How to take care of yourself as an empath

How to take care of yourself as an empath

Are you an empath who struggles to find balance in everyday life? Do you feel that you are drained by other peoples energies and left feeling ungrounded and out of sorts? Do you want to use your gifts to serve others, but feel it just takes too much energy out of you? Are you struggling with unexplained health challenges and feel it is because of your sensitive energy? Here is one big giant tip on how to take care of yourself as an empath.

Why empaths struggle.

empathThere is a reason why empaths often struggle. Most think it is because they are ‘different’ somehow or misunderstood. Others feel they lack good boundaries and are not sure how to help others without being completely drained themselves, or feel they just absorb too much information from others and everything around them and are not sure how to set themselves free from this to be able to find more inner peace.
However, there is a deeper answer to these problems, and it lies in the way information flows around your body and whether it is flowing freely or not. Your energy field has everything to do with how you handle the stressors of the outside world and other peoples energies. If you energy field has ‘leaks’ all through it or blockages, then you will suffer other peoples negative energy more acutely.

The ancient energy healers had practices in place.

The ancient energy masters knew a lot about this, and they had practices in place to be able to be both in balance and help others with their gifts at the same time. But in the today’s world, we have lost touch with the things we need to do in order to stay in balance.
Luckily our modern technology is starting to catch up.
30 plus years of research has revealed that there is an ideal ‘resonance’ that our bodies electromagnetic field vibrates at, and if our body field is way off this ‘ideal resonance’, fatigue, ill health and other maladies will dominate your life. And because empaths have an even more sensitive energy field than the average person, they will be more affected than others.

A true pioneer in energy medicine

Peter Fraser was a university lecturer in Melbourne Australia in the field of Chinese medicine back in the 1970’s. He origininally set out to ‘prove’ the existence of the Chinese meridians and their corresponding energy flows, however, he ended up discovering something much bigger instead.
Through  many years of experiments he discovered that the human body has an ideal ‘energy blue print’, and when our body field is not matching up to this blue print, we don’t experience wellness or happiness.
IMG 6060In fact, this ‘energy blue print’ which he later labeled it ‘The Human Body Field’, is the driver of our biological processes and disease will show up in the field before it shows up physically in the human body.
When it comes to our emotional make up and psychology, shocks and traumas from our past can get ‘lodged’ in our energy field and cause dysfunction in our bodies and minds.

Back to what Einstein said….

As Einstein once said, “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle”. What does this mean? Well, it means that he is saying first there is energy, and then there is matter, e.g. our bodies. And lets not forget his famous formula E=Mc2. In other words, energy equals mass times the speed of light. So, energy=mass, and therefore mass=energy. It’s quite profound, and yet the formula is taken for granted so much that we forget its true meaning.

We are energy at our core.

Body FieldOur bodies may appear solid, but really we are made up of energy at our core, and the technology we have available to us today is astounding. As an empath you have a choice in order to stay balanced and happy: you could practice daily energy routines such as qigong and hope for the best. Or, you could understand what is actually happening in your Body Field and what you can do to correct very specific imbalances that are showing up.
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