If you are trying to learn how to read tarot cards for a deeper understanding of your life, a simple way to learn is to choose one card a day and use it as a reflection point for the entire day. Before you begin your day, centre yourself to get your mind and body into a receptive state, and ask your higher self/god/ the universe/whatever you feel most comfortable posing your question to, to give you an insight for the day ahead. Shuffle your deck, split it into three piles, then reassemble in a different order without thinking about it too much, then take the top card.

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Don’t be too quick to look up the meaning.

Before you go and look up the meaning in a book, take some time to just really look at the card. What is your first impression? Look at the colours in the card, the people, their stance, any background pictures within the card.

If you could jot down some of your first impressions and a few words about the atmosphere you sense in the card, what would they be? What is the underlying emotion you feel if there is one? Is it calm and reflective or filled with worry and conflict?

Feel before your think.

After you have spent some time thinking about the card (and more importantly-feeling and sensing), go and look up the traditional meaning of the card and compare your interpretation. A good rule of thumb to learn this card is to see how it applies to yourself in relation to your day. Check in with yourself throughout the day to see how the card is reflecting.

Or, if you find it difficult to relate it to the day, ask yourself how it has applied to a situation in your past that you recall with vivid emotion. Then, combine your interpretation with the traditional meaning to come up with a hybrid meaning. That way you have some grounding in the history of the card, as well as your own personal feelings about the card and emotion helps to bind things in our memory.

What is your favourite simple method for learning how to read tarot cards for more understanding of them? Comment below and let me know.