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How to relieve pain

There are many medications out there that can help you relieve pain, but what if you would rather get to the root cause of your pain and get off medications given that pain medication can have long term side effects which reduce the quality of your life? This post contains ideas on how to relieve pain in ways that are not dependent on medication, and reviews week 5 of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course (which is 8 weeks long in total) which is hosted by Mindvalley Academy.

Eden Energy Medicine

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A little word of warning before you read on-if you truly want to get to the root cause of your pain, it might mean you need to learn some  new skills and you have to be willing to do that. However, the long term pay off is so worth it and will leave you feeling empowered.

 Pain is the bodies way of letting you know that there is an imbalance in your life that needs attention.

We have been taught over centuries to disengage with out bodies and not listen to its innate wisdom. Modern medicine came along and provided us near instant relief to pain and we began to trust something outside of ourselves more than learning to go within and work with our bodies natural energies.

Our body is an energy body before it is a physical body.

Practices such as Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Energy Medicine and the like all focus on moving energy around our body, and when we have pain-especially if it is chronic pain, it is because energy is not flowing to that part of the body properly, or there is some kind of blockage to the flow. This is the same as disease that has set in over time. Mental illness falls into this arena also in that there may be an energetic pattern that a person has which results in the brain not functioning at its optimum state and causing a series of ‘short circuits’ to occur over time. Our brain (just like our heart) is electrical in nature after all.

Ways to self manage pain on a daily basis.

The first thing that is crucial to do each day to break up old patterns of energy that have occurred over time is to do the Daily Energy Routine. There are many people teaching this routine, but I think the best person to learn it from is Donna Eden, who is a master energy medicine practitioner. Watch the video below to learn about this 5 minute technique.

When you begin practicing this routine on a daily basis, your body will begin to change and you energy patterns that are creating the pain in the first place will begin to shift. Just like our mind falls into habits, so does our energy body, we ideally we would teach it new things and new ways of being.

Learn more about Donna Eden’s work here.

Once you have done this routine, you can start to look at the specifics of your pain with the following techniques.


This technique is based on the principle that your left hand pulls energy out of your body and the right hand puts energy into your body. Often when we have pain it is because there is actually too much energy in the part of the body that is hurting and it needs to be released or broken up.

How to do ‘Siphoning’:

  1. Please your left hand over the area of pain.
  2. Hold you right hand down and out and away from your body to allow the excess energy from the painful area to drain off. It is important to use your mind here and visualise the energy ‘siphoning’ off from your right hand. Feel or imagine the energy being pulled out of your body.
  3. Place your right hand on or over the area of pain and raise your left hand upward to receive healing energy into the area.
  4. Finish the exercise by tracing figure 8’s with one of your fingers over the area that was painful.

The spindle cell pinch

This technique works on the idea that all of the cells we have in our body have an electromagnetic charge and you are triggering the the mechanism to the brain that the pain is no longer needed. It is like hitting the reset button on your computer when it goes into a bit of a ‘freeze’.

How to do The Spindle Cell Pinch:

For a localised area, go to the centre of the painful area with your thumb and forefinger and very, very lightly pinch the skin one at a time.

For pain int he hands, wrists or elbows, make tiny little pinches up and down the inside of the arm for about 20 seconds.

Note:This technique should not be used over an open wound.

Zone Tapping:

This technique is based on reflexology and works on specific zones within your body. See the diagram below to see how the body is sectioned off into specific zones.

How to do zone tapping:

  • Find the area of pain in your body which corresponds to the zone it is in, and then work out from the diagram which reflexology point on the wrist or the ankle that zone is in.

(A screen shot of Donna Eden’s notes from her new Energy Medicine course.)

Eden Energy Medicine

Eden Energy MedicineEden Energy Medicine

  • Tap the point solidly for 10 seconds then stop. Then tap again for up to a minute and a half.
  • It will take 10 minutes or so to know if this technique worked, so go and do something else for a while and reevaluate in 10 minutes.

Identifying and sedating the Meridian involved with the pain.

Often our pain may seem like it is located in one area of the body, but the cause of it is actually somewhere else in the body and this can be along the meridian line further up or further down.

Throughout Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine course she talks about the meridians and how tracing them, flushing them and sedating them can make a world of difference in over all wellbeing. And when it comes to pain, it is no different.

As I mentioned above, often pain is caused as a result of of too much energy in a certain part of your body, so if you were to find the corresponding meridian which is set along the area of pain, you could learn when to hold certain points in order to sedate that meridian so it is not on ‘over drive’.

Here it is useful to have some kind of chinese meridian chart so you can look at the where all the meridians are on the body. Alternatively, you could look at this muscle chart and see which area of pain corresponds to the pain you have: (Screen shot taken from Donna Eden’s new energy medicine course)

Eden Energy Medicine

How to use the chart:

  1. Identify a muscle that sits in the area of pain
  2. Find the name of the meridian that corresponds with that muscle
  3. Find the corresponding sedating points with that muscle (see below)
  4. For two to three minutes, hold the first set of sedating points on both sides of the body, starting with the side where the pain is located.
  5. Hold the second set of points on each side of the body for 1.5 minutes to 2 minutes.

Eden Energy Medicine

As you may be starting to realise, pain is a big subject where you may need to try a variety of different energy medicine techniques before you find one that works for you.

Other techniques which have not been mentioned here are:

  • Breathing out the pain
  • Stretching the muscle associated with the pain and then spindle cell pinching at the centre of the muscle
  • Clear Neurolymphatic reflex points
  • Put one hand on the pain and the other on the main neurovascular points (the forehead) and hold until pain clears.
  • Raking the painful area with your fingers (both hands pull away from each other over the skin)
  • Firmly tapping the area to break up stagnant energy or using a hair brush to tap the area (has many little ‘tappers’ in one area)
  • Pain chasing-involves knowing the meridian pathways and holding the end of the meridian as you massage along the meridian and notice where there are painful points. Keep doing thing until you have reached the other end of the meridian. This technique can be likened to ‘squeezing out’ toothpaste from a tube (you are squeezing out stagnant energy along the meridian).

My Final Thoughts

If you are interested in learning more about how to relieve pain via these energy medicine techniques, I highly recommend you learn more about Donna Eden’s energy medicine course online here. Since I have taken this course, I have had less headaches, more mental clarity, found effective ways to deal with a pain that may have suddenly come on in muscles and joints. I have also had less tinnitus, felt more calm about my life and I also feel my new found clarity has had a positive affect on my family too, as they also seem a little more at ease. This makes sense because we are all affecting each other with our energies, so I feel it is important to ensure our own energies are balanced before we can think about having a positive affect on others.

Check out the course here.

Join a free online masterclass with Donna here.

Eden Energy Medicine

Do you have any experiences with Energy Medicine or other practices such as Qigong or Yoga? Feel free to comment below and let me know.

6 thoughts on “How to relieve pain”

  1. thanks for going into such detail about these techniques. Some i’ve heard about, but others not, and haven’t ever heard the suggestion to use a hairbrush for tapping. It’s so important to empower people and remind us that we have the ability to let go of our pain and bring our bodies (and lives) back into balance. You give many good tools to do this, and the best thing is that they’re all drug-free.

    1. Hey Penelope. Glad the post was interesting to you. Yes I think that modern society has lost touch with some really simple and basic truths sometimes in how to care for ourselves and find relief without medication. I think we are in an amazing time in history at the moment in that we have the best of both worlds-we have the advances of western modern medicine, but we also have access to so much information about alternative and complimentary therapies. An intelligent application and balance between the two can bring remarkable results.

  2. very interesting post:) I watched the video of Donna Eden and is really interesting.
    It really works?Did you try it? It does help release the pain?
    I will sure try it and I will tell you if it worked for me also;
    I never liked medication and i wanted to try this:)
    thanks for sharing was a very good read:)

    1. Hi Cristina. Yes it definitely works and yes I have tried it. I don’t actually review any product that I have not tried for myself, and it has to be a product that has had a big impact on me, and this Donna Eden course is one of those courses that is kind of life changing in terms of how I view health and wellbeing.
      I will say, that different techniques work for different people. So, if one technique does not work for you, it doesn’t mean that all energy medicine techniques will not work for you. You have to be willing to experiment a bit and take on some new skills.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. i found your post to be extremely interesting. i am enduring pain myself at this very moment in time. i even went to a doctor recently and didn’t feel much of a change. i will definitely try these techniques and see if they work for me. it sure doesn’t hurt to give a try and see what happen.

    1. Hey Karlene. Sorry to hear you are in pain. One thing to know about these techniques is they may not work on the first go. You have to kind of ‘teach’ your body to respond to pain differently. What I mean by this is by doing the Daily Energy Routine for at least 2 weeks you are retraining the energy within your body to flow better and psychologically you will also feel more balanced. Once you have worked with the Daily Energy Routine for a while this is where you are more likely to get relief from the techniques mentioned here. But it does require a bit of study and probably more to the point-practice- to get the major benefit from the techniques.

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