lot from reading your post. All cards need to be worked with, I know, but the Wheel refuses to let you be lazy. When this card turns up in my readings, I often wondered why, and how it fit. Even in conjunction with other cards, it can be confusing. From what you’ve said, it is a card of personal work, and a challenge to explore your feelings in regard to your options. I love your approach to the Tarot!

    1. Hey Sam! Thanks again for your comment. You are right-the Wheel of Fortune indeed does not allow you to be lazy, which is contrary to the popular game show ‘Wheel of Fortune’ where you just spin a wheel and hope for the best. We are the creator of our own life-mainly our inner life, so we need to use our free will to respond in ways that help us.

  4. The first time I used a tarot deck at home and tried to decipher my own future, the first card that came out was the Death card. lol. I was scared, but then I realized that Death in tarot can be symbolic, not literal, like the death of who you were before or of something that was in your past.

    This is kind of how I guess I should view the Wheel of Fortune card. It’s a symbol, but not a literal one, like all tarot cards, and it’s meant to make you reflect on your life and analyze your situation and life experiences.

    Can’t any card or group of tarot cards in a reading symbolize change in life? Isn’t life always changing? I guess, if I’m still perplexed, it means I’m still a tarot newbie?

    1. Wow that is a bit of a can of worms! It really depends on the position of the card in the spread and what the whole aim of your reading is about Hilton. Mostly, I use the Tarot to highlight life areas or bring more clarity to a situation which in turn creates a change in itself for the person I am reading for because some light has been shed on the situation they are wondering about.

      You are absolutely right about the Death card. I actually would never interpret it to mean literal death. It is much more to do what you said-death of an identity, death of a situation, deep internal change etc. Unfortunately the Death card gives Tarot a bad name to the casual observer who has a closed mind to the possibilities of what Tarot can offer in relation to personal growth.

      Thanks for visiting Hilton! I enjoy your comments. 🙂

  5. Hi Liz,

    This post is great because (according to several astrology books I’ve read) the Wheel of Fortune card correlates with my b-day. For that reason it fascinates me and I always like to read different interpretations of its’ meaning. Thanks for your perspective and methods to tap into its energy.

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