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How To Find Inner Peace | 3 Unique Tips

Over 30 years ago we were told that computers and modern technology were going to make our lives easier and we would be working less and we will have more time. As it turns out, today in 2018 technology is the reason why we are actually working harder than ever and have less time. This is because now that we have more ‘productivity power’ we are expected to produce more with what we have. It’s kind of like before washing machines were invented-people used to wash their clothes much less-but when washing machines came along we began to wash our clothes a lot more. This pressure to produce more and be more is having a very detrimental effect on peoples health and well-being and as a species we are generally feeling less peaceful and less connected to each other (and ourselves) than ever before.

This article will give 3 unique tips on how you can find inner peace and well being in a chaotic world so you can feel at your best.

Tip# 1: Be Altruistic

A thought leader I have been following lately is Lynne McTaggart who has written best selling books such as The Field and The Intention Experiment. She interests me because she takes seemingly esoteric concepts such as distance healing and positive visualisation and puts them to the test in a modern scientific framework. In her intention experiments she has scientifically demonstrated that when you intend or visualise positively for another person whether that be better health, better finances or an improvement in any kind of situation, not only does this effect the person receiving this intention in positive ways including favourable biological changes, it also has an extremely beneficial effect on the person sending the intention and visualisation. All the science around this is carefully documented in her book The Intention Experiments, so if you are interested in this, check the book out here.

How do you do this altruistic act?

Sit in meditation, relax your mind and body and visualise a positive outcome or positive behaviour in another person who may be struggling with something, and deeply want peace for them more than you want it for yourself. The result is you yourself end up experiencing deep peace, so long as you sincerely want more happiness for the other person. The way I do this is to visualise light around the person I am sending intentions to, and see them happy and well and overcoming their challenges.

Why does this work?

Well, there are many theories as to why this is effective, and I highly recommend you read Lynne’s book to understand the science of it. In a nutshell, we are all connected on an energetic grid-kind of like the movie The Matrix. An example of this is when you are thinking about someone you have not thought about for a while and then you hear from them, perhaps via a text message, email or phone call. We have a sixth sense which is very underutilised in modern life, but it is still present within us.

Tip#2: Practice Qigong 6 Healing Sounds

Qigong is an ancient energy practice which predates Tai Chi. There are numerous medical studies around the effectiveness of Qigong, and one deeply healing practice which truly induces peace and calm is the Qigong 6 healing sounds. You can do this in anywhere between 5-30 minutes and you will dramatically feel a shift in your body and mind afterwards. I have found when I practice this at night before bed, I sleep better, and the positive effect seems to last into the next day if I have done an extended practice the night before.

How to do the Qigong 6 healing sounds.

Vocalise by singing the words/sounds below in one tone for as long as your breath lasts, and then visualise light after each sound in the following order:

  1. Zzzzzzzz-visualise white light in the lungs.
  2. Chereee-visualise blue light in the kidneys
  3. Shoooo-visualise green light in the liver.
  4. Haaaaa-visualise red light in the lungs
  5. Horrrrrr-visualise yellow light in the stomach and spleen
  6. Heeee-visualise purple light in the 3 major energy centres of your body knowns as ‘the triple warmer’ which are your head, heart and lower abdomen.

Why does this work?

Our bodies at their core are made up of energy, which is made up of frequencies which carry information. When our mind is in a state of turmoil, these frequencies are scrambled resulting in chaotic thinking. When we practice these 6 healing sounds which have stood the test of time over thousands of years, we help to shift the energy in our body, harmonise chaotic frequencies and break up stagnation and this has a direct impact on our mind and emotions. Try a quick version of this with the video below:

Tip# 3: Take remedies which balance your bodies energy field and informational flow.

Homeopathy and flower essences have had a massive upgrade and improvement in the last 30 years with the addition of what is known as ‘infoceuticals’. These little bottles of electrostatically charged particles suspended in a colloidal mineral solution have captured the essence of the vibrational frequencies our body and mind functions best at. They help the information flow within and around your body which has proven to lead to more well being and inner peace because it has a direct effect on how well the organs and brain are functioning within the body.

Nes Health infoceuticals

These remedies are made by NES Health which is a company that has over 30 years of scientific research behind it in the field of energy medicine and thousands of case studies and testimonials with ongoing research to date. The company focuses primarily on the health of the Human Body Field and has demonstrated that it is our bodies energy field that is the driving force of our biology. As Einstein said 100 years ago: ‘The field is the sole governing agency of the particle’.

You can learn more about infoceuticals and body field scanning at this website, and if you would like to set up a free NES account in order to give some of these remedies a try, please enter your contact details below and I will set up an account for you as soon as possible. In this free account you will have access to health and wellness documentaries from some of the top practitioners and leaders in the field of energy medicine and holistic health in general. You will also have access to hours of fascinating talks by people who are on the cutting edge of all the scientific research around energy medicine.


So, what’s your favourite way to find more inner peace? Have you tried any of the above recommendations? Feel free to comment below and let me know!

767A333E A450 4E12 B9F0 96F6AF65E83CIn a addition to 20 years experience reading the tarot, Liz is a certified NES Health practitioner and mind body wellness coach. She is also a qualified fitness professional and yoga instructor.

4 thoughts on “How To Find Inner Peace | 3 Unique Tips”

  1. I was feeling a bit lousy today and for some reasons, I decided try out the healing sounds on the video. Honestly, I am not familiar with Qiqong at all so doing all these sounds were a bit ticklish at first.

    But after following for 9 minutes, I experienced a moment of emptiness in my mind. It felt as though my neurons were still vibrating with these sounds. Is that suppose to be the positive effect of the practice?

    1. Hey Cathy, everyone experiences this practice differently and the sole purpose of it is to release pent up energy that is not serving you. It clears the way for more productive thoughts and feelings to enter into your mind and body and when it is practiced everyday it has a multiplying effect. That moment of emptiness you experienced is sneak peak into the potential of this practice. Thanks for stopping by and trying out the exercise!

  2. Hallo there,

    I have been having a lot of uneasiness and tension due to many things going wrong in my life and almost fell into a depression.

    Someone recommended a few visualization techniques including the Qigong healing sounds. I tried them and saw a huge difference almost immediately.

    Does this mean that visualization works more effectively than other techniques or does it depend on the individual?

    1. I think it really depends on the individual although when it comes to doing what works, you also need to look at the science, and science is saying that visualisation is very effective. So, knowing this, if you are someone like me, who tends to want some kind of proof before I commit to embracing it, visualisation will likely work the best for you. However, it is also a process of which you become in tune with your own body and mind and discover what works best for you. You have to be willing to be your own scientist and test different things out. Thanks for stopping by Dave!

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