judgement card in Tarot

Judgment Card In Tarot

judgement card in TarotThe Judgement card in Tarot represents a time where you feel an inner calling activating within you or you literally feel you are being judged. You could be aksed by the universe to judge a situation or person as to whether their actions or way of being will line up with your ideals and assess whether what they bring into your life is life giving or not.

It is not so much about condemning a person and expressing that they are wrong; it is more about your own discernment and whether you have appropriate boundaries in place for your own well being.

When the card relates to an inner calling to act on something you have been thinking about for a while, it can feel like you have come to a choice point in your life and that you now would be best submitting yourself to the higher calling you feel drawn towards and allowing yourself to be vulnerable to following the call of your soul.

5 Practical Things You Can Do To Act On The Energy Of The Judgement Card.

  1. When there is something you have been thinking about for a while but have not acted on, now is the time to take action. Make that phone call you need to make to find out more information about something. Enquire as to what the cost of that course is you have been thinking about doing to change your career direction. Make a solid decision about the relationship you are in as to whether it is to continue or discontinue. Refuse to sit on the fence about all your possibilities in front of you.
  2. Meditate on what it is your soul is calling you to do. The easiest way to hear the whispers of your soul is to quiet your mind and allow for inspiration to flow. This is likely not going to be a once off meditation. To receive our higher knowledge we have to practice getting into the receiving mode to literally rewire our brains to think differently and allow our natural genius to shine through us. If you have been on a certain path that has years of momentum, it is unlikely you will one day wake up and suddenly hear the call of your soul. Although people have claimed this has happened to them, they are the exception, not the rule. By simply taking 15 minutes per day to meditate, you will more clearly here the call of your soul. Perhaps not in the meditation itself, but over time you will have more and more flashes of insight and intuitions as to which direction you would enjoy going. Click here to fast track your meditation learning curve.
  3. Journal, and journal every morning. So often we don’t hear the call of our higher self because we have so much chatter going on in our mind that we get confused as to what is a pure hit from our soul and what is just general mind chatter. When you decide that you are going to journal each morning to get to the heart of what your deepest intuitions are trying to tell you, start your writing off by jotting down anything that comes into your mind. Don’t think, just write. If the first thing that you are thinking is ‘I am so tired’ comes to mind, literally write that down. And keep writing that sentence down until a new thought comes into your head. The goal is to keep writing without stopping and let a stream of consciousness form on your page. Don’t censor your thoughts or even aim to make sense. The goal is to write 3 pages, then stop. You will find the first page and a half to two pages will just be mind chatter that is like a purge. But by the third page, your creative ideas have started to emerge and you are experiencing more clarity. This page is the golden nugget page, but you have to get through the first two pages of chatter in order to get there. Why does this work? Because writing can help take a charge off all of our negative feelings, and once those negative feelings start to lift, this is when you will hear the call of your soul more.
  4. When it comes to being discerning about a person or situation, the practical action is to gather more information. Sometimes we just cannot make a decision about anything until we have more information and it can be the reason why we might be going round and round in our head about something but not getting anywhere. So, talk to some people you think will have some useful information for you. Google it. Go to a library. Seek out a professional. Get a Tarot reading. These suggestions might seem obvious, but at the same time, we can often feel as if we have to know everything ourselves.
  5. Start fresh with something. Clear your angst about a past situation and move onto something new. The Judgement card also refers to feelings of salvation and being reborn again, so it could be a chance for you to forgive yourself or others for past wrong doings you feel have happened, and turn over a new leaf. Allow yourself to be vulnerable in this process and your heart to be open to new possibilities. Shift your energy. Ask for divine healing to enter into your life. Act as you would once the divine healing had occurred.

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4 thoughts on “Judgment Card In Tarot”

  1. Interesting perspectives, thanks for sharing this Liz – im no expert of tarot card readings, but one thing i do know is Judgement does not support me to be the best version of myself – but yes like you say it can be occasionally assisting to a person in spotting an abuser a mile away.

    I would say if a person has drawn a Judgement card, that there is also possibly a situation in that persons life where they are judging someone unnecessarily to a detriment, when really the person you are judging is a cool person.

    1. The Judgement card can certainly be mistaken for the age old ‘being judged by God’ idea, but it is not really about this, even though it conjures up images of the day of reckoning in Christian terms. But I agree with you that in particluar circumstances it can be about judging someone else unnecessarily in situation that is out of proportion. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Hi Liz, Tarot card reading is something new to me. After reading your post I understand that it is used to help make a decision in one’s life on career, relationships, family matters etc. Being a Sikh I believe in the law of karma which is the universal law guiding our actions and destiny. May i suggest that you also write about how karma and tarot card can be interlinked to help us make better decisions in life. Thanks for the informative post. Loved it.

    1. Hi Sarab,

      Thanks for your comment. It really depends on what your belief system is when it comes to these things. I am not sure I am a believer in the law of Karma, so I don’t see how I would weave this into Tarot readings. However, there would be other Tarot readers that would. Like everything in life, it just depends on your perpectives.

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