The less grounded in our body we are, the more we are going to feel scattered, rushed, cranky, prone to being influenced by others bad moods or bad habits and generally feeling we are not in control of our life.  By using a grounding meditation technique each day you will start to feel more productive, happier and less like you are rushing through life, and it can be done in as little as five minutes.

Grounding Meditation Technique

Anyone can benefit from being more grounded with all the modern distractions and demands on our time, but if you read Tarot cards-especially if you read for others, it is absolutely vital you are as grounded as possible. You want to be really clear in your mind and body before you have even posed a question to the Tarot because you want to ask the best question you can in order to get the best answer. So here is a quick step by step guide in order to get clear in your mind and body. It is best to do this exercise daily so you build up some momentum and feel the cumulative benefits of it rather than a once off meditation.

  1. Sit comfortably with your spine straight either in a chair or on the floor. Just make sure where ever you choose it is comfortable for you. You don’t have to adhere to the traditional meditation pose you see people adopt in pictures where their legs are crossed and there hands are turned up over their knees. Just be comfortable.
  2. Soften your gaze resting your eyes on a spot directly in front of you, and bring your attention and awareness behind your eyes. Feel the space behind your eyes in your mind and pull your attention from anywhere else back to this place behind the eyes.
  3. Take a deep breath. On your next inhale gently close your eyes while maintaining your focus on the space behind your eyes. You may notice your eyelids flickering a little. That is fine and  is just an indication that your nervous system is starting to relax. If you don’t notice this, that is also fine.
  4. Once your eyes are closed, systematically relax muscles in your body that feel tight. Pay attention to the area around your jaw and forehead,  cheeks and mouth. Let the relaxation spread out down your neck and shoulders and throughout the rest of your body.
  5. Bring you awareness to the base of your spine. Breath in deeply and as your exhale feel energy spreading out through your body. Notice the palms of your hands, the base of your feet and your heart center. Do you feel any tingling in these places?
  6. Then bring your awareness to the base of your spine just in front of where your tail bone ends. Sense any tingling and pulsating here. As you keep your awareness here, imagine either a cascading waterfall or tree trunk from this place descending into the centre of the earth. This is your grounding cord. Imagine your energy and any distractions you feel spilling into this cord and going deep into the earth.  Pull your attention and energy away from people, places and situations and bring it back to yourself and let it go deep into the earth.
  7. If you have any physical or emotional pain or worry, let this go into the cord. Breath. Keep calling your energy back to yourself from the things that have left you feeling ungrounded or unsettled.
  8. Imagine this tree trunk/waterfall/cord is getting as wide as your body and rooting you deeply to the earth. Then, bring your awareness back to the place behind your eyes, and notice your breath. Stay here for as long as you need, and when you are ready, bring to mind the spot in the room where you rested your eyes at the beginning of this meditation and on your next inhale gently open your eyes.

Try this 5 minute meditation for 2 weeks and see how your life changes. Maybe you feel you are getting through your days with just a little more ease. Maybe you are getting along with the people around you a little better. Maybe work situations improve for you. When ever you feel scattered in the middle of your day or off balance, quickly bring your awareness behind your eyes and imagine that deep root into the centre of the earth from the base of your spine. Practice this as you are talking to people-especially when you are having difficult conversations with others to help you keep your balance. And, most importantly, using this technique will go a long way to help you get the best Tarot readings you can, whether you are reading Tarot cards for yourself, or for others.

Try this exercise and practice the visualisation throughout your day and let me know what your experience was! I find that it really helps me have more energy and feel more positive generally speaking. I also feel I am less influenced by others negative moods and able to maintain my internal balance more. Would love to here how it might help you. Leave a comment below!

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